New Dungeon

Name : Tyrant Dakuryon’s Refuge (Dakuryon’s Refuge Hard Mode)
Type : 5-man party Lv 65 dungeon
Location: Highwatch Outskirts.
Item Level : 414
Drops : Dakuryon’s Rings (T2) , Dakuryon’s Earrings (T2), VM7 Belt, VM7 Materials

Other Dungeon Changes

Name : Kalivan’s Dreadnaught Hard Mode

Changes :

  1. Reduced all monster’s HP by 15%.
  2. Fire dust AoE no longer affect allies.
Name : Sky Coliseum

Changes :

  1. Adjusted the speech bubbles so that the NPC’s names are clearly visible.
Name : Progression Dungeons (non-Level 65’s)

Changes :

  1. Reduced Item level requirements.
  2. Doubled drop rate of the dungeon items.

Skill Changes

Class: Ninja
  • Chakra: Reduced the maximum amount of Chakra for following levels
  • Level
    Original Value
    Adjusted Value
  • Spin Slash :
    • Increased Damage by 1.05x.
  • Rapid Slash :
    • Increased Damage by 1.1x
    • Improved the skill’s targeting ability
  • Hurricane :
    • Increased Shuriken’s distance and speed by 1.5x
    • Decreased the duration of pulling players toward its vortex after it stops moving.
  • Shuriken Storm :
    • Increased Damage by 1.1x
  • Rapid Shot :
    • Increased Damage by 1.2x
  • Flamethrower :
    • Increased Damage by about 1.27x
    • Adjusted the maximum number of hits per flame projectile to 3 hits.
    • Doubles Damage against Normal Monsters and Minions.
    • Staggers Normal Monsters and Minions.
    • Flamethrower I : Decreased Chakra consumption from 100 to 80.
    • Flamethrower II : Decreased Chakra consumption from 100 to 90.
  • Smoke Bomb :
    • Caster will be invincible until smokescreen appears.


Corsair’s Stronghold

  • Corsair’s Stonghold Quests will be removed during Progression.
    • Quests “Think Like a Pirate”, “Act Like a Pirate”, “Fight Like a Pirate” will be removed.
    • Vanguard Quest for Corsair’s Stronghold will be removed for Lv30~64.
    • Optional Vanguard Quest for Corsair’s Stronghold will be removed for Lv30~64.
  • Adjusted minimum required level for entry from Lv 30 to Lv 65


Increased Starfall’s Item level
Tier 10 Alkahests are now available in General Merchant
Adjusted Base Stat line on Verno and VM7 Chest Armors (Masterworked Value in Parenthesis).

  • Before: Decrease Damage received from Monsters by 2% (3%)
  • After: Decrease Damage received from Monsters by 4.5% (6%)

Vanguard Quest

Increased Experience gained Vanguard Quests.


[High Score] Dakuryon’s Refuge Hard Mode has been added to Challenger’s League.

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