Underground Arena

Adjustments to score scaling by class are made.

  • Increased point scaling on Damage for Warrior
  • Increased point scaling on Technique for Lancer
  • Increased point scaling on Damage for Ninja
  • Increased point scaling on Damage for Valkyrie
  • Decreased point scaling on Damage for Sorcerer
  • Decreased point scaling on Damage for Archer
  • Decreased point scaling on Technique for Priest


Pit of Petrax

Dungeon ranking is reset as adjustments to HP modifiers based on class are made.

Antaros’ Abyss Hard Mode

Increased Movement Speed of final boss when it reaches its Berserk state

Dungeon Exploit Prevention

To prevent botting and other abuse within the system, rewards are greatly reduced if the character level is greater than the monster by a certain about for the following dungeons.

1. Ebon Tower
2. Kelsaik’s Nest
3. Labyrinth of Terror
4. Sabex Armory
5. Macellarous Catacombs

Sabex Armory / Macellarous Catacombs

Greatly decreased amount of gold dropped.


Changed the location of Dungeon Ranking Tab to be in front of Battleground Ranking Tab

Changed the text displayed on Competitive Conditions for each dungeon contents.


Reworked Quest Checkpoints for Velika ~ Bastion of Lok quests.

Pegasus flight for Velika → Crescentia is now available for level 10 or higher

Pegasus flight for Velika → Lumber Town is now available for level 13 or higher

All Quests related to Bastion of Lok became part of Main Quests

Reworked Quest Checkpoints for “Clean up the Tenebrous Mines” Quest lines

In order to alleviate bottle necking phenomena during Oblivion Woods Mission Quests, the number of monsters have increased and decreased the time for respawn.

The properties of Quest Item “Aman’s Horn Piece” is changed to become destructible, and are also available for retrieval through “Hellish Abyss” Quest .



Updated rewards displayed on Vanguard Mission UI and Instance Matching UI.


7th Anniversary Roulette Event

Replaced the result “Lose” to “One More” on Roulette rewards

Bug Fixes


Antaros’ Abyss Hard Mode

Additional number of prison cage were spawns when receiving damage from 5 man cage mechanic from Final Boss.

Final Boss was able to commit suicide by using a certain skill that reduces its own HP

Antaros’ Abyss Normal/Hard Mode

When the player is inflicted with Frostbite debuff while using Righteous Leap on First Boss, the player’s character will be frozen in place, then instantly teleport to different location.

When Final Boss is spinning, certain skills did not target him.

Pit of Petrax

Petrax’s HP was displayed as 91% when entering as Warrior.


Certain Area names displayed on quest UI did not correlate to the name displayed on World Map.

Typos were displayed on subtitles on Cinematic during “Hellish Abyss” Quest.

Guardian Mission

When resurrecting 3 seconds after death within Guardian Mission Area, players would be counted as being outside of the mission area, causing them to resurrect in the Village nearby instead.

Guardian Mission UI will remain displayed when entering Battleground while Guardian Mission is in progress.



MP is consumed much more quickly when pressing Cyclone while charging Thunderstrike.

The tooltip displayed on Intimidation skill was lacking information about Lethal Strike being disabled while it is active.


When using Blast while moving, Point Blank and Rocket Jump were unable to cancel post-animation of Blast.


Using Flying Kick after Flip Kick would remove stunned status of the target in PvP.


Incorrect information were displayed on Headlong Rush I, III skills’ tooltip.


When using Regeneration Circle and Healing Circle, the healing effect from Blessing of Sanctuary buff did not apply properly.

Additional Services

When previewing Hair from Wardrobe, Character’s face were reverting to its preset.

When making adjustments to hair accessories, there was a chance that it did not save its position, causing them to become unchangeable.

Tooltip on Dragon Remaster/ Master box was displaying “Skillbook” repeatedly.


Stamps were displayed despite players having them unequipped in Underground Arena


Typo was displayed on Tooltip for Diamond

Tooltips for Stormcry Robe (Mystic/Sorcerer) were displayed awkwardly. (?)

When standing on a slope while riding on Blaze, the character and mount will not tilt accordingly to the slope they’re on.

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