Dungeon Server Stability

Stabilization have been applied to combat the lags and frame drop issues during gameplay.

Proxy Prevention

Security updates have been applied to prevent use of Proxy.

Bug Fix 


Player’s location did no match up during certain mechanics while fighting monsters in dungeon.


During the “The Traitor of Acarum” quest, the destination in NPC’s dialogue was incorrect

The NPCs, Eurice and Kenela, were missing from Firebase Valor in Fyrmount

Reaper’s Main Quest  “The Ash Princess” was impossible to progress by using Double Shear II.

Premium Service

Certain Premium Hairstyles for Elins appeared deformed for certain classs



The tooltip on Adrenaline Rush I and II displayed information about skill aggro increase.


Using Blast caused the bullet fly from else where that was not from Arcannon.


Using Divine Wrath with Ardent Divine Wrath glyph caused the skill to fully fill up Rage Gauge.

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