Cruel Dreadspire

Level 65, 5 man party dungeon with 10 floors which consists of single Boss monster on every floor.

No limit to item level requirement, 1 entry per day for level 65 ( 2 entry per day for VIP )

Rewards are as follows

5th Floor 10th Floor 1st ~ 5th Floors >6th ~ 10th Floors

Elemental Essence

Core Element

Phantom Helmet

Phantom Armor

Copper Clasp

Pansophic Ash

Archdevan Formula

Carved Ornament
Otherworldly Shard
Gold Reward

Cruel Dreadspire Ranking is included in the Leaderboard


Instance matching available starting item level 439.

This dungeon will be open for limited time

Rewards obtained are similar to other dungeons with Item Level 439

Ace Dungeon

A teleportal that leads to Highwatch will be summoned upon completion of the Trial

Pit of Petrax

Upon successful elimination of Petrax, there will be a chance to drop one of the following reward

Prime Battle Solution

Bravery Potion

Raw Moonlight Fruit

Complete Crystalbind (1 Hour)

Goldfinger Token

Dragon Scale

Attacks from Archdevan Archers damage have been reduced

Ranking Timer conditions have been changed

Timer Start Condition

Timer will start with the message “Combat against Petrax have begun” when approaching Petrax at certain distance instead of initiating with Combat Trigger.

Timer Pause Condition

Timer will not stop after death, escaping combat area, or resetting aggro.

Petrax’s heal mechanic have been removed




Seasonal Dungeon System Updated

All previous dungeon rankings have been reset, and will have fresh start as Dungeon Season 1

All ranking will be finalized at 10 AM at the end of the season, then will immediately start next season.

Dungeon/Battleground Ranking Rewards Added

After finalizing Seasonal Ranking, a parcel will be delivered after next log-in. (starting April 26)

For all rankers at 1st ~3rd place for each content and each class, they will receive a ranker nameplate.

These nameplates will be retrieved at the end of the season and given out to next season’s rankers.

Contents Rank Reward
Antaros’ Abyss Hard Mode


Corsair’s Stronghold

Fraywind Canyon

1 15x Champion’s Medal

1x  Mask of Infinity Exchange Token

Rank 1 Nameplate

2~3 10x Champion’s Medal

1x  Mask of Beginnings Exchange Token

Rank 2 ~ 3 Nameplate

4~10 10x Champion’s Medal
11~20 5x Champion’s Medal
21~50 3x Champion’s Medal


Contents Rank Reward
Pit of Petrax 1 10x Champion’s Medal

1x  Mask of Infinity Exchange Token

Rank 1 Nameplate

2~3 10x Champion’s Medal

Rank 2 ~ 3 Nameplate

4~10 5x Champion’s Medal
11~20 2x Champion’s Medal
21~50 1x Champion’s Medal


Contents Rank Reward
Champion’s Skyring 1 10x Champion’s Medal

1x  Mask of Infinity Exchange Token

Rank 1 Nameplate

2~3 10x Champion’s Medal

Rank 2 ~ 3 Nameplate

4~10 3x Champion’s Medal
11~20 1x Champion’s Medal


Token Shop Amount Exchange Item
Champion’s Medal 1 Noctenium Infusion x1,000 Crate
2 Superior Noctenium Refiner
2 Emerald
3 Fermented Moonlight Fruit


Guardian Legion

Legendary Guardian Mission: [Looming Claw of Vengeance]

This mission will begin every hour, which can be accessed similar to other Guardian Missions.

A monster that is larger and more powerful compared to other Guardian Missions will appear

Guardian Legion Rewards

Point gauge and the reward counts will not reset after a day.

However, this will deduct the amount of total reward possible for the next day.

Daily reward limit: 40

Damage received from Tornado will be reduced.

Backstab location issue have been resolved against Malacosraca

Score scaling for Priest and Mystic have been reduced.



Underground Arena

Battleground hours have been changed (0:00 ~ 24:00 → 16:00 ~ 22:00)

Number of Participants have been reduced to 10 vs 10

Ranking rewards have been adjusted as following.

1st Place: 9x Arena Chest

2nd ~ 3rd Place: 7x Arena Chest

4th ~ 7th Place: 6x Arena Chest

8th ~ 10th Place: 5x Arena Chest

Healing Stones will be added

Additional Reward will be added for completing Vanguard Mission:

5 Rubies




Guild application cooldown starts after leaving the guild

Guild application cooldown timer will be 48 hours




An NPC for Stepstone Island have been added




New Costumes are available for purchase with Vanguard Credit

Ornamental skins are now available

They will be available until April 26th Maintenance.


Bug Fixes


Priest’s Innervate, Mystic’s Soul Augmentation skill tooltip and their said crit factor bonuses were incorrectly displayed

Buff received from Slayer’s 1st hit of Piercing Lunge was removed on 2nd cast.

Camera zoom was stuck when Berserker dies while casting Berserk.

Tooltip description from Berserker’s skill Bloodlust II did not match the effect

Lancer was able to cast Shield Counter without needing successful block.

Lancer was able to move quickly without consuming resolve by alternating Combo Attack and Standfast.


Arena Chest’s tooltip was missing information about “Mask of Guardian” under possible drops.


Despite eliminating 2nd boss from Kalivan’s Dreadnaught, it was impossible to progress further into the dungeon.

Civil Unrest: Velika

Guild icons was incorrectly displayed from the Guild Tower markers on World map and mini map UI

Hunting Zone

It was impossible to move in Athenaeum in Eldritch Academy

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