Liar Tarski’s Playground

  • New dungeon added
  • 5 man party, Instance Matching available for item level 409 or higher
  • Located at Popolion > Lake of Tears > Eldritch Academy
  • Drops: Dakuryon Necklace, Dakuryon Ring/Earring T2 , Diamond, Tier 9 Feedstock, Dyad structure, VM7 Materials , VM6 materials, VM7 designs, Goldfinger tokens, etc.


Verno’s Laboratory Normal Mode

  • Decreased frequency of poison puddle used by First Boss (Vera) by increasing its cooldown
  • Greatly Decreased damage from Flame Pillar used by First Boss (Frima).
  • Increased distance between Vera and Frima’s spawn locations
  • Greatly Decreased amount of DoT received from poison puddle from 2nd boss. (?)
  • Slightly Decreased the HP of mobs summoned by 2nd Boss.
  • Greatly decreased damage from final boss’s “Be gone!!” and laser attacks
  • Removed “reflective barrier” from Final boss which occurs when there is no one facing him from the front


Forsaken Island Normal Mode

  • Decreased damage from breath attack and its debuff (fear) duration from First Boss
  • Decreased damage received from ghost lasers and debuff attacks. (the one that targets everyone)
  • Decreased the damage from carpets and close-range blast in final boss
  • Decreased the damage received from touching ghosts in final boss.


Dreadspire Season 3

  • Dungeon Removed
  • Will re-open after making adjustments and optimizations.




  •     Sharpshooter 
    •        Changed effect from “Increase Crit Factor by 100% when attacking monster” to “Increase Crit Chance by 15% when attacking monster”  



  •     Hold the Line 
    •         Effect will no longer wear off when receiving damage, and will last 15 seconds



  •     Growing Fury 
    •         Gain 50 Power  30 Power
    •         Gain 50 Crit Factor  30 Crit Factor
    •         Gain 10% Additional Aggro Generation



  •      Added “Eliminated Verno in Verno’s Laboratory” to Vanguard Mission      
  •      Can only be completed once per day
  •      Rewards are as follows:
    •         2x Tier 9 Masterwork Enigmatic Scroll
    •         2x Intricate Identification Scroll
    •         60x Mid-tier Arborean Essence



  •     Challenger League
    •         Added Liar Tarski’s Playground


Costume Bank

  •      Costume Bank is added to Bank NPC
  •      You may only store Costume Items 
  •      Items that cannot be stored in bank will also cannot be stored in this Bank.




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