Mana Infusion

Reduce Casting Time by 2 seconds, increase casting Speed by 10%

Increased MP replenishment from 100 to 500

Decreased effect duration from 20 seconds to 10 seconds

Increased Cooldown from 10 seconds to 20 second

Effect will not be removed when receiving damage or casting attack skill.


Energy Rush

Corrected the “25% crit chance” buff displayed on tooltip to apply correctly instead of “25% crit factor”.

— Thanks for the pointers @Tropical#9408


Shadow Reaping

Decrease cooldown from 120 seconds to 90 seconds

Quick Shadow Reaping

Decrease Attack speed increase from 5% to 4%



Decrease PvP damage by 5%


Guardian Mission

Rhapsody of Wind and Flames

Progression bar increases faster when obtaining wind/flame essences

Annihilate Patrols Mission

Decreased amount of Progression point obtained when destroying Patrols in Phase 1.


Returning Hero System

Automatically rearranges quest lists and teleport to Quest progression area when accepting the prompt.

Returning Hero guide UI have been reworked to allow access through Event Tab.



Prevents Crit Damage effects from displaying duplicates (?)



Greatswords below Guardian weapons’ effect “Replenish MP” will be changed

They will be a static MP replenishment like Valkyrie’s Runeglaive instead of % replenishment

(Greatswords above Guardian weapons will also be applied in later patch)



Underground Arena

Prefixes “Blue” and “Red” will be removed from the character names and only numbers will be displayed.


Bug Fix


Ace Dungeon Vanguard’s Item level requirement did not display correctly.


Castanic Female Sorcerer’s skill utilities did not match with other races.


Sorcerer’s Hastened Flaming Barrage effect did not apply correctly.


Second boss in Lilith’s Keep Hard Mode initiated large AoE attack despite Wax gauge was not full.

When entering combat area near Banyakas in Ghillieglade, System message were displayed while being overlapped.

Despite defeating Banyakas in Ghillieglade, Banyakas’s Spawn were still being summoned.


When activating Marrow Brooch after Restyling a head accessory, their positions were misplaced.    

Certain Maid Costumes could not use special emote: Servant’s Bow and Kitchen Dance.

Certain Box item tooltips did not display list of obtainable items.

Guardian Mission

When receiving damage while casting Divine Wrath during Legendary Guardian Mission, the character was temporarily left Guardian Mission Zone

During Mangut’s spinning laser attack in Legendary Guardian Missionm spinning device object disappeared.

Characters fell to death when reloging while in flight during Guardian Flight Mission


Crit crafting rubies during artisan test did not increase points


Some skills playback speed and animation speed did not match

Under certain conditions, players climbing ladders seemed like they disappeared

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