Bellicarium Credits are added to Battleground Rewards along with additional Enchantment Material Box.

Battleground Bellicarium Credits Enchantment Material Box
Victory Defeat Victory Defeat
Corsair’s Stronghold 90,000 30,000 7 4
Fraywind Canyon 90,000 30,000 8 5
Champion’s Skyring [Solo] 9,000 3,000 Golden Talent x7 Silver Talent x3
Champion’s Skyring [Team] 4,500 1,500 Golden Talent x7 Silver Talent x3


Completing Vanguard Mission from Corsair’s Stronghold and Fraywind Canyon will reward “Champion’s Enchanting Chest II” x2 instead of “Champion’s Enchanting Chest” x1

Maximum Bellicarium Credit capacity is increased to 2,000,000

Bellicarium Credit Store will contain the following:

Bellicarium Credit Store
Item Price
Liquid Metal 3,000
Hypnotic Device 6,000
Archdevan Surfactant 30,000
Artisan’s Tools 9,600
Copper Clasp 18,000
Pansophic Ash 30,000
Elemental Essence 600,000
Archdevan Formula 6,000
Carved Ornament 12,000
Otherworldly Shard 200,000
Core Element 1,500,000
Ruby 10,000


By opening Enchantment Material Box, you may receive one of the following.

Items Minimum Maximum
Golden Talent 35 35
Liquid Metal 1 1
Hypnotic Device 1 1
Archdevan Surfactant 1 1
Artisan’s Tools 1 1
Copper Clasp 1 1
Pansophic Ash 1 1
Elemental Essence 1 1
Silver Talent 35 35
Archdevan Formula 1 1
Carved Ornament 1 1
Otherworldly Shard 1 1
Core Element 1 1
Mask of Infinity 1 1


Killing Spree Credit and its Store will be removed

[Developer’s Comment]

With the addition of Bellicarium Credit rewards in Battlegrounds, Killing Spree Credit and its Store was removed as it will no longer be used.

This is to avoid confusion of players trying to access inactive Killing Spree Credit Store as it is at the same location as Bellicarium Credit Store.



Bravery Potion will be renamed to (Old) Bravery Potion

Existing Bravery Potion Rewards will be replaced with the new Bravery Potion

The new Bravery Potion has the following effect:

Effect: Same as Existing Item

Cooldown: 20 Minutes

New Bravery Potion can be purchased in General Merchant and Specialty Merchant in any area, as well as Supplies Merchant in dungeons for 300 Gold 66 Bronze

Fire and Ice Event Item’s Crimson Emeralds are no longer sold, and any possessions of it can be sold to NPC merchants for 800 Gold.

[Confirmed Issues]

– Using new Bravery Potion while possessing (Old) Bravery Potion in inventory will share cooldown of 60 Minutes instead of 20 Minutes

– Crimson Emerald Cube’s tooltip displayed as a Temporary Item

We will fix these issues as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience.



Demon’s Wheel is closed



10 new story quest will be added for level 65 as a progression quest toward Apex.

All characters that achieved Item level 428 will automatically receive the quest.

Completing these quests in order will supply necessary enchantment materials as reward.

Gift for the Goddess (Requirement: Item Level 428)

Supply Manager’s Whereabouts (Requirement: Item Level 430)

Celestial Champion (Requirement: Item Level 432)

Olivung’s Cooking Class: 1st Period (Requirement: Item Level 433)

Olivung’s Cooking Class: 2nd Period (Requirement: Item Level 434)

Olivung’s Cooking Class: 3rd Period (Requirement: Item Level 435)

Melancholy of Facility Manager (Requirement: Item Level 436)

Sometimes You Need to Rest (Requirement: Item Level 437)

Legendary Fireworks (Requirement: Item Level 438)

Missing Anything? (Available after completing Apex Quest)

Non-awakened characters will be able to progress “Missing Anything?” after their Apex Patch Update.



Stamina consumption rate reduction will be changed for the Passive: “Flight Acceleration Efficiency”

Flight Acceleration Efficiency II : 35% to 40%

Flight Acceleration Efficiency III : 40% to 50%


Bug Fixes


Berserker’s “Eye of the Storm” Passive allowed skills other than Cyclone to be overcharged immediately

Lancer’s “Shield Counter” did not require Successful Defense to cast

Mystic’s “Thrall of Life” Cooldown Reset message did not display properly.



When changing channel at a certain location in Bastion, character was able to clip through the map



Guardian and higher tier of Greatswords’ tooltip descriptions displayed MP replenishment effect as % instead of a certain value.   


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