Memory Tablet   Memory of Lakanan Castle

  • Level 65 Solo Dungeon (Trellum Consurgo)
  • About TERA’s hidden Story
  • Accessible via Highwatch NPCs: (2 places, I need to get NA/EU names for them.)
    • “???” around Hall of Arms,
    • “???” in 2nd Floor of Veritas Vault
  • Item Level 396 and below can access through top part of Vanguard Menu showing “Memory Tablet” and clicking “move to location” button.

Dreadnaught Gear, Crystal Box, Simple Brooch

Tyrant’s Bloodstone, Tier 8 Feedstocks and  Master Enigmatic Scrolls, Intricate Identification scrolls, etc.

See the original Korean page


Shining Champion Shoes “Resistance to Slow” re-rollable bottom line Stat is now a Main Stat (gold color stat instead of green)

Open World

Reduced drop rate and amount of gold and crystals to reduce bot activity.

  • Fyrmount
  • Essenian Crest
  • Frontera
  • Argonea
  • Vale of Spires
  • Plain of the Damned
  • Seeliewood
  • Aurum Encroachment
  • Fort Elenea
  • Darkquaver

Arcane Supplies

  • Added Bamarama teleportation scroll

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