Kumas World

Resurrection time changed from 2 seconds to 4 seconds

Victory rewards 3,600 Bellicarium Credits and 1,600 Killing Spree

Boss Kumas Attack Increased by 30%

Boss Kumas 6-hit Slap March Attack’s Cooldown Increased to 5 Seconds  


Secondary Password

Added for Extra Security in Hacking Prevention

At first log-in you will be prompted to set up Secondary password which is required every time when accessing a server.

Secondary Password is only required when accessing a server or logging in. When wrong password has been input 5 times, you may reset password through support (confirming your identity)

(Note: I don’t know if this will be implemented in NA or other regions. Just a heads up though.)



The amount of gold drops are reduced in following areas to prevent gold farming using Bot.

  • Doomcrypt
  • Three Towers
  • Tirkai Forest
  • Ex Prima



The following Crystals will be sold for 0 gold when selling them to NPC Merchants as it is found to be the main source of their income.

  • Rhomb
  • Cabochon
  • Hexage
  • Pentant
  • Concach
  • Crux

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