Demon’s Wheel

5 man dungeon will open until May 31st (Thursday)

Item Level 439 required for Vanguard Mission

Drops: Dyad Niveot Structure, [Event] Afro Hair, [Event] Lamb Bulgogi, etc


Civil Unrest: Velika

Guild Towers can only be placed by Guild Members that are authorized to “Manage Guild Funds”


Underground Arena

Operating Hours will be changed to Saturdays and Sundays, 21:00 ~ 23:00

Ranking Rewards will be adjusted

Rank Reward Item Amount
1st Arena Medal 9
2nd ~ 3rd 7
4th ~ 7th 6
8th ~ 10th 5


Arena Medal Store

Item Medals Needed
Federation Supply: Health Potion 2
Bravery Potion II 4
Uncommon Noctenium Refineer 14
Arena Arborea Crystal Box 6
Guardian Superior Innerwear Exchange Token 240
Dragon Scale 10
Dyad Niveot Structure 120
Smart Dyad Niveot Structure 880


[Developer’s Comment]

Despite lowering the number of matchmaking participants to 10:10, there have been difficulties with queue times. Therefore, the hour of operation have been limited so that player can queue at a narrower timeframe. Also, with the limited time available, rewards have been increased.


Open World

NPCs related to Guild Quest Rewards have been re-added for side missions.

[Developer’s Comment]

Due to the removal of Guild Quest Rewards NPCs, players were experiencing difficulties in progressing the quest.


TERA Coin (KTERA Only)

Among the TERA Coin Shop items, Lamb Bulgogi will be replaced by [Event] Lamb Bulgogi, which cannot be traded.


Bug Fixes


During the Phantom Menace Main Quest, there was a certain condition which prevented players from teleporting through the Vanguard Menu.




When Chained Leash is set as a chained skill after Challenging Shout, it could not be casted.


Blade Frenzy did not apply invincibility


Mass Teleport only teleported party members



Kalivan’s Dreadnaught

Players were able to pass through barrier to enter 2nd boss combat zone.

Antaros’ Abyss (Normal/Hard Mode)

When Valkyrie receives target mechanic after evasion during 2nd boss fight, it proceeded into mass AoE attack.

Rebel’s Hideout Hard Mode

Archer’s attacks sometimes failed to apply on 2nd boss


Guardian Legion

Spark Skill icons would be displayed outside of Guardian Flight Mission Zone


Premium Services

Rudolph Nose was equipped on Facial Equipment slot

Changing Brawler’s skin color while equipping “Balder’s Light Powerfists”

“Balder’s Light Weapon” color did not display correctly when equipped by castanic female.

When running after equipping “Balder’s Light Weapon”, its colors did not display correctly

Interior portion of “Balder’s Light Disc” did not rotate

“[Unique] Balder’s Shadow Weapon” effects did not rotate


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