Summer Festival

Summer festival is opened and corresponding NPCs are added to promote the event.
These NPCs are located within Velika, Allemantheia, and Kaiator
Bastion and Serpentis Isle

Guardian Legion

Decreased HP of Est and Ost from Legendary Guardian Mission ‘Looming Claw of Vengeance’

Legendary Guardian Mission time will be changed from 15 minutes 30 seconds -> 18 minutes 30 seconds


Vanguard Mission can only be completed once per day

Item XP reward greatly increased from 120 -> 1600

Onset Mask is added to Gridiron Medal Exchange


Dreadspire Reset Scrolls are added to Vanguard Quartermaster shop (costs 1000 credits)


Decreased amount of item xp, materials, and gold needed to Enchant/Ugrade Guardian/Twistshard gears

Item XP

Each equipment piece will have maximum item XP cap

Heroic Oath gear and Exalted Accessories will be able to obtain item XP


Rewards for each dungeon are changed based on their item level

Vanguard Gold Reward 1,000

Item Level Before After
453 Item XP 600 Item XP 1,375
Vanguard Gold Reward 3,500
* Increased Gem Drop Rate
446 Item XP 500
Vanguard Gold Reward 950
Item XP 750
Vanguard Gold Reward 2,200
* Increased Gem Drop Rate
439 Vanguard Gold Reward 720 Vanguard Gold Reward 1,500
* Increased Gem Drop Rate
431 Item XP 200
Vanguard Gold Reward 700
Item XP 150
Vanguard Gold Reward 500
412 Vanguard Gold Reward 600 Vanguard Gold Reward 200

Cruel Dreadspire

Increased 5th and 10th floor reward

Increased Gold drops

  • 5th: 22,00 Gold -> 30,000 Gold
  • 10th: 22,000 Gold -> 50,000 Gold

Removed Item drops

  • Carved Ornament
  • Copper Clasp
  • Otherworldly Shards
  • Pansophic Ash

Added Combat Supplies

  • Bravery Potion, Superior Noctenium Elixir, Federation Supplies: Rejuvenation Potion, Federation Supplies: Health Potion

Antaroth’s Abyss Hard Mode

  • Decreased the range for initiating aggro on first and second boss.
  • When Mystic summons a thrall and unsummon immediately, bosses were resetting at the same time as starting combat as players approached the boss. The change was made to prevent this behavior.

Shadow Sanguinary

  • Daily entry count for Shadow Sanguinary changed to 1 per day (2 for VIP)



Changed the condition to progress “Supply Manager’s Whereabouts”,

  • Investigating a luggage will automatically progress the quest without needing to use the letter  item
  • Characters who were unable to progress with quest due to missing letter item will now be able to progress by interacting with Tamarang.
  • Letter can be destroyed.

“Olivung’s Cooking Class: 1st, 2nd, 3rd Period” quest items (Blood Salad, Hell’s Wings, Manga Ice cream) can now be retrieved.

  • Sale prices for the said items have been changed to 0
  • Said items cannot be stored in bank

Quest item (Personal Summoning Scroll: Jowin Leonas) from “Missing Anything?” can be retrieved.

  • Sale price for the said item have been changed to 0


Players can no longer teleport to Instance Dungeon /Battleground queues while in flight

Bug Fixes


Antaroth’s Abyss

  • When using aggro reset skills during the curse & shield mechanic from final boss, it repeated same attacks afterwards.

Shattered Fleet

  • When defeating final boss too quickly, Sorcerer mobs did not disappear



  • Thrall of Vengeance and Thrall King had abnormally high PvP attack


  • Letter item could not be obtained to progress “Supply Manager’s Whereabouts”
  • When eliminating suspicious plant during the quest “Impending Doom“ too quickly, it could not progress any further.


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