The reason why I’ve put three patch notes at once is because it’s too short and they were very important. I might have to edit some very short Patch Notes together but I will have to discuss on how to organize it with other EssentialMana team.



Mission Quest

Removed “Dreadnaught Weapon Box” as a reward from a quest in Island of Dawn “Ominous News”

Added “Dreadnaught Weapon Box” as a reward from Laknan Castle (Trellum Consurgo)’s quest “Retrieval of Memory Tablet”

Laknan Castle (Trellum Consurgo) can be accessed from Highwatch (Veritas Vault).


Added additional information to Temporary “Appearance Change Voucher” and “Race Change Voucher”.

“Applies the last selected Appearance and Race.”

(Clarification for the confused: At least in my experiences, KTERA sometimes give out Appearance/Race Change Voucher with time limit on it as a compensation for something dreadful, such as extended maintenance for hours or so. These vouchers with time limits can be used repeatedly until the said time expires. When I first tried KTERA, they sent me one as an apology for extending Maintenance for another 4 hours.)



Kumas Playground

Adjusted Balance on Healing Crystals

Heal over Time has been buffed from 3000 -> 6000

Boss Kumas become immune to Healing Aura

When Baby Kumas on same team receives the effect of Healing Aura, their movement speed increases by 80.


Flight Zone Expansion

Flight Zones have expanded in the following areas. 

Allemantheia (City)

Allemantheia (Province)



Val Elenium

Val Palrada

Veritas District

Certain Areas will not be available for flight

Westonia > Citadel of Torment

Val Elenium > Doomcrypt

Val Palrada > Arachnea and Temple of Dagon


(Basically all of Southern Shara except for dungeons)



To reduce the bot activity, items obtained as drops from open-world are no longer be sold to NPC merchants

Various Materials

Refined goods


Other drops from open world 



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