8/25 additional patch note


Fixed an issue where Vergoth’s mechanics were misbehaving abnormally, preventing players from progressing to next phase


Fixed issue of Vergoth’s Head could be stored in Bank.



8/30 Temporary Maintenance (emergency bug fixes)


Fixed an issue where the “Destroyed Gateway to the Gods Realm” could be re-entered despite being cleared.
Fixed an issue during 3rd phase where an explosion from fire/dust sphere after attribute sphere mechanic could be avoided using evasive or invincibility skills.
Fixed an issue of Vergoth’s targeting mechanic intermittently stacking twice.
Fixed an issue in 4th phase where aerial breath attack could be blocked during the rock pillar summons after close range AoE (Area of Effect) attack
Fixed an issue in 4th phase where there was a chance to die from the rock pillar summon after close range AoE attack
Fixed an issue in 4th phase where there was a chance that Vergoth does not follow up a slam down mechanic during aerial breath after rock pillars were summoned.
Fixed an issue in Demokron Factory where the objects and backgrounds were abnormally displayed


Fixed issues with dashing skills having abnormal movements and targetting.
Fixed an issue with [Cable Step] which had abnormal displacement of character depending on the Monster Type.


Fixed issue where Raid UI did not display correct information in real-time.
Fixed issue where Party UI were not in sync with the player’s actual status.


Fixed an issue where if an item with Etching was retooled, the retooled item no longer had Etching effect when server was reset.
Fixed an issue where certain loot from “Destroyed Gateway to God’s Realm” loses soul bound status when stored in bank.

While attempting to fix this, it caused another issue where “Vergoth’s Golden Essence”, “Vergoth’s Tooth”, “Vergoth’s Scale”, “Vergoth’s Hornpiece”, and “Vergoth’s Bonepiece” could not be stored in bank. This will be fixed through 9/1 maintenance so that it is bankable.

With this fix, Vergoth Brooch can no longer be stored in bank.


Fixed an issue of camera being covered by certain objects.



9/1 Patch Note


Destroyed Gateway to God’s Realm Balance Adjustments

Phase 3

Increased Vergoth’s Defense
Increased damage from center breath attack
Increased Flame/Dust Sphere’s HP
Increased damage from Flame/Dust Sphere’s explosion
Increased Shield HP for each part of body during Shield Mechanic
Increased damage received per tick from Lava Puddle
Increased Defense during Berserk**

Developer’s Comment

It has been confirmed that the difficulty of current Phase 3 was severely lacking. Due to this, it had lost is honorable meaning behind its clear and could not properly act as a bridge to Phase 4, so its difficulty was greatly increased.

Loriri’s Comment

Berserk is a term KTERA use to describe something like Queen’s walk, Desolarus 15% enrage, Fulminar’s 15% enrage, and Dakuryon’s 15% enrage. This is simply a status that has a special effect to them such as increased damage, increased attack speed, sometimes decreased defense after reaching certain amount of HP. Because this mechanic is so common, KTERA coined the term as Berserk Phase or Berserk Status.

Phase 4

Reduced the amount of player’s damage increase from “Flow of Divine Energy” effect.**
Increased Shield HP for each part of body during Shield Mechanic when Vergoth is below 50% HP
Increased damage received per tick from Lava Puddle
Increased Defense during Berserk**

Developer’s Comment

The difficulty of Phase 4 seems to be at the appropriate level as intended. However, skipping mechanics by burring down Vergoth’s HP quickly thanks to the damage buff received from “Flow of Divine Energy” did not seem to be a appropriate method to clear the hardest dungeon, so it had been adjusted. Also, despite having many raid members dead, some mechanics were easily dealt without much difficulty. This was adjusted because it was losing the meaning of taking immediate actions and the fun behind it. Therefore, the difficulty of Phase 4 will be slightly increased, but we expect that raids that can cope with these situations wouldn’t have too much difficulty.

Loriri’s Comment

“Flow of Divine Energy” is something I just made up because my translation skill is lacking. The original text reads “God’s Realm’s Mana” or simply “Godly Mana” but it just doesn’t sound fancy and pretty much cringy.
I mentioned and explained Berserk above. “

Celestial Arena’s Rank 1 Reward rate and amounts are adjusted

Mid-tier Arborean Essence reward is increased to 12
Rakelith Necklace, Ring, and Earring drops are greatly reduced in Rank 1 reward
Increased efficiency of rewarding Crystal Box, Lilith’s Treasure, and Colluva ore

Developer’s Comment

Although the accessories drop rate have been lowered to match other dungeons that drops them, we have increased other reward to compensate for the lowered farming efficiency.**

Loriri’s Comment

Farming Efficiency, you might be wondering why, but KTERA’s Semi-Enigmatic Scrolls are ridiculously expensive, about 10x of NA. (I remember seeing 300g per on NA TR, 3k on KTERA Velik server.). So KTERA players actually farm jewelries until they get the perfect roll instead of rerolling them. They only use Semis if they’re rich, desperate, or if they’re rerolling crafted jewelries.


Increased amount of feedstock reward from Lv 65 one-time guide quests

Echoes of Aranea 300 Tier 9 feedstock
Ace Dungeon 400 Tier 9 feedstock
Kalivan’s Challenge 200 Tier 9 feedstock
Channelworks 300 Tier 9 feedstock
Demokron Factory 400 Tier 9 feedstock

Bug Fixes


Following items can be stored in bank Post

Vergoth’s Golden Essence
Vergoth’s Tooth
Vergoth’s Scale
Vergoth’s Hornpiece
Vergoth’s Bonepiece

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