Broken Prison  

High-tier dungeon

Item Level 439 for Instance Matching and Vanguard

Located in Oblivion Woods

High tier gear box, High tier Archdevan Potion, Ornamental Piece, Dark Mind Control Device, Liquid of Unknown Metal etc


Adjusted Daily Log-in buff requirements from 3 days, 5 days, and 7 days to 2 days, 4 days, 6 days.

Gear Progression

If the gear does not belong to the character, they will not be able to attempt to evolve them.

(there was an exploit related to this)


Adjusted effect received from Tuwangi Reedflute

Increase damage by 3% for all party members -> Increase damage by 1% to self)


Level 11 Mission Quest “For the Federation!” will also reward Tier 1 feedstock and alkahests.

Wardrobe (KTERA ONLY)

Nightforge (PvP) weapon skins are available for purchase using Vanguard credits until September 28th (7,200 credits; Permanent Duration)

Premium Services (KTERA ONLY)

PCbang buffs include production time reduction effect, decreasing the time it takes to craft items.


Bug Fixes


Cyrux Research Facility

– Certain normal monsters did not receive crit damage

– During 3rd boss fight, cameras were zoomed in when characters’ back was facing the wall near the edge of the map.


– Under certain conditions, Brawler’s Rampage did not hit targets


– Certain pair of accessories were equipable when they should not

– Quatrefoil brooch and Empowered/Quickcarve brooch cooldowns were not shared
(same with Empowered and Quickcarve. Double brooch is gone)


– Equipment set short cuts failed to recall weapon when the system could not equip duplicate unique equipments.

– Players were able to join in same party with a player that is registered on Blacklist.


– Under certain conditions, the Trade Broker in Amadjuak Trading Post was displaced from his original position.


– Certain class’ face presets were displayed abnormally when they were in combat


– Island of Dawn quest “Ominous News” rewarded Underhold Token.

Phoenix Flying Mount

Phoenix [Blue Flame] / Rare Phoenix [Flame] / Superior
Land Movement Speed 290 290
Overall Flight Stats 136 157
Basic Stats Recover HP/MP by 1% every second Recover HP/MP by 2% every second

Flame Aura

Chance to increase Crit Damage by 1.5 when inflicting crit damage against monster

Heat Aura

Chance to increase Crit Damage by 2.0 when inflicting crit damage against monster

Special Ability Phoenix Reincarnation

Upon death, you can resurrect by receiving effect from Phoenix Reincarnation

(24 Hour Cooldown)

Phoenix Reincarnation

Upon death, you can resurrect by receiving effect from Phoenix Reincarnation

(1 Hour Cooldown)

Overall Flight Stats is not the same a Flight Duration.
But it’s same as Dragons:

Rare: 694
Superior: 928


Phoenix Reincarnation [Passive]

Upon death, the energy from the Phoenix surrounds its master, granting an ability to resurrect. This effect applies cooldown as follows:

Flame Aura – 24 Hours
Heat Aura – 1 Hour

Skill Effect

  1. Automatically resurrects 5 seconds after death
  2. Resurrects with 100% HP/MP
  3. For 7 seconds, the character will be invincible but the effect will wear off when skill is used.
  4. For 7 seconds, the crystal protection effect will persist. (will not wear off is skill is used)

Additional Notes

  1. This effect only applies to death from Monsters
  2. This effect does not apply to Solo Dungeons
  3. This effect will not apply if the character is the last survivor in party.
  4. This effect does not apply in Raid Dungeons
  5. This effect does not apply in Civil Unrest: Velika
  6. While this skill is applied, player will not receive resurrection skill from Healers or effects from scrolls (Goddess’ Blessings and its variants)
  7. This effect does not apply to death due to fall damage
  8. If the player possess both passives, the Superior version will apply first, then Rare version. (Red Phoenix -> Blue Phoenix)

Dragon Master / Flame Aura ; Draconis Rex / Heat Aura cannot be active at the same time, therefore the passive will be only active based on the last mount used.

(Only 1 type of Rare/Superior Passive will apply at a time, and when Dragon Passive is active, Phoenix Passive will not be active)


Rare Dragon / Superior Phoenix Mounted last

-> Dragon Master / Heat Aura / Phoenix Reincarnation (1 Hour) Passives are active


Rare Dragon / Superior Dragon Mounted last

-> Dragon Master / Draconis Rex active ; Phoenix Reincarnation not active


Rare Phoenix / Superior Phoenix Mounted last

-> Flame Aura / Heat Aura / Phoenix Reincarnation (1 Hour and 24 Hours) Passives active


Phoenix Passive Proc

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