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Hello, this is Balance Developer Calvenstein.

Today I want to talk about Archer Revamp which will be updated on September 8th.

Compared to Sorcerer, Archer’s problems were clearer, and we have proceeded with the revamp using what players have pointed out from several aspects.

Among them, the most notable issue with Velik’s Mark was renewed in August 25th patch, but since there are more other issues, we have decided to take the following approach after coping with many concerns.  

Archer Class Revamp Plans

We can roughly categorize Archer class revamp plans into 3 categories, which will be explained for each changes and about additional skills.

1. Back time Improvements.

1) New Skills (Pursuit, Foresight)

Pursuit is similar to Slayer’s Headlong Rush allowing players to cover a short distance quickly, which was added with a named to fit Archer’s dextrous nature.  

The skill was added to reinforce the lack of ability for Archers needing to keep a certain distance from monsters as well as position behind monsters.

Foresight, after casting, grants an effect on the next skill as if it was hit from the back on monsters regardless of the direction the attack was hit.     

This skill was added since moving behind monsters can be quite difficult. However, if this skill is used too often, it will result in a DPS loss due to its animation so it is better to use when only necessary.

2) Back Hits (Rain of Arrows)

There have been issues where Rain of Arrows would not count as a back hit when the monster turns around or player had to face away after casting the skill, but that has been changed so that the damage direction from Rain of Arrows will be decided based on when it first hit until the end. Therefore, the initial hit will be very important.

(To avoid possible confusion: When the first hit of RoA hits monster’s back, the remaining hits from RoA will count as back hit regardless of monster turning around or the player facing away from monster’s back.)

2. Mobbing Ability Improvement

1) Skill System Change (Ensnaring Trap)

Ensnaring Trap’s utility has been changed so that the trap will explode to spread a powerful Slow debuff to the enemies.

Since majority of Archer’s attacks required keeping some distance away from monsters, we’ve thought that many had experienced issues during progression or mobbing in Celestial Arena.

Therefore, by adding a skill that can be used with ease regardless of distance, we have also changed other AoE (Area of Effect) skills so that they can be chained and used with ease.

3. Control Improvements

1) Skill Control Improvement (Backstep, Breakaway Bolt, Pursuit)

Archers have suffered with iframes that required them to move their camera around because those skills moved the character in opposite direction of where camera was facing.

So instead of being based on camera, it has been changed to move based on directional control like Slayer, Berserker, and Warrior to reduce this inconvenience, which we believe that it will greatly affect in Archer’s control difficulty.  

4. Others

1) Endurance Debuff Removal

We have removed Glyph of Enfeeblement from Ensnaring Trap. Although this has a great contribution to party, it fails to satisfy the user. Therefore, with its removal, other skill’s Base damage have been comparatively increased so that their DPS would not fall behind other classes.

Skills that received increased Base Damage

Penetrating Arrow about 25%

Radiant Arrow about 25%

Rain of Arrows about 10%

Rapid Fire about 15%

Thunderbolt 100%

Explosion Trap by 20%  

2) Final Salvo Improvement (Chain)

The current Final Salvo have been used to act as animation cancel by only using 1 hit after Penetrating Arrow, Radiant Arrow, and Thunderbolt.

As we thought that this was part of Archer’s playstyle in skill management, we have reduced it to 1 hit and increased base damage correspondingly so that it can still be used advantageously as Archer’s key mechanism in skill management.  

3) Arrow (Buff Stacks)

Archers have a buff when they reach 10 stacks of “Arrow” (see below) that increases charging speed of Penetrating Arrow, but this was hardly recognized and causes efficiency loss; therefore, other than Arrow, Rapid Fire (stacks 1 each hit), and Final Salvo (stacks 3 on successful hit) are changed to buff stacks as well, changing its faster charging effect to all skills. This will be the key element to reduce obnoxious charging time.

(If you use Arrow skill, you get Arrow buff stacks. In KTERA, the buff is called Focus Preparation, but NA had same name so I’m leaving this note here to avoid confusion.)


As mentioned above, we have slightly changed glyph effects with considerations to increasing their uses. We see that the newly added skills may greatly affect PvP, so we will notify everyone about whether it would be nerfed or buffed after some monitoring later.

(Also mentions some event giving out free VIP Benefit (a.k.a Elite Status) but it’s probably not important to us.)

While other classes are being monitored to gather information about their issues, I will come back with Warrior Revamp at a later date. I promise that we will make revamps with thorough discuss about the issues to fix them.  

Thank you.

Special Thanks to Seraphinush, who is now my kouhai and another proofread slave.













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