DISCLAIMER: Please note that the information below is based on KTERA. Some information may be different for other regions. I will remind you again with a note in pink.


Hello. This is Developer MATT.

On this Developer’s Note, I would like to inform you about ‘Battleground Changes’ which will proceed on October 26th.

Update Background

When we talk about updates, we can’t forget about the current situation of TERA’s Battleground.

With the high entry barrier as well as issues with matchmaking queues, we’ve determined that such issues needed changes as due to the lack of incentives in playing.

As mentioned above, we’ve thought the highest priority to fix were “lack of incentives” and “matchmaking difficulty”.

To fix these issues, we’ve decided to implement “Battleground Leaderboard” and “Battleground Hours,” and we plan to continuously provide updates in efforts to lower the entry barrier to improve the battleground in order to make them more enjoyable.

Here are more detailed information about “Battleground Leaderboard” and “Battleground Hours.”

Battleground Leaderboard

Battleground Leaderboard is a system that allows Battleground players to look up player’s Match history and their skill level.

Since class roles are distinct in TERA the results can be looked up by class and the overall ranking is also available.

Also leaderboard can be checked through the browser under the Raking Page on the Main site which will also be added as well.

Future updates will include a title system that will be linked to the leaderboard.

1. Goals of the Battleground Leaderboard

Battleground leaderboards have been developed so that it will show off your skill in competitive battlegrounds and encourage competition for higher ranking.

The goal of the leaderboard update is to make battlegrounds more enjoyable and to stimulate more activity in battlegrounds.

2. Battleground Leaderboard Function

[2.1. Leaderboard Basic Information]

When the update arrives the Leaderboard icon will appear on the main menu, which can also be accessed through a shortcut key (default ALT-L).

< Main Menu Icon >

Leaderboard UI has Ranking, change in rank, and character information.

Ranking is based the current battleground scoring system, which will place you higher on ranking as you achieve higher points.

Since the existing Battleground ranking system is based on a 28 day cycle, the new system will count each season as 28 days.

On first update, there will be 3 battlegrounds on the leaderboard: Champion’s Skyring, Fraywind Canyon, and Corsair’s Stronghold.


< Battleground Leaderboard Screen >

[2.2 Show rankings and personal rankings for the current season.]

On the leaderboard you can see the total class rankings and the rankings based on class roles.

Each class rankings will list up to rank 100, and each rank will be calculated and listed in realtime.

Players who were not listed within top 100 can check their personal rank as long as they have played the selected battleground at least 5 times.

< Ranking of Leaderboard by Class Role >

[2.3 Viewing previous season rankings]

At the end of a season the top 100 rankings are recorded, there will only be records kept for the most recent three seasons and viewing past the oldest one is not possible.

However, you cannot view your personal past season rankings. ( if you aren’t in top 100 )

3. Plans for Future Updates on Leaderboards

[3.1 Dungeon and Solo Content Expansion and reward system]

We believe it is important to compete in high tier PVE content as well, as it is no less important than PvP content.

Therefore, we are also developing a competitive ranking system for dungeons as well.

Unlike the Battleground system which has the same content, the constantly changing dungeons will have more competitive system.

[3.2 Update Date]

The battleground/dungeon/solo content leaderboard and the rank title system is being developed for release in the first half of 2018.

Loriri’s Pink Note: I’m putting emphasis on this part; the entire Leaderboard system that includes PvE and Solo as well as titles are coming in 2018, not any time soon. Battleground is coming first on October 26th in KTERA. 

Battleground hours and other changes

The battleground hours are adjusted based on player activity times for each battleground.

Long queue times were a large issue and was a pain for many players who constantly played these battlegrounds. We’ve put our focus on making this system smoother and seamless.

Each battleground hours can be checked directly on the battleground matching UI,
And in case of Corsair’s Stronghold, the number of participants have been reduced as well as adjustments to battleground objects to complement the changes.

  • Corsair’s Stronghold
    Hours: Daily 16:00 ~ 02:00 KST on following day
    ( Daily 4:00 P.M. ~ 2:00 A.M. KST on following day )
    Participants: 15 vs 15
  • Fraywind Canyon
    Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 13:00 ~ 17:00, 20:00 ~ 24:00 KST
    ( MWFSaSu 1:00 PM ~ 5:00 P.M. , 8:00 P.M. ~ 12:00 A.M. KST )
    Participants: 15 vs 15
  • Champion’s Skyring
    Hours: Daily 18:00 ~ 24:00 KST
    ( Daily 6:00 P.M. ~ 12:00 A.M KST )

    Participants: 3 vs 3

< Battleground Hour UI when it is available >

< Battleground Hour UI when it is not available >

Loriri’s Pink Note: In case people get confused by this change, we do not know if other regions will be affected in similar manner. Therefore, please wait for your region’s publisher’s notices about these changes before making any assumptions. 


This update has been brought up in hopes of motivating more Battleground gameplay and make changes to improve the long match queue times.
As mentioned earlier, there are plans for continuous updates for PvP content to fix the issues as well.
The next update will also make changes to fix various unresolved issues, and we are preparing contents that will allow anyone to enjoy PvP combat.
We are always grateful for your feedbacks, and we will try our best to allow more players to enjoy battlegrounds.
Thank you.

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