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Hello, this is Wolfpack, developer of GvG Raid and Guild Renewal.

On today’s developer’s note, i will introduce the up coming GvG Raid and Guild Renewal on June 29th.

GvG Raid

The GvG Raid is a large scale war among guild, fighting for the control over velika, and the winner can collect all the taxes that have been accumulated over the week.


1. Background

The stage for GvG Raid Velika and its outskirts about 60 years ago. After the successful defense against Archdevan invasion, each guild from Human and Popori Alliance began to start a bloody war for the control over Velika.

2. Participation

You can enter via Velika gvg guide NPC, and each guild can participate by setting up their Outpost. The Outpost blueprints can be purchased through guild merchant and each guild can only build one Outpost. During the GvG, construction and demolition is not possible.

GvG Raid field is unlimited PvP zone. So with exception of guild or party members, everyone is set to hostile, and for the optimal combat, appearance change and style item effects are not applied, and you can only use exclusive mounts in the zone. (effects such as grow, chest size changer, and other items with visual effects that is not from gear will not apply.)


3. Raid Rules and Rewards.

Gvg raid lasts 2 hours where attacking enemy Outpost becomes available. During the GvG hours, destroying enemy Outposts while defending your guild’s Outpost leads to victory. If there are more than 2 Outposts remaining even after time is up, Velika will be freed and the taxes will be carried on to next week’s GVG Raid.

The Tax Reward amount can be viewed from a secretary NPC in Valkyon Federation Headquarters. Please note that, the idea of this is to return a portion of gold that players have spent on each server back, so there won’t be any changes to prices sold from merchants after this update.

4. Combat and Strategy

Outpost placement is very important as the objective is to destroy all Outposts while defending your Outpost. Also, eliminating BAMs that spawns in certain place at certain time will give a special buff to all guild members and massive rewards.

We are hoping that players can freely set up a community for guild’s alliance and conflict to enjoy the contents whether it is choosing to win with the BAM’s buff effect, or to time an ambush while the other guild is busy with the BAM, or even just participating for the BAM rewards.

Lastly, behaviors such as abnormal placement of Outpost which may cause difficulties in normal game play can cause suspension, so we will ask you to play fair.

5. End of Alliance Content and GvG Raid test

Unfortunately, the Alliance Contents that have been with us since 2013 will end with the GvG Raid Update. It has been decided that there will be difficulties in having both Alliance Conflict and GvG Raid at the same time in the weekends as end-game PvP contents, so starting June 29th there will be 4 weeks of GvG Raid Testing. During this time there will be more than 2 GvG Raids per week and use of certain combat items will be limited temporarily. We will notify additional details through News and Announcements.


The Alliance Contents that have been enjoyed by players since March 2013 will end.


Renewed Guild System

In Part 2, I will introduce the renewed guild system that will come with GvG Raid.

Guild perks will be enhanced for active community, and it will be changed so that all guild members can participate in growth and take the share of the results. With the Guild renewal, the current Crusades (Cutthroat and Challenger League) is planned to end at Season 24, so please refer to news and announcements and we hope that there won’t be any inconveniences.

1. Guild Growth

With current system of using Catharnach Award to raise up to level 3 for a certain amount of time being removed, a new Guild Mission will be added where guild members can participate. Completing Guild Missions will reward Guild Exp and funds (it looks like it is gold in g-bank. See below). With these changes, the potions purchased with Catharnach Award will be unusable but possible to sell to NPC merchants.

2. Guild Perks

As Guild grows, guild members will have their base stats enhanced and their movement speed and mount speed will increase through using guild skills that can be earned. To avoid the feeling of disparity from smaller guilds, stat enhancement can be earned at an early stage of guild growth so that even a small 5 man guilds can obtain similar enhancement perks as larger guild. (which doesn’t make any sense) Also, Guild Masters can set up weekly distribution to guild members so that they can receive a fair share. The amount of gold and distribution time can be set by the guild masters.


*This is still in development. It may look different in-game.

3. Guild Bank Restriction

As it is decided that the activity of guild community were not operating properly due to massive use of Personal Guild Banks, Guild Banks are planned to be restricted.
The items kept in guild bank will be moved to “Temporary Bank”, where items be be “withdrawn” but not “stored”. The restricted Guild Bank can be re-opened through the guild’s growth.

4. Preoccupancy Mission and Return of World BAM

Among the list of Guild Mission, “preoccupancy Mission” (no idea what this thing is) has been added, which brings huge reward when eliminating a level 70 monster spawned at a location received from accepting the preoccupancy mission. The spawned monster can be eliminated as a single raid, and depending on the contribution to the elimination, drops will be distributed to parties up to third place, so despite failure to complete the preoccupancy mission, you can compete for the drops by participating in contents.


Starting with Anansha, Frygaras, and Sabranak, the important World BAM spawn points will be added in order.

5. End of Guild Point GvG

With the end of Crusades contents, GvG for Guild Points will also end, and the current GvG system will be revised to add new GvG system in later update. With the new GvG system and return of World BAM, we are planning on open-world PvP in long terms, so we ask for PvP player’s consent. Until then, please note that GvG will be active in certain locations for 24 hours when declared.

6. Update Plans after end of Crusades

With the new Guild System update, Crusades will end with Season 24. Therefore, Cutthroat and Challenger League ranking system will be discontinued temporarily, and make return as a new leaderboard system will be revamped to be Personal ranking instead of Guild, so that competitive players will receive enhanced substantial and honorable rewards.

Furthermore, Skycastles are also planned to be removed with the end of Crusades season 24 on June 29th, but we will later revise this to create guild housing.

With this, I will end the introduction of new GvG Raid and Guild System and we will try or best to bring more enjoyable experiences in TERA.

Thank you.

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