Credit: Yosha’s simple demonstration of the new Sorc revamp

Sorcerer Revamp Preview

For full Sorc Revamp patch notes, see this 7/21 post.

Skill Changes:

  • Removed Ice Needle ———-> Added Frost Sphere
  • Removed Fireblast ————-> Added Meteor Strike
  • Removed Magma Bomb ——> Added Lightning Strike
  • Removed Overchannel ——–> Added Spell Enhancement

Skill Descriptions:

Burst of Celerity

■ Changed to Passive Skill

■ Skill Description:

Burst of Celerity was a skill that had greatly separated players’ skill based on their utilization of it.

While we were concerned about what changes should be made for this skill, we have decided to bring life to its Attack Speed effect while eliminating insufficient mana issues under its effect and class being too dull without it.

With this change, mana issues have been largely resolved, and the new skill “Mana Reinforcement” will give similar feel to the playstyle as Burst of Celerity have given before.  

Arcane Pulse

■ Reduced charge to 1 bar, throwing 2 spheres at full charge. More spheres will be shot while under the effects of [Spell Enchancement].

■ Greatly increased projectile speed.

■ Skill Description:

By adding new skill effect and adjusting its Base Damage, it will become one of the core skill instead of a support skill to receive crit factor glyph’s effect.

Mana Infusion

■ Instead replenishing MP over time after casting, it will now replenish large amount of MP  quickly while casting, but its cooldown will increase.

■ Skill Description:

Mana Infusion was developed with an idea of constant uses with MP management in mind, but its efficiency was lacking and caused DPS loss.

Therefore, adjustments have been made so that Mana Infusion isn’t necessary for MP Management, so instead of having it as a constant filler skill while attacking, it was changed to instantaneous MP replenishment skill.

Frost Sphere 서리 구체 (霜球體)

■ New skill that replaces the Ice Needle

■ Shoots an ice-cold sphere in front. This skill will penetrate and damage everything in its way until its maximum distance is reached, with a high chance to briefly slow targets. When it reaches its maximum distance, it will shatter, inflicting additional damage on targets nearby.

■ Skill Description

The Ice Needle that felt dull no longer exists.

Instead, a larger sphere will be thrown in place of Ice Needle, where enemies can receive additional damage at the max distance, so its utility depends on how the skill is used.  

▣ Meteor Shower 운석 낙하 (隕石落下)

■ New skill that replaces Fireblast

■ Drops a meteor centered about 10m ahead. The meteor will strike down, inflicting damage to targets around an approximately 4m radius. More meteorites will strike while under the effects of [Spell Enchancement].

■ Skill Description:

We think that a Sorcerer’s charm lies with an image of throwing down a Meteor Strike. TERA’s sorcerer was supposed to fulfill this with Fireblast, but its appearance was lacking, so we have improved it to fit Sorcerer’s aesthetic.

Also, since Overchannel had limitations as a skill for casting Fireblast, its Base Damage has been adjusted so that it can be just as powerful without Overchannel.   

Lightning Stirke 뇌격 강타 (雷擊強打)

■ New skill that replaces Magma Bomb.

■ Call down consecutive lightning strikes up to about 15m ahead to inflict damage to targets.

■ Skill Description:

Changed Base Damage and Effects to fit Sorcerers better than Magma Bomb. It is designed so that players will want to use this skill in between powerful skills. Its power has been readjusted so that players will feel as much pleasure as how often they’d use it.  

▣ Spell Enhancement 마력 강화 (魔力強化)

■ Increase attack speed and base damage of skills used against monsters and enhance skill [Arcane Pulse] and [Meteor Shower] for 15 seconds.

■ Skill Description:

While we were concerned about how to deliver the same satisfaction to the players who have enjoyed the high attack speed with Burst of Celerity, we have designed this skill so that Sorcerer class can also output high damage in a short period of time.

You will experience how powerful your Sorcerer will become while under the effect of this skill.

Story’s Note: Cooldown is between 1~2 min (confirmed from video)

▣ Warp Barrier

■ Cannot use any skills while under this skill’s effect.

■ Skill Description:

Penalties exist in all skills.

Powerful skills will have long cast time, making them vulnerable to danger, while instant cast skills are weaker. 

But Warp Barrier did not have any penalties despite being an evasive skill.

If this skill would stay as it is after all these changes, it can cause balance issues so while the skill’s effect is active, it has been changed so that you cannot use any skill.

Lightning Trap, Mindblast, Painful Trap

■ Increased cast speed

■ Skill Description:

One of the main concerns in making changes to Burst of Celerity is the effect on Sorcerer’s PvP skills.

We have thought that it would be a big problem if the changes to Burst of Celerity have interfered with PvP play styles, so we have adjusted these skills to cast faster so they can be used just like before.


Story’s Note: (Sorcerer Skill Video)

Additional Videos:
Yosha’s video about Warp Barrier during Overchannel
Yosha’s video about canceling Multi-Meteor with Backstep

Things we can confirm:

  1. Arcane Pulse throws 2 spheres.
  2. Meteor Strike hits several times instead of once.
  3. No Charm, consumables with +12 weapon hits 240k from front, which is tremendous (against Hydrath in Island of Dawn).
  4. With Spell Enhancement, Arcane Pulse throws 4 spheres while Meteor Strikes drop more meteors.  



Future Changes/ Upcoming Patches


July — Sorcerer Revamp + Healer Adjustments 

August — Starting with Slayer/Berserker Revamp then others 

September — Archer Utility Revamp (velik mark/debuff changes) 

October ~ November — Warrior Tanking Revamp 


New dungeon expected during July ~ August

Top tier Dungeon (like SSHM) and Raid expected in September


Healer Adjustments include

  1. Priest’s Energy star bug.
  2. Eliminating disparity due to Mystic being more favored.
  3. Double Healer parties will be discouraged (Double healer party will be adjusted so that it is less efficient than Single Healer party.)


Changes to Reaper, Gunner, and Ninja are also included to reduce DPS gap among other classes.

Brawler’s DPS will be adjusted to about 70~80% of other DPS classes’, instead of out-DPSing a good number of DPS normally

All class balance changes will be based on Ninja. (so Brawler might not be a huge nerf)

Lancer will get more utility and party contribution to reduce disparity against brawlers


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