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(Translation: GM Lukina’s I Wanna Know! GvG Raid & Guild Revamp)


Hello, this is GM Lukina ^ ^


The recent GvG Raid & Guild Revamp have been the hot issue, although there have been voices of concerns about the upcoming new contents, many players have heated things up in [Developer’s Note GvG Raid & Guild Revamp] with great interests and many questions.

In order to listen to the players’ voices and answer the questions, we have arranged an interview with the Developers!

So, shall we listen in on the conversation?


Q1. I’m not quite sure I’ve understood #4 regarding GvG Raid

(4. Combat and Strategy : Eliminating BAMs that spawns in certain place at certain time will give a special buff to all guild members and massive rewards.)

It’s confusing whether we are hunting a PvE Monster in PvP zone (PK) or in non-PvP zones where PK is not possible? Please explain in detail.


PvP is always possible in GvG Raid area among the participating Guilds.

Up to three monsters will appear during the GvG Raid within the zone.

To allow rewards to be given to a small PvP guild or large guild focused on PvE,

the loots will be given to the raid that had the person who delivered the final blow, while that person’s guild will receive the buff…

However, if that person was guild-less, the loots will be given to his raid but the buffs will not be given to anyone.


Q2. I’m concerned about whether GvG raid reward will be given to the guild that are good at PvP, so I’m worried that small/medium sized guild won’t stand a chance. How is this supplemented?


We have planned to prevent a massive guild or alliance purging the rewards by themselves

by limiting the maximum participants to 120 unique accounts per guild.

Because the loots are given to the raid that has delivered the last hit,

there are equal chances to receive rewards regardless of guild size being large or small.


Additionally, the buffs from monsters will not greatly affect chances of victory or defeat,

and we’re trying to put greater emphasis onto the loots rather than buffs.

in other words, the loots are the main reward, while the buff is a bonus.

the loots will appeal to small-medium guilds,

so it does not mean that larger guild have easier game play.


GvG Raid is a Guild content that has focused on PvP elements of the game.

Later in the upcoming Summer updates, there will also be Raid content for PvE Guilds as well.


Q3. It looks like guilds with small population and activities will have difficulties in completing missions.


Just because it is a small-medium guild does not mean they will fall behind larger guilds.

The difference in XP gained between small and large guilds are not huge.

It will be designed so that guilds as small as 5 man can complete Guild Missions,

so we are trying to think carefully on this part.

If there are difficulties, we will make adjustments by alleviating the objectives,


Q4. Since there are more players who prefer PvE than PvP, why are PvP contents updated?


We are planning to develop for all player’s enjoyment regardless of their preferences,

and it just happens to be the PvP players who are the minority; we do not have any intentions on rejecting or discriminating PvE players.

To avoid PvE players falling victim indiscriminately in PvP,

we are planning to develop contents for everyone to enjoy.


Q5. We think that Server Merge and Balance Patches should take priority over GvG Raid update, so why is it updated first? Can’t you change the order of updates?

As for Server merge, we are experiencing delays as we are trying to complete the preparations.

This have been considered continuously, so it is planned on this September.

For Balance Patches, it’s not just balance adjustments, but a revamp on the existing class.

Since Class Revamps are planned in August ~ November, we would like to ask you to be more patient.

Q6. Due to lack of space in bank, we would like to ask for more space for various items or consolidation of unused items before applying guild bank restriction.
Also, you have explained that guild banks are restricted due to massive use of Personal Guilds, which caused Guild Communities to operate poorly, but the correlation seems unclear. Is there and other reason behind this?


1-man guild ls are unintended and currently, guild banks can be created infinitely.

There have been many side effects where a player has abused this to use excessive amount of system resources (server?).

Therefore, we are expecting that the overall number of guilds can be managed by reducing the number of these 1 man guilds.


As for the issues with lack of Bank space for players who have played TERA for long time

Costume Bank will be expanded shortly by 1 slot,

and by September, there are plans to expand the Bank slot up to 8.


Also, many combat supplies is planned to be consolidated by July, as well as plans to gradually decrease the unneeded items taking up spaces in bank.  


Q7. How are the buffs gained through growth of Guild Perks applied? We think it is best to be only applicable in open world, but not in Dungeons or Battlegrounds. Moreover, we think that excessive bonuses may cause joining a guild a mandatory thing, and wouldn’t this make contents difficult to approach without a guild?


When the Guild Master uses Guild Skill, all guild members will receive

an Active Skill that greatly increase Attack and Defense for a set amount of time

and a Passive Skill that have very small effect but always in effect.

Battlegrounds will have both Passive and Active Guild Skills disabled for equity,

but Dungeons will only have Passive Skill applied, so the Active Guild Skill will not apply even when the Guild Master have activated them.

Although the Passive Skills with small effects are applied in dungeons, the Active Skills with huge effect will not be applied in dungeons

so we have carefully adjusted the abilities to avoid disparity.


Depending on the Guild’s Growth, there are perks such as Increase Power by up to 5, Crit Factor up to 5, etc

By the current level 65 player’s gearing standards, the difference in combat ability is within 1%

so being guildless will not affect PvE contents

and we are avoiding any balances that will force solo players to join a guild.


However, these small changes can be substantial by the standards of top players

so it has been designed so that even a guild as small as 5 man can catch up by 80~90% in a week

and they will have similar combat ability perks as large guild in 3 weeks of growth.


Q8. It looks like the large guild have upper-hand in competition for Eliminating Summoned Monster through Preoccupancy Mission. Any solution to this?


Accepting a Preoccupancy Mission itself is fair regardless of guild size.

A smaller guild that have the summon scroll(?) can cooperate (or negotiate) with other large guild and decide to summon or not.

The worst choice would be not summoning monster due to greed,

while the best outcome would be sharing the rewards with the participants who have cooperated to their satisfaction.


Loots including BiS (Best in Slot, so Imperator in this patch) Gear smart boxes are available for 1st ~3rd place.

As Game Developer, we are open to players’ opinions,

but after GvG Raid update, there will be regulations and balance readjustments once oppressive indiscriminate PK occurs.


Q9. Will there be plans on creating contents that can be enjoyed for 30 minutes for casual players who have work, or school?


We are continuously monitoring casual contents,

contents such as Island of Dawn, Celestial Arena, Ace Dungeons, Memories of Larknan Castle (Trellum Consurgo), etc

have been added before which can be enjoyed without queue times, so please enjoy them.  


Q10. We would like some more details on limits to World BAM hunting with the summoning scroll.


When using the scroll in the provided location via tooltip, only 1 Monster will be summoned

and there will be a cooldown on the scroll.

we planned to allow 6 monsters summons per week during the test period, while during the official release it will limit to 3 monsters summons per week.

Rewards are distributed to 1st ~ 3rd place based on DPS contribution of the party (Raid).


Q11. GvG Raid Background is said to be 60 years ago, but what year is it now? We are curious about the timeline, universe, and lore. Will we find answer if we play though quests?


GvG Raid itself does not have quest so you cannot find its backstory through questing.

However, you can fine some information from conversing with NPCs in the GvG Raid Area.


To summarize,


Human Race have been freed from the Waderer’s Curse thanks to Goddess Velik,

and they have settled in Velika in the Arun Continent, dedicating themselves to Goddess Velik.

After 10 years had passed and Velika had been completed,

The Devan Empire begun its invasion of the peaceful Southern Arun.


With crisis coming to a head, Humans formed an alliance with the Popori to barely drive the Devan Empire back North,

and the defeated Devans have fortified a barricade around Northern Arun to prevent any access,

which is what became to be Main Story progression zone with the Arch Devans as main antagonists for Level 61 ~ 65.


The GvG Raid is about the era where conflict occurred among various guilds and race over the control of Velika after the Human/Popori Alliance removed the threat of Arch Devans.   

Players will time travel through the dimensional rifts to participate in this war,

in order to rewrite history by taking control.


This war has been continued for years before the “Valkyon Federation” have been formed,

which takes place before the invasion of the Argons, ending all restless disputes.

If it wasn’t for the Argon Invasion, the war may have continued even today.


As everyone may be aware, several years after the 1st invasion of Argons,

players hide their identities as the Guardians of Stepstone Isle, becoming part of the Valkyion Federation as an Investigator of the Island of Dawn,

which proceeds to the Main Story of journey to become the savior of Arborea outside of Stepstone Isle.  


Q12. Please give us the substantial information about Guild Quest!


There are 3 main categories to Guild quests: [Dungeon Suppression], [Battleground Victory], [Gathering]

All seasonal dungeons are planned to be included in the guild quest,

and the missions can be selected from the Guild UI’s Mission selection.


Q13. You’ve said that Preoccupancy Missions are accepted in order, we are curious on where we can accept them, reset time, number of executions.


It is not accepted through an NPC but the Guild UI’s Mission List.

It can be executed at any time, and Guild Missions reset at every Midnight.

However, early morning hours are avoided, so you will grasp it rather quickly.


Q14. Are the Preoccupancy Mission Summoning Scrolls an item? We are curious if they are bankable. Please tell us about the item.


The Summoning Scroll is immediately Bound to the person who accepted the quest and will not be tradeable,

so only the person who received it can use it.

Also, it does expire so if it is not used within said time, it will automatically be removed.


Q15. Are there any other skill abilities other than movement speed among the Guild Skills?


As for Guild Skills, we can categorize Active and Passive,

where Active would be Summoning Guild Members to Guild Master’s Location, momentary combat booster, etc

and Passive includes Increased Movement Speed, Power, Endurance, etc.


Q16. Is PK possible in WBAM area?


WBAMs take place at open-world, so PK is possible when Outlaw skill is active.

However, please note that there is a huge penalty for infamy.


With the player’s heated interest toward the new upcoming contents on June 29th 2016,

GM Lukina has taken some time for an interview to return the favor,

With this “I Wanna Know. – GvG Raid & Guild Revamp – ”, I hope this have answered some of your questions.
From now on, Lukina’s “I Wanna Know” will always look for full of useful information to answer the player’s questions!



Thank you.
God Bless Lukina. Gimme a moment to praise her presence.

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