Cruel Dreadspire

Decreased HP of all Bosses

3rd Floor Imperator will initiate mechanics less frequently

6th Floor Krakatox’s debuff mechanic difficulty have been reduced


No longer available for entry


The following dungeons will now prohibit use of chocolates. If they were used beforehand, their effects will be removed upon entry.

Cruel Dreadspire

Antaros Abyss Hard Mode

Pit of Petrax

[Developer Comment]

The effects from such exclusive consumables heavily interfered with competitive atmosphere as they made significant difference within rankings depending on its presence. From now on, along with the ranking reset on April 26th (Thursday), leaderboard contents will now prohibit uses of chocolates. This will also apply to all future updates to other Leaderboard content changes.


Guardian Legion

Rhapsody of Wind and Flames

Changes to Phase 1 Progression Rules

Progression gauge will increase when obtaining Flame Essence and Wind Essence

Changes to Phase 2 Difficulty

Increased number of spawns for Wind Essence and Flame Essence

Increased distance between the initial placement of the Wind Essence and Flame Essence

Decreased falling speed of Wind Essence and Flame Essence

Annihilate Patrols Mission

Changes to Phase 1 Progression Rules

Progression gauge will increase when obtaining sparks





Instead of cooldown reduction when receiving damage, its effect for reducing cooldown for [Unleash] is changed to 0.5 seconds upon successful casts of [Unleash] exclusive skills.


Guardian Sanctuary

Resets cooldown of [Backstep] upon casting this skill.


Death Spiral

Decreased cooldown from 7 seconds to 6 seconds


Dressing Room

Noctenium Skins are available for purchase using Vanguard Credits. These will be available until Maintenance on May 24th.


Bug Fixes


Cruel Dreadspire’s 7th Floor boss Lakan’s initial attack applied silence debuff.

Guardian Legion

Additional Reward for Legendary Guardian Mission that was sent via parcel did not display correct name for the event.

Additional Rewards failed distribute properly

  • Missing rewards will be compensated after confirmation in a separate announcement.


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