Disclaimer: This is only a translation of an announcement posted on KTERA’s Official Nexon Site.¬†This was posted by a GM 26 hours after the Developer’s Note about the new GvG Raid and Guild System was posted.¬†

Hello, this is GM Lukina (Fun Fact: her mascot is that pink bunny Elin.)


Yesterday on June 22nd (Wed) we’ve posted a GM note about GvG Raid and Guild System updates. We’ve heard many voices regarding some parts in the update. Among them, there seemed to be inconveniences regarding the Guild Bank so I’d like to share some of the plans that will be implemented ahead of time.

Due to Guild Level System update, many personal guild bank users have pointed out that this will only cause inconveniences. To compensate the lack of bank space, as there will be difficulties in using guild bank, we are planning to make changes as stated below.

  • After Guild System Update on June 29th (Wed), an event will distribute 1 Costume Bank Slot Expansion.
  • On September, Account Bank will be expanded from 4 Tabs to 8 Tabs, as well as distribution of 1 [Account] Bank Slot Expansion.

Other than this, we are planning to make changes so that Banks will be used more effectively through various events and updates. Other than guild bank, if you post your opinions about Guild System Update on the Suggestion Board, we will try our best to listen to many players to create a better TERA.


Thank you.

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