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2/1/18 Patch Note

Battlegrounds Underground Arena Adjustments to score scaling by class are made. Increased point scaling on Damage for Warrior Increased point scaling on Technique for Lancer Increased point scaling on Damage for Ninja Increased point scaling on Damage for Valkyrie Decreased point scaling on Damage for Sorcerer Decreased point scaling on […]

1/24/18 Patch Notes

  Skills Lancer Adrenaline Rush Removed “Increase damage against monsters by 5%”   Warrior Spiral Slash Fixed issue where it could not cancel the animation of Torrent of Blows and Battle Cry   Berserker Crush Decreased Base Damage by 25% Smash Decreased Base Damage by 25% Decimate Decreased Base Damage […]

1/18/18 Patch Notes

Dungeon Antaros’ Abyss Normal Mode Can be queued for Instance Matching upon reaching Item Level 446 Can be accessed via Teleportal located in Velika Outskirts Drops Emerald, Diamond, High/Top tier gear enchantment materials, high tier accessory upgrade materials, Mask of Beginning. Antaros’ Abyss Hard Mode Can be queued for Instance […]

1/11/18 Patch Notes

Dungeon Ruinous Manor Hard Mode Increased Lachelith’s respawn time Prevents certain mechanic from malfunctioning by resetting aggro after combat starts. Rebel’s Hideout Normal / Hard Mode Made adjustments to the effects of First Boss’s Circle/Donut AoE attack Made adjustments to the pathway toward the First Boss where certain object made […]

1/4/2018 Patch Note

Dungeon Rebel’s Hideout Normal Mode Item Level 439 Val Palrada > Feral Valley > South of Frontera Drops: Frostmetal Equipment Box, Emerald, Diamond, Frostmetal / Stormcry enchantment materials, Daylight accessory upgrade materials, etc   Rebel’s Hideout Hard Mode Item Level 446 Drops: Mask of Beginnings, Stormcry Equipment Box, Emerald, Diamond, […]

12/21 Awakening Part 1 Update

DISCLAIMER: The names Sam and I have given the new skills are fan-made. They might not be the same when they become localized. Note: Idk why I can’t upload images. There is a doc version of this which you can view here You can also find other related documents: Developer […]

12/07 Patch Note

Gear Enchantment and Upgrade Greatly reduced amount of Gold, Golden Talent and Silver Talent needed while increasing amount of other materials required to enchant and upgrade the following equipment: Guardian Weapon / Chest Armor / Handwear / Footwear / Belt Twistshard Weapon / Chest Armor / Handwear / Footwear / […]

10/26 patch notes

Class Warrior   Traverse Cut Added Glyph: [Lingering Traverse Cut] Cost: 2 → 1 The previous glyph only applied to caster. The new glyph applies increased effect duration to all party members. Dungeon Ruinous Manor Normal Mode Instance Matching Requirement: Item Level 439 Drops: Enchanting Crate, Artisan’s Tools, Hypnotic Device, […]

[Developer’s Note] Battleground Change and Leaderboard

DISCLAIMER: Please note that the information below is based on KTERA. Some information may be different for other regions. I will remind you again with a note in pink.   Hello. This is Developer MATT. On this Developer’s Note, I would like to inform you about ‘Battleground Changes’ which will […]

9/28 Patch Note

Class/Skill Balance Brawler   Jackhammer Increased Endurance debuff effect from 1% to 1.5% each hit   Counter Powerlinked Counter effect is now 60% chance to increase all skill damage by 25% for 6 seconds after Perfect Defense. Mystic Increase Skill damage by 20% against BAMs Thrall of Vengeance and Thrall […]

9/7/17 Patch Notes

Dungeons Broken Prison   High-tier dungeon Item Level 439 for Instance Matching and Vanguard Located in Oblivion Woods High tier gear box, High tier Archdevan Potion, Ornamental Piece, Dark Mind Control Device, Liquid of Unknown Metal etc Vanguard Adjusted Daily Log-in buff requirements from 3 days, 5 days, and 7 […]