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8/24 Patch Note

Civil Unrest: Velika Civil Unrest: Velika BAM drops and victory rewards are adjusted Decreased rewards as it was more efficient to farm compared to other contents There have been confirmation of players that made profits without actually participating in Civil Unrest: Velika, so there have been adjustments. Guild Mission The […]

July Suggestion Board Review Results

Applied Gold is spent on enchantment more than it is earned On 8/3 Patch, gold has been increased from Vanguard award Increase max character slot On 8/3 Patch, max character slot has increased to 17 slots Disable flying mounts and toy tanks in Bamarama On 8/10 Patch, flying mounts and […]

Patch Notes

Last updated: 9/23/2019 Upcoming Changes All credits for these notes go to Seraphinush and anyone who helps him. This page is a compilation of past, current, and future patches. For each patch there information on what is released and when it will be released. Dates for future patches are estimates […]

2/9/2017 Patch Notes

Detailed Patch Notes 2/9/2017 Patch Notes Velik’s Sanctuary (Hard) released Balance changes to existing dungeons Velik’s Sanctuary (Normal) mobs and boss HP decreased Imperator cage speed decreased Lakan’s damage nerfed Decreased HP of all bosses in the following dungeons Velik’s Hold (Hard) Bathysmal Rise (Normal) Kalivan’s Dreadnaught (Normal) Demokron Factory (Hard) […]

1/12 Patch Notes

Class changes (Dancer, Sorcerer, Archer, Berserker, Brawler, Mystic, Slayer), New Mid-tier Dungeon, Battleground reward adjustment, Vanguard UI change, New Gear/Accessories, Hurricane debuff change, IoD token change

12/22 Patch Notes

LUNAR DANCER release, backstep changes, warrior d-stance crit, berserker/slayer/reaper changes, low level dungeons buffed, Behemoth Essence token shop change

10/26 Patch Notes

Warrior Revamp, 30-man raid balance, addition of Circlet accessory, Refined Noctenium Infusion, Artisan Accessories