Last updated: 9/23/2019

Upcoming Changes

All credits for these notes go to Seraphinush and anyone who helps him. This page is a compilation of past, current, and future patches. For each patch there information on what is released and when it will be released. Dates for future patches are estimates and could be wrong. Some names have been changed from Seraph’s original notes. This is to match patch notes with NA/EU names. This page currently covers everything from patch v79 to v87. A brief overview will be given under each patch. For a more detailed look, please click on the links.

A link to NA TERA’s official patch notes can be found here
A link to Seraphinush’s Tumblr can be found here

Patch v87

Patch v86

Patch v85

Patch v84

Patch v83 Skywatch: Antiquities

Patch v82 Skywatch: Call to Arms

Patch v81 Skywatch: Companions

Patch v80 Skywatch: New Heights

Patch v79 Shore Hold

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