New Class: NINJA

NINJA is TERA’s new 12th class to be introduced. This class is race-locked (and gender-locked) to the Elin race. Ninja is a fast-moving, fast-attacking cloth class that can quickly maneuver the battlefield. It uses mostly melee attacks, and utilize a third resource called Chi which is built and consumed for Chi skills.Click to read more!


New Dungeons

Demokron Factory

Level Requirement: 65
Item Level: 397 (Normal), 409 (Hard)
Format: 7-man

 Normal   Slaughter Gear, Slaughter Belt, Vernal Bark (VM7 Mat), Rare Brooch, Vernal Box
 Hard   Vain (T2) Ring, Cleansing Brooch, Vernal Bark (VM7 Mat), Dyad Structure, Vernal Box, Dakuryon’s Box

Shadow Sanguinary

Level Requirement: 65
Item Level: 409 (Normal), 414 (Hard)
Format: 5-man

 Normal   Vain (T2) Earring, Superior Cleansing Brooch, Self-Boiling Obkma (VM7 Mat), Rune of Secrets (VM7 Mat), Dyad Structure, Dakuryon’s Box
 Hard   Vain (T2) Ring and Earring, VM7 Belt, Vengeance Versa (VM7 Mat), Rune of Secrets (VM7 Mat), Dyad Structure, Dakuryon’s Box



Level Requirement: 65
Item Level: 409
Format: 10-man

 Normal   Vain (T2) Ring, Cleansing Brooch, Desolarus Heartbeat, Starfall Belt, Dyad Structure, Vernal Box, Dakuryon’s Box


The Abscess

Level Requirement: 65
Item Level: 355 (Normal), 409 (Hard)
Format: 5-man

 Normal   Dreadnaught Jewelry, Flawless Brooch, Tier 8 Master Enigmatic Scroll, Tier 8 Spellbind
 Hard   Vain (T2) Earring, Cleansing Brooch, Starfall Belt, Rune of Secrets (VM7 Mat), Dyad Structure, Dakuryon’s Box

Celestial Arena

Level Requirement: 65
Format: Solo Dungeon

There are 12 Stages, and you will be placed from rank 1~5 based on the score gained through clear time and number of eliminated monsters.

Imperator (VM7) Material Box, Crystal Box, Mid-tier Shade


New Gear


Updated Character Progression


Slaughter gear becomes the new mid-tier gear, while Dreadnaught moves down to become the low-tier gear in the Ninja patch. Obtained from Demokron Factory (Normal Mode), this Tier 9 gear is also a hybrid PVE and PVP set.


Conflate is a PVP set crafted with materials earned through the battlegrounds. Enchantable to +12


The Imperator (VM7) gear set replaces Starfall (VM6) as the new best-in-slot gear in the Ninja patch.

Gear Updates

Starfall (VM6) Buff
Changes to the Starfall Gear include buffs to the base attack modifier and removal of PVP attack from behind stat roll.
See the Starfall (VM6) page for post-buff stats.

New Jewelry Sets

Two new jewelry sets have been added: the Vain (Accessories) set and the Maze (Accessories) set. In addition, a new brooch, Quatrefoil Brooch, is available to be crafted.

The Vain accessory set drops from dungeons, and includes Tier 1 (Gate) and Tier 2 (Vain) pieces for both earring and ring. There are only two variations of MAze Accessories: Critical and Power.


This set is the first crafted jewelry set and intended for PVP use. Sporting equal stats as Vain Tier 2 jewelries, it requires battleground credits from both Bellicarium and Killing Spree.


This new brooch is a new upgraded brooch that combines all the previous brooches into one.

Tyrantblood Token

Newest tier of tokens (like Desolarus Tokens and Cosmoshards). Tyrantblood Token can be exchanged for Dreadnaught gear, Gate jewelry, or glyph boxes.

* Note: Schisma and Glyph Boxes are removed from the Desolarus Token shop.
You cannot upgrade Desolarus Tokens to Tyrantblood Token Tokens.

Shade Token

Island of Dawn rewards will be changed to new Shade tokens: Undershade, Shadecore and Shadetop.
These Shade tokens can also be earned from completing Celestial Arena.

Low-Tier Shop: Undershade Tokens

Dreadnaught Weapons 20
Dreadnaught Chest 20
Dreadnaught Gloves 20
Dreadnaught Shoes 20
Dreadnaught Belt 30
Dreadnaught Necklace 20
Dreadnaught Ship Earring 20
Dreadnaught Captain Earring 30
Dreadnaught Ship Ring 20
Dreadnaught Captain Ring 30
Flawless Brooch 15
Rare Glyph Crate 50
Dread Ores 20
Health Potion 20
Rejuvenation Potion 20
Colluva Ore 25
Tier 8 Spellbind 1
Tier 8 Master Enigmatic Scroll 3
Shadecore Tokens 6
Mid-Tier Shop: Shadecore Tokens

Slaughter Weapons 200
Slaughter Chest 280
Slaughter Gloves 240
Slaughter Shoes 200
Slaughter Belt 280
Gate Necklace 240
Gate (T1) Earring 120
Gate (T1) Ring 120
Simple Brooch 90
Simple Cleansing Brooch 90
Rare Glyph Crate 40
Dread Ores 15
Health Potion 15
Rejuvenation Potion 15
Colluva Ore 20
Goddess’s Powder 120
Titan’s Ease 12
Shadetop Tokens 6
High-Tier Shop: Shadetop Tokens

Vain (T2) Earring 300
Vain (T2) Ring 300
Cleansing Brooch 240
Rare Glyph Crate 30
Individual Master/Rare Glyphs 300
Goddess’s Powder 100
Dyad Structure 500
Colluva Ore 15
Extensive Alkahest (Character Bound) 10
Premium Alkahest (Character Bound) 10
Rune of Secrets 200
Ancient Wish 100

Class Changes

  Coming Soon  

Overview of Class Change Predictions
    • Mystic
    • Priest
    • Lancer
    • Brawler
    • Berserker
    • Warrior
    • Archer
    • Sorcerer

Flying Mounts

Roam the skies with new flying mounts! After completing a level 65 questline, players will be granted a permanent flying mount. Flying mounts are currently limited to specific areas, but flying zones will be expanded in the future.

  • Velika: Velika, Velika Outskirts
  • Island of Dawn
  • Val Oriyn: Savage Reach, Spring Valley, Ex Prima, Highwatch, Highwatch Outskirts, Arx Umbra

This patch includes the following KTERA patches:
1/26, 2/18, 2/25, 3/10


  1. This patch tldr version: Go fuck urself if u dont have vm7 or full +15 sf

    • Unfortunately, yes, the struggle to meet ilvl requirements is very real. Even +12 Starfall is often not enough; you need either full +12 Slaughter (which may be worse for some classes/people), or many +15 Starfall pieces. VM7 is still an optional luxury but VM7 is really good for tank players.

  2. Question. I do more pve than pvp. however, would be better to do a mix Conflate/Slaugther. gear for pve? I mean, Conflate has a higher bases dmg. And the rolls for pve are the same. gloves and boots same story. only chest is different. Slaughter has 6% dmg reduce from monsters, which conflate doesnt and conflate armor has instead 6% pvp dmg reduce. I never aim for any Vm. because +15 is to much grind for me. tnks for ur help.

  3. How does Conflate set compare to Imperator in terms of pvp. I see conflate for sorcerer has higher base damage and has 20% pvp damage while the Imperator disc has 30 pvp attack damage

  4. I know Celestial Arena is a solo dungeon but is there an ilvl requirement for it?

  5. Hi same question as loller but in the 3/10 patch, there are solo dungeon, they will be available ? thank you

  6. i didnt understand well about a thing: i read that we are getting patches til the 3/10 of ktera. so, will be dreadspire still be opened during this patch?

  7. Recommendation: Mention that Quatrefoil Brooch doesn’t share cooldowns with… uhh… Empowered, or whatever. I think I remember seeing that Quatrefoil+Quickcarve is possible, in an edit of one of Story’s google docs.

  8. Will current IoD tokens disappear, remain or be transformed in the new ones? If they remain, will the same stuff be available for purchase or will it change?

    • The old IoD token will no longer drop but will remain in your bank/inventory as is. IoD and Celestial Arena will drop the new token instead.

      You cannot transform the old token to the new one.

      Read the Shade Token sections to see what you can purchase from the new token shop.

      • what what what, so it will be, that the old tokens will not be transformed into the new ones? because i saved them all up, never spent one, just to get instant jewellry?

  9. will vm7 mats drop from sea chests this next patch? or will it still drop vm6 mats.

  10. Really looking forward to this patch. About time NA tera got something new to do. And keeping an eye out for and update of this preview :D, in particular the new brooch ?!

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