The Pet system of TERA has went through a complete overhaul, introducing new concepts to the current pets and a new type: a Partner or Servant. This was released with Patch 81. Pets and partners will be able to level up, rank up, evolve, and gain friendship whilst aiding you with pet related tasks such as Auto-Looting, Gathering, Potions, and Storage. These partners may also supply you with buffs. It is important to note that pets and partners are different things. Partial credit to Sun for some minor corrections.

The New UI

You’ll be able to enter the new UI by opening the social tab and selecting “Companion List.” The default shortcut for this is Shift + P. The pet list will show all registered pets and partners. Opening the pet list allows you to summon and dismiss your pets. You can also see their name, experience, level, energy, abilities, and more. By default, you can have a maximum of 10 registered pets, however it is possible to buy more slots with EMP.

Registering and Renaming Your Pets

Registering a pet is still simple. You must claim it from your parcel post and find it in your inventory. Then, right click the icon and accept the pop-up box asking if you would like to register this pet. You may then find it in your pets and partners list. Any existing pets you had used before this patch will be found in your parcel post. To rename a pet, go into the pet and partner list UI. Click the edit button near its name and type in the desired name. Please note that only the first rename is free. After this, a [Pet Rename Voucher] is required. You can rename any pet whether it is a new pet, a newly created pet, or a pet from previous patches. Partners follow the same system.

Upgrading Current Pets

Pets and partners have very different leveling and ranking systems. Pets level up through a normal progression system. This means they gain experience and have a maximum level of 10. There are multiple ways to level your pet. The first is to feed it [Common Pet Food], which can be purchased from general merchants for 32 gold and 10 silver. Common Pet Food provides up to 1,500 experience points. The second way to level a pet is to feed it enchanting materials, dyad niveots, infusion gear, relics, halidoms, and essence from fishing or gathering. The higher tier the material, the more experience it gives. This means that a material used to enchant Heroic Oath, like superior metal, is worth more in terms of experience than something used to enchant Guardian gear, like wood scraps. To level up a pet, hit the Grow button in the pet list, then right-click the material.

Making A Partner


To make a partner, you can combine two pets. You also need 2,000 gold per try at this process. It is recommended to NEVER combine a pet with abilities such as auto-gather, auto-loot, or special storage. These special skills are added to partners in other ways which I will discuss later. Only combine pets with no special abilities or with abilities you do not care about. When you make a new pet or partner from the combining process, it will not keep the abilities from combined pets. You also are only able to combine pets, not partners. Excess partners are used for something different. To start the combining process, bring up the tab on a pet you wish to combine, and then hit the Combine button. Then, select another pet from your registered list that you would like to be the second pet in this combining process. Also, there is an almost guaranteed chance to get a partner when combining two level 10 pets. The following tab should then appear.

If you are okay with combining the two selected pets, click Combine. The message similar to the ones shown below will appear. This shows the pet or partner created.

This process will not always make a partner and will sometimes give you another pet. However, the chance to make a partner can be significantly increased if you combine higher level pets. The following four are partners: Cocomin, Marie, Kuncun, and Loo (this one cannot be obtained from this method). If you make any of those, then congrats! You just made your first partner. There is a chance to make the same partner more than one time. You can not combine partners.

Evolving a Partner

This method is NOT recommended. To evolve a pet, you must take it to level 10. Then, you must use an evolution core. This is obtained from alchemy crafting. The evolution core is then used on the level 10 pet, however this method only gives a 20% chance for the pet to turn into a partner.

Upgrading a Partner

Just like pets, partners can be “upgraded” as well, however it is more complicated than simple levels. Partners have ranks and fellowship. To rank up a partner, you combine it with another partner you do not want. For each upgrade, the partner’s rank increases by 1. It also gains a random amount of fellowship in the process. Fellowship increases your partner’s bond skill power and duration. A chart with rarity and fellowship in relation to power and duration can be found in the next section. The maximum rank, or grade, of a partner is 10. The higher rank of the partner you are feeding to your main partner, the more of an increase in fellowship it will attain. This means, if you constantly feed your pet rank 1 partners, the increase in fellowship will be minimum, resulting in less power gain for your partner. No further increases are available past rank 10. An example of a partner upgrade is below.

Partner Abilities and Skills

When you successfully make a partner, you will notice two or more things. First, all partners have a bond skill. This is the amount of power the partner gives (3, 4, or 5) along with its duration. A bond skill is used like a brooch. The amount of power and duration is determined by the pet’s rarity and fellowship. The three partner rarities are uncommon (3), rare (4) and superior (5). Under it, you can see the gifted skill. Gifted skills have three tiers. The gifted skill can be changed using a [Gifted Skill Change Voucher]. It will result in a random skill and skill tier. A ranking of all gifted skills is below:

This chart shows the power and duration associated with each level of fellowship and partner rarity:

Uncommon Uncommon Rare Rare Superior Superior
Fellowship Power Duration Power Duration Power Duration
1 3 30 4 40 5 50
2 3 30 4 40 5 50
3 3 30 4 40 5 50
4 4 40 5 50 6 60
5 4 40 5 50 6 60
6 4 40 5 50 6 60
7 5 50 6 60 7 70
8 5 50 6 60 7 70
9 5 50 6 60 7 70
10 6 60 7 70 8 80
11 6 60 7 70 8 80
12 6 60 7 70 8 80
13 7 70 8 80 9 90
14 7 70 8 80 9 90
15 7 70 8 80 9 90
16 8 80 9 90 10 100
17 8 80 9 90 10 100
18 8 80 9 90 10 100
19 9 90 10 100 11 110
20 9 90 10 100 11 110
21 9 90 10 100 11 110
22 10 100 11 110 12 120
23 10 100 11 110 12 120
24 10 100 11 110 12 120
25 11 110 12 120 13 130
26 11 110 12 120 13 130
27 12 120 13 130 14 140
28 12 120 13 130 14 140
29 13 130 14 140 15 150
30 13 130 14 140 15 150
31 14 140 15 150 16 160
32 14 140 15 150 16 160
33 15 150 16 160 17 170
34 15 150 16 160 17 170
35 16 160 17 170 18 180
36 16 160 17 170 18 180
37 17 170 18 180 19 190
38 17 170 18 180 19 190
39 18 180 19 190 20 200
40 18 180 19 190 20 200
41 19 190 20 200 21 210
42 19 190 20 200 21 210
43 20 200 21 210 22 220
44 20 200 21 210 22 220
45 23 230 24 240 25 250
46 26 260 27 270 28 280
47 29 290 30 300 31 300
48 32 300 33 300 34 300
49 35 300 36 300 37 300
50 38 300 39 300 40 300

Lastly, you may notice that your partner was given a random ability in its making. This has nothing to do with the pets combined to make it. Only superior pets get this ability. Otherwise, it must be transferred from a pet. The following partner has the potion ability. This allows it to automatically pop HP and MP potions for you. You can set the percentage you would like your pet to pop the potion for you at on the partner’s tab.

Transferring Skills

Some skills from pets can be transferred onto partners. To do this, find a pet with a desirable skill such as auto-loot or auto-gather. Then, hover over the skill to ensure it is transferable. It is important to note that abilities can only be transferred onto partners and the action can not be reversed. Also, you can not transfer a partner’s ability to a pet.

If it is transferable, it will also list a transfer price in gold. To do this, hit the Train button under a partner. Then, select the pet with the desired ability. Drag the ability over to the partner. The price will show near the bottom of the tab. To confirm, hit Train. Your partner will now have a new ability.

Merchant Pet and Partner Items

The following things can be bought from general merchants. They will help your pet or partner in various ways, shown by the item description. The pet food is for pets, as it recovers energy. This pet food can also be crafted. The puppy figurine is for partners only, as it recovers stamina. Stamina is what makes your partner use its gifted skill. The higher your partner’s stamina, the higher chance the skill will be used. The maximum stamina is 300. All items are 32 gold and 10 silver.

EMP Pet and Partner Items

Some items that are related to pets and partners need to be bought with EMP. The following picture shows the items included in the Pet Loot Box. Also, other new pet and partner items are shown to the left with their prices.


  1. How to you feed your Partner Cocomin

  2. Hi Sam, thanks it helped me lot. ^^
    Finally get a partner, but she hasn’t abilities :'( and my pets haven’t either. Than what should I dot to get abilities my partnet? 🙁

    • No problem, I’m glad to help! All superior pets come with the ability to auto use potions (MP & HP) but all other skills have to be transferred. Auto-gathering, auto-loot, bank tabs (I believe), and other auto-use potion skills can all be transferred to partners for gold. You just need a registered pet with the desired ability.

  3. Hello sam thx for the guide.

    I think you could improve making a table comparing the 3 kind of partners (kukun, cocomin and marie) since they have diferent gifted skills.

    And i think you improve writing a bit about the evolution core item in “Making a partner”.
    Its useful since you dont need to fuse 2 pets when using evolution core.

    Cya and gz for your guide!

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