Fate of Arun: Gunner was released on May 5th 2015 in NaTERA. It was released on December 17th 2014 in KTERA. This is the second patch of the 10th Update.

TERA’s 10th Class: Gunner, is set to be released in this patch. It features a new way to deal damage with different artistic skills. As well as a new class, the Archer has been practicing and now they are stronger than ever.


New Class:

Gunner is a damage dealing class. It uses an energy source from the High Elves and a giant gun from the Castanics to effectively strike it’s enemies with powerful shots. This class starts from level 1 and is locked to female High Elves and Castanics only.

More information can be found here: Gunner

Class Balance:

Archer receive a class balance. After observing the Gunner, they have adapted and became stronger.
More information can be found here: Archer – 10th Update: Gunner

Lancer skills receive an increase in threat: Challenging Shout IX, Shield Counter VII, Spring Attack XI, Shield Barrage XI and Rallying Cry I

Warrior skills receive an increase in threat: Torrent of Blows IX and Battle Cry IX


Several dungeon level requireemnts will be altered.

Ascent of Saravash will be added for levels 32 to 34.

Game Features:

Vanguard Initiative: Quests will now be available from level 13 and will offer rewards which are appropriate for their level.
Find out more about Vanguard Initiative here: Vanguard Initiative

Game UI: TERA’s UI has received a slight re-vamp. It’s main menu is now always on screen and now features bindable buttons such as Instance Matching. In addition to the menu, the games cross hair has been updated. You may now learn skills through the skill window and collect parcels without visiting a banker.

Character Limit: Due to the Gunner release, you will now be able to create up to 13 characters.

Instance Matching: There will changes to instance matching, in selected dungeons you will be allowed to queue without a tank after 2 minutes. Instance matching buffs will be removed.

Blast from the Past will be removed.

PvP and Battlegrounds

Kumasylum is now a level 65 battleground. You must be level 65 to enter, any quests for level 64 and below cannot be completed.


Island of Dawn Re-Vamp: Quests are now only story quests and NPCs will be re-placed for an easier experience. Damage indicators will appear to display fatal hits for new players.

Experience: Experience is now increased when in a full party

… and more: You can now skip Reaper’s cut scene, decreased the number of players needed to open up channels. Increase drop rate of Avatar Relics.

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