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    A new classes has joined our heroes, she is called the Brawler, restricted to human female only. She will use powerfists as a weapon and specialises in tanking. Check out a Brawler Guide below:

Rare Master Glyphs
    Skill trainers have perfected skills even more, unlocking a new tier of glyphs. These “Rare” Master glyphs proceed Uncommon Master Glyphs. They can increase glyph effects by a further amount, reduce glyph points or unlock a totally new effect.
Aggro/Tank Revamp
  • Aggro has been changed so that it has more to deal with the damage differences between the tank and DPS rather than strange aggro formulas.
  • Lancers and Brawlers not be pushed back by the majority of boss attacks. Warriors and Berserkers will receive this change later.
  • Lancers, Warriors, and Berserkers will receive buffs to allow them to tank better.
  • Aggro circle now larger


New Dungeons:
    Introducing 2 new end-game dungeons, Kalivan’s Dreadnaught and Forsaken Island. Kalivan’s Dreadnaught will come in three different modes, including a new variation called Kalivan’s Challenge to help new players dive into end-game dungeons. Only the Normal Mode for Forsaken Island will be released with this patch. More information about these dungeons, including a guide can be seen by clicking below!

Forsaken Island

Normal Mode


Kalivan’s Dreadnaught

Challenge, Normal and Hard Mode

Dungeon Removal
    Several dungeons will be removed with this patch and will not be available via their teleportals or Instance Matching. These dungeons include the following:

    • Ravenous Gorge
    • Akeron’s Inferno – Normal Mode
    • Akeron’s Inferno – Hard Mode
    • Shattered Fleet
    • Vault of Kaprima
    • Sky Cruiser Endeavor – Normal Mode
    Dreamstorm also removed.
    Bathysmal Rise (Normal) will become a 5 man instance. You cannot enter this instance with a raid.
    Drops from these dungeons will be moved to the remaining dungeons; materials for Fate of Arun gear (Generation and Discovery) will no longer be available.
Vanguard Initiative Changes
  • The Vanguard Initiative UI has been changed to highlight dungeons that are appropriate for players’ item levels. It will hide dungeons that have a higher item level requirement and those that are too low of an item level – Players can still complete the Vanguard Requests if they have cleared the dungeon.

  • The Vanguard Initiative rewards has been changed from Tier 6 Feedstock to Tier 7 Feedstock, and increases the amount of gold from the Party (PVE Dungeon) Vanguards. The PvP Vanguard gives the same amount of gold, less Vanguard credits and Tier 7 Feedstock instead. Naga/Kuma/Orisk repeatable Vanguard quests are still available, giving 30 VG Credit, 15 T7 FS, and 45g per 10 kills (20 for Orisk).

Misc Instance Changes
    In lower difficulty dungeons, area of effect indicators for boss attacks will be added to help players (usually the tanks) learn boss attacks
    The respawn point has been changed to the entrance of the instance. The entrance also has a new merchant who sells Greater Charms, Onslaught Scrolls, Nostrums, Campfires, and Bandages. This merchant can also restore your HP, MP, and Stamina to full.
    Instances will have a new blue arrow indicator to help players find their way in dungeons. Mousing over the arrow will show instructions about what needs to be done.
    Neophyte Resuscitation: For players with under 5 clears of a dungeon, players can pay Gold to resurrect on the spot with a Battle Nostrum V, an Onslaught Scroll VI (Attack Speed for Healers and Crit Power for Tanks and DPS), Greater Charms, and an Arunic Panacea. This is available to all dungeons except for Forsaken Island (Hard)


New Gear and Accessories
    New sets are available; which features stats for both PvE and PvP, these are Tier 8 and Tier 9.

  • schisma Low-tier PvE: Schisma
  • dreadnaught Mid-tier PvPvE: Dreadnaught
  • starfall High-tier PvPvE: Starfall
  • soul Accessories: Dreadnaught
Item Level Revamp
    Level 65 gear sets will display new information on the quality of each piece of equipment (weapon, armor, footwear and gloves). The quality of the stats rolled, as well as the enchantment level, will dictate the item level of equipment. As a result of this, the item level score has been doubled as a whole in order to work better with this more dynamic system.
Tier Feedstock, Spellbinds and Enigmatic Scrolls
    Due to the increasing tiers, Tier 8 and 9 feedstock will be available. In addition, Spellbinds and Master Enigmatic Scrolls will have tiered versions which will drop from dungeons. Players can only use the appropriate Tiers for their gear. Like feedstock, you can upgrade Spellbinds. (MES cannot be upgraded). Conversion rates are lower for the new tiers.

    • Conversion to Tier 7 requires 6 Tier 6 Feedstock/Spellbind
    • Conversion to Tier 8 requires 2 Tier 7 Feedstock/Spellbind
    • Conversion to Tier 9 requires 2 Tier 8 Feedstock/Spellbind
Tier 7 Enchantment Buff

    All Tier 7 gear, including Schisma, Lucid (VM5 PVE) and Tensus (VM5 PVP), will have their enchantment rate from +1 to +12 greatly increased. Masterwork chances are also increased for Tier 7 gear.

    NOTE: The enchantment rate from +13 to +15 remains the same.

Tensus Buff
    Tensus will be buffed to be on par with the new Dreadnaught and Starfall gear.
Wrathful (New!) Increases Crit Power against monsters by X when attacking from the front. Cannot stack with crystals that have the same effect.
Spiteful (New!) Increases Crit Power against monsters by X when attacking from the back or side with ranged attacks. Cannot stack with crystals that have the same effect
Threatening Threatening crystals have been combined so that they have the same effect as four Threatening crystals of the same tier. Players can only equip one, however.
Poised Only one Poised crystal can be equipped at a time.



Combo Meter
    combosystem-red This is a new UI element to show your combo. Hitting an enemy will increase your combo, and getting hit or staying out of combat for a few seconds will return your combo to 0.
Nostrum Changes
    Nostrums will no longer be divided into melee and range. A new nostrum (Battle Nostrum) will be available which will effect both melee and ranged skills. Battle Nostrums I to V will last 15 minutes. Battle Nostrum VI will last 30 minutes. Nostrum of Energy and Ranger’s Nostrum will no longer be available to purchase. (Nostrums can be sold back to the merchant).
PvP Penalty System
    There are changes to the PvP penalty system, Infamy gained will increased drastically and the reduction over time will be reduced drastically. The penalties have become harsher.

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