TERA: The Lost Isle is a small content patch which was released in KTERA and is set to be released on October 13th 2015 in NATERA.

This update will see TERA updating the start of our journey. Introducing an hidden island, the original island – Stepstone Island, for players to start. This is more streamlined and educates players with the games basics. The character creation and selection screen has also receieved an update.


Tiarana: A new starting area (Level 1 to 11):

Stepstone Island is a hidden island between the continents. It has been hidden for some time, in an attempt to be shielded from the war across the land. The Mysterium who were attracted to an ancient tree – which had grew from Velik’s tear – swore to protect the island. One day, 5 children were born from the tree and possessed power beyond belief, however this only made the Guardians fear, as they were scared that it would attract attention. However, in time, darkness would come. It is up to you to help protect the children. Find more information about the new starting zone here: Coming Soon

Island of Dawn will no longer be the starting area for new players, it will no longer have quests or gathering nodes. However, you can still visit the island.

Character Selection

The character selection screen and creation has been revised. The UI for creating a character has now been made easier. Players will be able to learn more about each class and be able to compare races or gender without going back to previous screens. The selection screen will now feature your characters walking through a battlefield as heroes. You may now re-position your characters.

Battleground Changes

Battlegrounds will now have a “Rookie” guide. Features such as Tanks and Bombs will be highlighted for Rookies. In addition, maps will offer more detail, including objectives and a menu will be available upon entry with additional help. This feature can be turned off in Options and will be available for the first 10 battlegrounds.

Two new battlegrounds will be added for lower level players to practice with:

  • Wintera (Level 25 to 65) (Note: This is a KTERA change, it is unknown whether this will be released)
  • Gridiron Academy (Level 40 to 64)

Corsair’s Stronghold Rules have been altered

If a team fails to break the crystal faster than the previous round, the round will automatically end, this is avoid players prolonging the match when it’s already a defeat.

Kicking a player will now require 80% of total players (exlcuding the player being kicked), instead of 100%.

Returning Hero

Returning players who have not logged into the game within 30 days will be confronted with a guide which displays a skill guide for their class. Players may also receive a gift which has relevant gear for their level. Vanguard Initiative will also aid with quests and point players in the right direction.

Event Calender

When visiting the Vangurad Initiative UI, there is a new tab for an in-game Event Calender. This should display in-game events and possibly publisher events.

Chat Changes

Chat can sometimes be cluttered, now Chat will be divided and more organised (however you can still customize to your liking). Whispers will now be easier to view, whether they’ve been sent or received. Private chat groups will now have a UI where they can be edited and viewed.


Hovering over skills will now display chain options, if the skill chains. For example, Knockdown Strike will show that Eviscerate or Overhand Strike is a possible chain option.

Mystic’s and Sorcerer’s Teleport Jaunt will no longer rubberband.

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