First boss: Kalavese

Take Note

This is your usual Crab BAM, if you have any experience with it most of the attacks will not be a problem

Hard Mode:
Tank in the middle of the room to make the run a lot more smooth to deal with a Key Mechanic mentioned later.

Frontal Attack

Simple 1-hit attack.

Frontal Attack

Lifts his pincers to smash them down on the tank.


Boss lifts his pincers in the air and then smashes on the tank 7 times in quick succession

Hard Mode: This attack pushes back the tank, as mentioned before.. It’s ideal to tank the boss in the middle.
Hard Mode and Enrage: He starts with 2 hits attack before doing the 7 atacks.
Normal Mode:
Hard Mode + Enrage:

Turn and Back attack

Boss turns around to attack the players behind him.

Hard Mode and Enrage: When the boss turns he’ll attack one additional time by turning and then puking on the DPS, this is not iframable but needs to be moved out range from.
If someone gets hit by this attack he will then fart on the Tank before turning back which needs to be iFramed.
Normal Mode:
Hard Mode + Enrage
Hard Mode + Enrage + Got hit


Boss jumps in the air and comes dropping down, hitting all around the boss.

Hard Mode and Enrage: When the boss comes down and he’s Enraged, he’ll do a spin which needs to be moved out of or else he’ll target that person with a one shot jump.
Normal Mode:
Hard Mode + Enrage
Hard Mode + Enrage + Got hit

Spinning In-Out

Cannot be blocked and iframed
A text indicator will show up saying: “I’ll burn you to ashes”
The boss stars spinning and will either attack in an inner donut or an outer donut first, followed by the other one.
The way to tell which attack he will do first you have to look at his spin. He either spins slowly with no indicator or he spins fast with a wind forming around him.

Slowly and no wind: Go out and then go in
Fast and wind forming: Go in and then go out
You need to be at least 9 meters away from the boss when he does the inner circle.

Hard Mode Only: Fire Pits and Debuffs

First it’s important to recognize what the map looks like. In the middle of the map there’s 4 big circles and 4 smaller circles.

A text indicator will show up saying “Kalavese is spraying flammable liquid”. Followed by 1 or 2 people, excluding the one having aggro, will get a debuff which needs to be removed within 45 seconds. Failure to do so will result in an explosion dealing damage to the entire party and giving them a uncleansable bleed. This deals 100% of hp to the person exploding and 50% to everyone else. While you can survive this with a great healer, it’s not recommended at all.

This is what the debuff will look like:

To remove this debuff you need to get hit by 1 of the 4 Fire Pits, shows as the big circle in the GIF below. This big circle slowly fills until it erupts and clearing the people inside of it of the debuff. The smaller circles don’t have any real purpose except for making it more visible to see which Fire Pit will erupt, as seen in the GIF the big circle in between the 2 smaller ones is the one that will light up.

Second boss: Thormemtum

Take Note

This is just your normal Teralith, if you’re familiar with their attacks then this boss shouldn’t be that much of an issue except for the new stuff.

Frontal Smash

Pulls his arm back to slam the tank.

Frontal Slam

Lifts his disc in the air and slams it down on the tank.

Double Frontal Slam

Lifts his arm into the air and thn slams with his disc

Slam and Spin

Slams his fist on the tank and then rotates to slam his disc down

Make the disc go spin spin

His heart lights up and then he spins his disc around himself dealing damage to the entire party
Can be blocked

Spin and slam behind

He spins and then rotates to slam down someone behind the boss. Usually targets the player furthest away from the boss
Healer: You can go behind the tank to avoid the boss turning too much.

Frontal slam v2

The boss’ heart lights up and he’ll then slam the tank, this needs to be iframed. Failure to do so will make the tank do his spin attack, almost certainly killing the tank.


Got hit

Gun Fire front or back

Thormemtum’s rocket in his chest will light up in red and he’ll fire at the tank. If you get hit by this the catapults will start targeting you.
Can not be iframed, move to the side of the boss.
For the tank the way to tell whether or not it will fire to the front is by the color on which his cannon lights up. If it lights up as red it will fire at the tank, if it stays in this animation for a second it’ll turn and fire behind him.
For the DPS, the back attack will happen if he has collapses but doesn’t instantly fire the front.

Hard Mode: This will be much faster than in Normal Mode


Disassemble and Spin

A text indication will show up on your screen saying “Thormemtum summons vortex.”
For the people who farm BAMs, this is the annoying attack that always knocks you down when you get hit. This time you need to get away from the boss because if you get hit the boss will spawn Tornados which will launch you up in the air.

Triple Hit Pull

The boss will slam his hand on the ground three times in quick succession, getting hit by the 3rd attack will pull you to the front of the boss followed by an attack doing 60% HP damage. Iframe just before you see the third ground slam.

Hard Mode Only: Getting hit by this will give you the debuff that make the Catapults target you.


During this boss fight there’s 4 catapults, in normal mode all 4 of them will use the same ammunition, in hard mode it’s a bit different.
At 90% the first catapult will start firing, then at every 20% hp increment another one will start firing. (So at 90%, 70%, 50% and lastly at 30%)

In normal mode as well as the first in Hard Mode, the North Catapult, will shoot a simple aoe which targets 1 random player and will deal 60% of that targets maximun hp as damage.

Hard Mode Only:
At 70% the East Catapult will start firing, this one fires suicide bombing Caimens. When it first hits the ground it will just remain there, when a player gets close it will then start following that person and then explode when it comes close
Hint: A healer should go get the aggro from these Caimen and pull them away from the DPS and Tank, you can iframe away from the aoe before it explodes.At 50% the South Catapult will start firing, this one fires poison puddles which slowly grows bigger before exploding inflicting damage, a silence and a slow,At 30% the West Catapult will start firing bombs that will fire a laser horizontally and vertically at the same time, dealing 70% people’s max hp if you get hit.
Hint: It’s just like in RK9 2nd boss where it the lines of firing shape into a cross, except the width of the laser is much bigger.
Normal Mode
90% Catapult
70% Catapult
Suicide Bomber
50% Catapult
Poison Puddle
30% Catapult

Final boss: Argog

Take Note

A lot of the attacks in this boss fight will involve Argog teleporting onto players and doing an AOE attack on them, so it’s very important that players spread out when the boss does these types of attacks.
His basic attacks consist of a lot of combos, the first attack will define his next couple of attacks.
This boss fight exists of 2 phases in Normal mode and 3 in Hard mode.
In normal mode the second phase starts at 30%.
In Hard Mode the second phase will start at 80% and the third phase at 30%.
Second and third phase will be called “True Form” in this guide.

Left, Right, Cross

He’ll start by hitting with his left hand, followed by his right hand then both hands together in a cross shape.
In True Form the Cross attack will inflict a debuff.

Hard Mode only: Sometimes when he does this attack he will stay crouched together with his arms crossed, this means another attack is coming which Can’t be blocked, iFrame it

Left, Right, Barrage

He’ll start by hitting with his left hand, followed by his right hand… then he’ll pull back his arms and do a barrage of quick attacks

One, Two, Three

His eyes will light up in red followed by three attacks in quick succession.

Right, Left, Spin to Win

He’ll start by attacking with his right hand, then his left arm and then he’ll spin towards the tank.
In True Form, in Hard Mode: Spin to win will apply a bleed debuff


The boss will crouch and after uncrouching he’ll stun everyone, this needs to be iframed. You iframe just as you see him uncrouch, so pay close attention to his shoulders.

Hard Mode Only: Backstep into Charging Lunge

Cannot block or iframe. Avoid ASAP.
Argog will backstep or Teleport (if below 80% hp) and charge forward

Hard Mode Only: Left, Right, Pause… Back Hit, AoE

Cannot block or iframe. Avoid ASAP.
Argog will start with his left hand, then his right hand
Then he will stay in this animation for a second, pausing his movements
He’ll follow up with a back hit followd by an AoE
AoE can not be blocked.

Argog reveals his true himself

This will be indicated by a text message saying “Argog reveals himself.”
This is a lot like the Stun mechanic mentioned in Special Attack, however here he crouches longer and you can use his fangs as an indication on when to iframe.
Lancers: A lancer can use his Guardian Barrier to block the aoe, resulting in nobody having to iframe.

Hard Mode Only: Argog is on the hunt

A text message will appear saying “Argog is on the Hunt”
He will then dissappear and teleport to each player individually
Make sure to spread out
Iframe when you see smoke appear under your character, this indicates he wil target you for the next attack.

Hard Mode Only: Argog is tracking scent of a player’s blood

A text message will appear saying “Argog is tracking scent of a player’s blood”
He will then dissappear and teleport to 2 individually doing an AoE attack followed by an attack on the tank Can NOT be blocked.
Make sure to spread out
If your screen gets a purple edges that means he will target you next, make sure you’re away from people and iframe.

Hard Mode Only: Argog is in a murderous fury

This is the the final phase of the boss, below 30%.
First he will trigger “Argog is on the Hunt”, found above
Now after every set of basic attacks he can teleport onto any of the DPS or Healer and do an AoE attack dealing 80% HP as damage to anyone hit.
This attack can be iframed.
After the teleport attack he’ll target the tank with a Cross Attack.
This attack can be blocked.


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