First boss: Ventaron

Take Note

This map is a bit interesting when it comes to how you will deal with a mechanic. You can jump off the platform and fall somewhere around the center of the map.

Frontal Attack

Simple 1-hit attack.

Rear Attack

Head turns to hit its rear once.

Hard Mode: Inflicts a stun that can be Blocked and Iframed.

Front + Back Attack

Simply attack both side at once.

Hard Mode: Inflicts a stun that can be Blocked and Iframed.

5x bombing Attack

Cannot block, can be iframed.
Walks around and messes up tanking position. Annoying, but it’s not much of a threat.

Vacuum Bomb

Cannot be blocked. Vacuum can be iframed, but the explosion cannot be iframed.
Pulls in players then blasts the indicated surroundings about 12m radius.

Gear Crash

Cannot be blocked, but it can be iframed. Also inflicts Stun.

Gear Grind

Can be blocked, iframed.
If someone gets stunned by Gear Crash, it will roll its cylinders around the surrounding. Healers should prepare cleanse beforehand just in case.

Time Bomb

First gif shows animation when it summons timebomb. These bombs are spawned on the map randomly, and they must be quickly destroyed before their timer runs out.

Below 50% HP, 2 timebombs will be summoned.

If failed to break these bombs, they will inflict bleed debuff that can also be stacked. However, they can be cleansed.

Hard Mode: Summons 2 or 3 Time Bombs depending on HP (2 above 50%, 3 below 50%). If failed to break these bombs, they will inflict bleed debuff (8% max HP per second) that lasts 10 seconds which can also be stacked and it will also decrease your movement speed. They cannot be cleansed.

HARD MODE ONLY :Temperature rising…activating ventilator.

After a message, a windy pathway will appear from random direction. If you fail to get out in time, you will be blown away, causing a long knockdown. Lancer and Ninja will lose their Hold the Line and Focus buff stacks respectively.

TIP: Receiving Rally Cry buff from lancer will prevent from being knocked down, you can bulllrush into the wind to avoid getting knocked back.

Threat level rising! Initiating destruction!

Cannot be blocked, but you can iframe the first AoE. The missiles cannot be iframed.
The boss will move to the center and blast an entire area. The floating cylinders will shoot out missiles up in the air 4 times. After 4th missile, there will be a barrage of missile falling from the skies. You must time your jump to fall after the missiles start to fall from skies so that you land after all of the missiles have bombarded the area. If you jump too fast, you will be caught between missile barrage; if you jump too slow, you will die from first missile barrage as you jump out of the map.

Hard Mode Only: Warning! Initiating Energy Release System.

Cannot be blocked, cannot be iframed. Fatal.
The boss will move to the center and mark pizza patterns on the floor. The first pattern is always the same shape but the second pattern may vary. Then, the third pattern will combine first two patterns, leaving 1 pizza slice as a safe zone. The image below will show all possible variation for second pattern and the safe zone for third pattern.

Second boss: Hexapleon

Take Note

Familiar with Fulminar? Well, this will be piece of cake for most attacks as their basic ideas are same. But don’t be too overconfident– don’t rely on the muscle memory from Fulminar too much as some are slightly different.

During the run, you will notice the edges of the map sometimes show blue AoE, but this time, it’s not a safe zone.

This cannot be blocked or iframed.

Pistons at the edges of the map can one-shot you. TERA is now serving blue waffles after great success with Dakuryon Pizzas.

Double Swipe

When single swipe is not enough.

Cutter Swing

Takes his saw blade on his back and swings it around his body
Technically it’s a slower (and kinda stronger) version of Fulminar’s.

Pizza Cutter + Rear Push Back

Frontal Pizza Cutter cannot be blocked, but it can be iframed. Rear Push back can be iframed.
Fun fact: Fulminar did this too.

Electric Field

Cannot be blocked, but it can be iframed.
Fun fact, Fulminar did Electric Donut instead. It’s the same animation.

Initiate Disposal Process…

Throws electric sphere to a single random target. DO NOT go near the sphere as it will get mad and shock you like there’s no tomorrow until you die. It will always shoot out 4-way lasers in 2 perpendicular lines. One of the line will always aim at the boss.

Try to place the sphere so that its AoE is not too close to the boss, but not so far that you won’t make it back in time to avoid the follow up donut attack.

Here, you have to avoid 3 things: Sphere’s AoE, Donut AoE, and Lasers from sphere.

In Hard Mode, he will throw 3 spheres instead. These will each aim at the boss with much like the one in Normal Mode. 2 possible solutions are like in these gifs.

Initiate Area Shutdown Program…

First AoE cannot be blocked or iframed.
Second AoE can either be Circle or Donut. This cannot be blocked, but it can be iframed.

In Hard Mode, there are 2 types of this mechanic.

Circle -> Circle or Donut
This is similar to Normal mode.
First AoE cannot be blocked or iframed.
Second AoE can either be Circle or Donut. This cannot be blocked, but it can be iframed. Also inflicts bleed debuff.

Donut -> Circle -> Circle or Donut
First AoE will pull players in when hit and inflict silence debuff. This cannot be blocked or iframed.
Second AoE cannot be blocked or iframed.
Third AoE can either be Circle or Donut. This cannot be blocked, but it can be iframed. Also inflicts bleed debuff.

Tip: You can tell which one he’ll do by looking at his animation.
When he raises his arms up, it’s the Circle AoE first.
When his hands are gathered at his chest, it’s Donut AoE first.

HARD MODE ONLY : Input code verified. Processing code…

There are two scenarios for this one: 1011110 and 0111101. They represent the hint for the final attack of this mechanic.

You don’t need to be a coding geek, but it’s basically a binary representing on (1) and off (0)– or in this case, 1 means dead and 0 means safe. This mechanic has 3 parts, 4 cutters, 3 cutters, and 5 cutters. Watching the gif is easier to understand than reading.

There are no tricks to this, but to give an easy solution, all you need to do is look at to code and move toward the side where it ends with 1. So 1011110 means move towards the left and 0111101 means move towards the right.

Final boss: RK-9

Take Note

None for Normal Mode. Rely on your muscle memory if you have to.

Stomp, 2x fisting, Rocket smash.

Block everything and you’re good.
The Rocket smash can damage some melee DPS players if their hitbox is displaced by skill due to desync. Yes, I’m talking to you Slayers.

Non-enraged: Double front, single back smash

Block and dodge everything.

Enraged: Double front, single back with frontal rocket smash

Block and dodge everything.

Triple fisting, Rocket bombardment, front smash + rear pizza wave.

Tank: Block fists, iframe rocket, block smash, proceed.
DPS: long pause after fisting = run to the side as the pizza wave cannot be iframed.


Cannot block or iframe. Avoid ASAP.
Rocket fists go Clap Clap, Single Fist, Rocket S-Bomb.

It can also be double fist instead as well.
Rocket fists go Clap Clap, Double Fist, Rocket S-Bomb.

Immediately react to the last position of the fist.
Tanks avoid diagonally away from the fist that’s on the ground.
DPS avoid diagonally away from the fist that’s hanging on the air.

In Hard Mode when the boss falls below 70% he will start doing Double S-Bomb as seen in this gif.

Tip: A lot of the DPS classes can use a leap ability to jump to the side of the boss where they will be safe, if you go back to dpsing by using a backstab. You will not lose a lot of DPS time because you cant not dps during this mechanic anyway.

Unknown Lifeform Detected: Tracking…

Targets Random target. It first creates about 7m radius circle AoE under the target, then suddenly expands to about 15m radius in 4 sides. It expands based on where the player was facing, something like image below:

Tip: A healer can trigger this by using their Ressurection skill and then canceling it, commonly called: “Ress baiting”. This will allow for some free DPS time since the boss is focused on you.
Priests need to iframe diagonally out of the range while Mystics can jaunt in any direction and make it out.

Blue arrow is indication where you are facing.

Protection Protocol: Initiating…

Shield Phase. Break it or wipe it.

Radar System: Initiating…

With this message, the boss will check if there’s a player far away from the boss. (approximately 14 meters)

This mechanic will have two different red messages:

Notice: Outer area not verified

Blast his melee surrounding in Circle AoE.
Cannot be blocked, but can be iframed. Inflicts Stun that can be cleansed. Healers should prioritize Tank as they will die to almost anything at this point.
This attack is followed up almost immediately with the message, but this can be iframed.

Notice: Outer area verified

Blasts his ranged surrounding in Donut AoE.
Cannot be blocked, but can be iframed. Inflicts bleed debuff that CANNOT be cleansed.
This attack has a bit of delay unlike the Circle AoE.

Hard Mode: Heat Detection Protocol: Initiating

With the Blue message, there will be red message at the same time saying one of the following:

Protocol Activated: Melee Combatant Detection: Move away, around 10 meters, because the AoE will be near the boss. (Callout for party can be “Out”)
Protocol Activated: Ranged Combatant Detection: Move towards the boss, within 7 meters, because the AoE will be an outer circle. (Callout for party can be “In”)
Protocol Activated: Multi-range/Full-range Combatant Detection: Move back and iframe forward, seen this on many bosses in the game before. (Multi-range in EU, Full-range in NA – Callout for party can be “Wave”)

These messages will appear during the fight. The first message will appear but the boss won’t do anything– you must memorize what it was. To make this easy, just remember the key word (Melee, Ranged, or Multi-range/Full-range). Then, the second time you see the message, the boss will initiate the mechanic, and you must act based on the two key words you saw in order.

The first time he will call out a mechanic it will not happen immediately but the after that whenever he calls it out, the mechanic will proc. It will always be a combination of 2 of them, so for example Multi-range/Full-range first and then Melee. So this would mean that you have to iframe the Wave first and then move away from the boss afterwards because the inner AoE is coming.

After the first time he does the mechanic he will only call out 1 of the keywords. The first one he does will always be the last one from the previous time he did the mechanic. In our previous example if he were to call out Ranged, it would become Melee into Ranged (Out then In). The only exception to this rule is in Extreme Mode which will be explained below.

Extreme Mode: In Extreme mode the boss will have a Red or Green triangle surrounding him.

When this triangle is Green that means it will be the same as in Hard Mode. When this triangle is Red the order of the mechanic will be reversed. So he will do the New mechanic First and the Previous mechanic Second. This color swaps will also be called out by the boss in message saying System Parameter Reverse: 1 or System Parameter Reverse: 0 Where 1 stands for Green (normal) and 0 Stands for Red (reverse).

Extreme Mode:

Extreme mode activates only during the first Shield phase at 95% HP. There will be some devices spawning around the map (if the entrance is at 6 o’clock, the devices are spawned around 2, 5, 7, 10, and 12). This can vary based on the positioning, but in general cases, it is recommeneded to have Healer/Tank take the devices near the entrance (5 / 7) and DPS (or second healer if any) take the other three located on the north side of the map (10/ 12/ 2).

Extreme Mode and Hard Mode aren’t all that different, the differences are the following:
– More HP and more damage
– Red and Green mechanic on Heat Detection Protocol: Initiating.
– 10 minutes timer after breaking 95% shield.

Tip: The boss automatically enrages after breaking the 95% shield. So no need to manually enrage the boss at start.


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  2. Anyone know how many hp have the shield? (dps neccesary to break it)

  3. With the S-Bomb mechanic diagram, it might be helpful to note that you’re showing the front of the boss. Grey blob silhouette is a bit hard to make out xD Or maybe show tank/dps positioning along with it. Thank you for such an in-depth guide as always!

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