In an effort to disband the Archdeva imperial army, the allied forces sends out a scouting party to the Dimensional Rift only to find the secret laboratory where the Demokrons were being empowered.

Sabex Armory is a basic leveling dungeon on your way to 65, that will help you earn skill glyph upgrades and a gear upgrade.

Level Requirement: 60
Item Level: 322
Format: 5-man


  • Khirian Glyph Box and Vanguard’s Glyph Crate
  • Emina Gear and Jewelry
  • Titan’s Ember
  • Titan’s Ease

First Boss: Thoxtia


Thoxtia, an elephantine crab beast, is the first boss lurking in the Sabex Armory. Using your fighting skill you’ll soon turn this critter into crab chowder! Watch your step to avoid the spikey traps on the ground.

Pathway #1: Long Hall

In the following section you’ll be able to slip past your opponents unseen if you choose the path over bridges and stairs.. But beware! The monsters you spare here will rush to the aid of your next opponent (Armory Golem). Think hard about whether you shouldn’t take them out sooner. One thing is for certain: none of these monsters should live to tell the tale!


Second Boss: Thrombfist


In the next large room you’ll meet the third boss, Thrombfist. He is summoned by the Sabex Arcanist and bears down on his attackers with powerful claw attacks. Evade the heavy blows and other attacks and ensure that Thrombfist doesn’t get a chance to live up to his name.

When the blood ritual starts, break all the crystals to prevent damage to your health!

Third Boss: Dermestida


For anyone’s that has done the dungeon Rift’s Edge in the past, this boss may look familliar to Vesporax.  Dermestida is another specimen of the giant hornet species and uses stinging attacks and bee swarms as her main weapons. Quickly get out of the way of her poison attacks – or make sure you’ve got some sting relief spray to hand! She will summon friends and use AoE attacks, so be careful!


Final Boss: Thoxtia

After defeating the Armory Golem once and for all, you’ll arrive at the instance’s final boss. In the final battle you must pass the test against Yateveo, Yativio’s older brother, another monster from Rift’s Edge. His attack patterns are also very similar, with lots of 360 degree spins and poison spins in front of him.

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