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This guide covers content that is no longer in the game.

Long ago, the federation’s fleet run aground near the Jagged Coast. It was infested by BAMs and your help was needed to collect the loot. Everyone thought that the wreck was stripped of anything valuable, they were wrong. A tresure hunter boarded the wrecks and found something new, but the spirits of Barbosa and his crew soon ended his life. Will you set foot on the Shattered Fleet once again, to put rest to these ruthless BAMs?

When entering the dungeon, you must climb up to the shipwreck, jumping down starts off the first boss battle. There are 3 boss battles which have adds. There is a boon buff which buffs the party members, this gives HP and MP regen and a free resurrection to fallen members, this applies after awhile during fights. This occurs up to 3 times in one boss battle.

Level Requirement: 65
Item Level: 187
Format: 5-man
Release Date: July 2015


  • Cosmoshard
  • Accessories: Tic Earring and Time Necklace
  • Tier 6 and Tier 7 Feedstock
  • Inferno Ore
  • Rageblade Shard and Fragment
  • Titan’s Ember and Ease
  • Crystal Box
  • Brooches
  • Ancient Wish
  • Master Enigmatic Scroll
  • Masterwork Alkahest
  • Design: Inferno Metal
  • Design: Heaven’s Elixir
  • Recipe: Onslaught Scroll Tier XII
  • Design: Brooches
  • Etching Design: Tier III
Vanguard Rewards:
  • 30 Noctenium Infusion
  • 45 Vanguard Credits
  • 50 Gold
  • 60 Tier 6 Feedstock


Approach the sailor crying for help to spring the trap!

First Boss: Mulmok


Tanking Tip:

Normal tank and spank boss. You should aim to keep the boss tanked in a corner at the back to avoid barrels.


Attack Patterns: Mulmok is an enlarged Gula monster with basic and easy readable attack patterns consisting of jumps, swings, and spins. The boss will also spawn waves of monsters.

Powder Monkey: During the fight, Powder Monkey will spawn (90%), he will summon self destructing barrels on the field every 15 seconds. Standing near one will cause very high damage and knockdown. Powder Monkey will disappear and re-appear to spawn more barrels. He will announce a players name (“Prepare to meet your maker, (Player)!“) and strike that player, knocking them back.


Minions: When Mulmok’s HP reaches 80%, 60%, 40% and 20%, minions will spawn. These must be killed within 30 seconds, otherwise they’ll flock and be absorbed by Mulmok, healing him by 2%.

Enraged Mulmok: When Mulmok’s HP reaches 75%, 50% and 25%, he’ll receive a buff which makes him stronger for the rest of the fight. Killing the Powder Monkey also applies this buff.

Pathway #1

To get to the second boss, you must jump onto crates and cross the bridge.

Second Boss: Fina


Tanking Tips:

Tanking this boss in a corner makes DPSing easier as your party will only need to deal with one Dangerous Device.


Attack patterns: Similar to Hermit Crab BAMs, this boss has several attacks such as slicing and walking sideways. There will be waves of smaller crabs.

Sleep and Stagger: Like other crab-like bosses and BAMs, Fina has the ability to cast an AoE sleep skill around her. She will stand tall on her legs, flash her eyes red, then retract and excrete a sleeping gas.

She will also spawn little crabs which can become annoying due to their staggering attacks.


Dangerous Devices: There will be 3 devices around the field when Fina reaches 90% HP. The devices, by default, are under the control of Fina and are positioned so that each one roughly covers a third of the room.

When under the control of Fina, they project a Corrupted Aura which aids her. Fina will receive a Power/Defense Bonus, which stacks up to 10 times, for every 3 seconds she is inside a devices’s Corrupted Aura (which is marked on the ground by a orange circle). Your DPS must kill the totem and break Fina’s control, the totem will then become blue and project a Purified Aura. It will no longer aid Fina and her buff will run out after 15 seconds.

When the totem projects a Purified Aura, it will begin to aid players inside its purified area. Players will receive a Power/Defense Bonus. which stacks up to 10 times, for every 3 seconds they are inside a totem’s Purified Aura (which is marked on the ground by a blue circle)

After 60 seconds, Fina will walk towards the center and regain control of any totems.

Pathway #2

To get to the third (final) boss, you must jump off Fina’s shipwreck into the sea and swim to the other wreckage and climb aboard.

Last Boss: Barbosa


Tanking Tips:

This boss is a normal tank and spank boss, he will move around a lot so be aware.


Attack patterns: Similar to Vulcan bosses, like Alliance Vault. He will jump, slam the ground and throw fireballs at you.

Rage: Barbosa will begin to roar and rage, displaying immense power before slamming the ground with a deadly frontal hit.


Sea Disease: During the fight the message “The sea gives up it’s dead” appears and a player will be chosen at random. Four sorcerers will spawn at the edges of the field and fire Arcane Pulses at the chosen player. Be careful as these pulses hit high static damage towards the chosen player and can kill you if you take too many to the face. You must kill all four to proceed as the boss will be immune to damage.


Enraged Barbosa: Barbosa will begin to summon the darkness (“Darkness, I summon you,/span>”), you must stun him and interrupt his summon or else he will become stronger for a set duration of time.

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