This guide is now considered legacy content and will not be updated further as the dungeon has been removed from PC.

Level Requirement: 65
Item Level: 417
Format: 5-man

Hard Mode Drops:

  • High Manor Rings
  • Superior Cleansing Brooch
  • VM8 Design
  • VM8 Material: Eau d’Fascination
  • VM7 Material: Vengeance Versa, Vernal Bark
  • Imperator Belt
  • Lachelith’s Treasure Chest
  • Dyad Niveot Structure
  • Tier 10 Feedstock
Vanguard Rewards (Hard):
    • VG Credit


    • Tier 10 Feedstock


    • Gold


Pathway #1

Before fighting the boss, you must first clear waves of monsters which spawn. The wave lasts a total of 6 minutes. Your tank should make his or her way to the corner of the room, so when the adds spawn they make their way to the corner for an easier battle.

The monsters will be a mixture of demokrons. Throughout the waves Hulking Salcatas will spawn, which have more HP and can deal a fair amount of damage. They will be your main focus throughout and will continuously spawn. At 2 minutes in, 3 archers will spawn (Bloodwrath reinforcements appear!), these are easy to DPS – Just note that they are long range. At 4 minutes in, a priest and warrior will spawn (Bloodwrath reinforcements appear!) – your DPS should focus the priest as she can heal the other monsters. If you fail to kill all the monsters after 6 minutes, the remaining monsters will be shielded and attack you until Putrion is dead.

Hard Mode: The demokrons cannot be knocked down, although they can still be stunned. Instead of 3 Archers, there will be 5 and instead of a Warrior and Priest, there are 2 Warriors and a Priest. During the entire duration of the monster phase, Perimos will be firing lasers at random players, notified by “Perimos is gathering power for an attack!” This does not follow players and is indicated by the purple secondary aggro circle. The tank should tank the mobs near Perimos, to make dodging lasers easier.

First Boss: Putrion

Tanking Tip: The tank should attempt to position the boss far from the gate, as certain attacks may cause Putrion to charge through the gate and reset.

Putrion is considered a Normal monster. Archers should use Eagle’s Eye and other DPS can use a Backbiting crystal in addition with Bitter and Savage crystals.

Mechanics: – This boss has the exact same mechanics as Chimaerus the Mutilated in Macellarius Catacombs.

Slash: Putrion will rise into the air and slash the ground in an AoE arc formation, 15m in front of him. You can either stay far away or very close to avoid being hit. If hit, you will be receive damage and a stun effect. This can be cleansed. If stunned, Putrion will focus his next attack on you.

Stun: Putrion will reveal a large red circle around him, indicating his next attack. If caught, you will receive damage and a stun effect. This can be cleansed. If stunned, Putrion will focus his next attack on you.

Charge: Putrion will charge at a player, noticeable by the purple ring, dealing damage by trampling over them.

Barrage: Putrion will fly into the air and thrust forward after a short period, dealing frontal damage.

Pathway #2

A pathway with normal monsters and three Hulking Salcatas. You must kill all the monsters to proceed.

Second Boss: Perimos

Tanking Tip:
All players should attempt to stay in the middle of the room, to avoid the boss moving around too far for certain mechanics.


Aeonalis Pylons: “Perimos is trying to destroy an aeonalis pylon!” will be announced and Perimos will move to the center of the room and focus one of the stones located on the outer edge of the room. There are 8 in total, the boss will attempt to destroy these stones with a laser. You and your party must stand inside the lasers range to decrease the damage these pylons receive. You will receive damage and a DoT debuff; your healer must cleanse and heal the party. If you fail to shield the stones and if all 6 break, your party will wipe. This laser is a purple color and is not to be confused with the boss’s normal laser attack.

Tips: The more people shielding the stones and taking the laser will reduce the amount of damage each player takes. Mystic Thralls, Warrior’s Smoke Aggressor and Gunner’s turret ST-4 will count as a body. Shielding skills, such as Kaia’s Shield and Mana Barrier will soak up some of the damage (Warding Scrolls work too). Skills such as Command: Recall and Warp Barrier will absorb the damage. Blocking will not soak up any damage, however.

He’ll only do one purple laser at a time from 100% to 70% every 50 seconds. He’ll then proceed to do 2 consecutive purple lasers from 69% to 30% every 50 seconds. After 30%, Perimos will do two consecutive red lasers instead of one. The second one is aimed at the furthest player. Lasers will do 70,000 flat damage instead.

Laser: Perimos will attempt to laser a player, indicated by the purple ring, you must avoid this deadly attack. This laser is orange/yellow in color and is not to be confused with Aeonalis Pylons laser. However, you should move out of the way of any Aeonalis Pylons (do not stand between the boss and a stone if the laser is on you) as this laser can also damage the stones. This occurs when Perimos says “Small things… So bothersome… I’ll kill…“. You should iframe this laser as it cannot be blocked.

Blast Wave: Perimos will use to inner energy to deal a wave of damage in a cone/arc formation. He’ll say “Get back!

Dislocated Swipe: Perimos will remove his arm and use it as a weapon. He’ll swipe it side to side four times whilst moving forward.

Dislocated Slam: Perimos will remove his arm and use it as a weapon. He’ll slam against the ground and then proceed to slam it further into the ground four times. The third one can hit players directly behind him while the fourth one does significantly higher damage.

Web: Perimos will crouch and spawn webs on the floor around him. These webs will damage and debuff players with a heavy movement speed decrease. This can be cleansed.

Central Slam: If Perimos moves too far from the middle, he’ll slam his arm into the ground and jump towards the middle causing fatal damage to anyone near the middle. He will then proceed to attempt to destroy an aeonalis pylon with the purple laser.

Hard Mode: Instead of jumping towards the middle, Perimos will shout “Pylons… So very fragile…” and destroy a pylon with either a Dislocated Swipe or a Web.

After defeating Perimos, collect your loot and take the teleportal to the Sky Cruiser Deck.

Final Boss: Darkan

Tanking Tip:
The tank should aim to fight the boss in the middle, so mechanics such as DoT circles can be placed on the sides.


Basic Combos – Darkan will repeatedly use these combos throughout the fight:

  1. If Darkan attacks with his left sword (rear view/DPS view) first, he will proceed 2 consecutive normal attacks and then a Fire Wing.
  2. If Darkan attacks with his right sword (rear view/DPS view) first, he will proceed with doing a normal attack with his left sword, do a Fire Swipe backwards, then do a Empowered Strike
  3. If Darkan attacks with 2 consecutive Empowered Strikes, he will proceed with 2 Fire Swipe backwards and then a Fire Charge forwards.

Empowered Darkan: At 90%, Darkan will receive a shield effect and disappear. He’ll reappear with wings and an empowered figure. During the first stage, his mechanics are limited to Basic Combo 1 and 2. More complex mechanics occur when Darkan empowers.

Fire Bleeding: Certain attacks will apply a debuff that ticks for a percentage of a player’s maximum HP. This debuff cannot be cleansed.

Fire Slam: Darkan will twirl into the air, your party must get at least 18m away from Darkan as he will proceed to slam the ground, causing fatal damage up to 18m. You will not get a message announcement, so it is important to learn the animation for this mechanic (Darkan will twirl as he rises). Darkan can cast this multiple times in a row, and he will usually precede this with a Backstep.

Fire Circles: Darkan will sheath his swords and rise into the air. Your party should run to the edges as Darkan will place DoT circles on each player. DoT circles do 30,000 damage per tick. You should attempt to avoid being hit by escaping just before the circles take root to avoid damage.

Rings of Fire: Darkan will rise into the air and create a circle cage. You must enter, anyone out of this cage will die when Darkan lands. The cage will split into 3 sections, inner, mid and outer. One section will randomly become a danger zone (noticeable by red indicator), avoid this zone. This occurs 3 times before Darkan slams the ground, breaking the cage and dealing fatal damage to players outside (cannot be iframed, although you can use non-standard iframes such as Breakaway Bolt to survive).


Hard Mode: After the first Ghost phase, the rings will occur 4 times being Darkan slams the ground. In addition, 2 rings can be active at once.

Note: Sometimes the cage will bug and not appear. Players should learn the differences in the animations between Rings of Fire and Fire Circles (the latter has Darkan sheathing his swords) to avoid being confused when it does occur.

Darkan’s Servants: At 75% and 50% HP, Darkan will say “The fire will consume you!“, then disappear and the room will turn red. A ghost will spawn, choose the player with the highest aggro, say “(Player), you’ll die…” and proceed to chase and attack him/her with flat damage of 30,000 per hit until it dies. Once it spawns, healers should use a heal to generate aggro and proceed to kite the ghost. If you do not kill it within the time limit, the party will take fatal damage and die.

The 50% Minion phase will have 2 Minion’s instead of 1. Your team must be cooperative and CC (Stun/Slow) both minions as each hit is 50,000 flat damage in Hard Mode. Your healer should aggro them both with a heal and cast Ishara’s Lullaby or Sonorous Dreams on one ghost. Once the other ghost is stacked on top of the slept ghost, your team should begin to use their CC on the ghosts. These ghosts will enrage after 30%, although they can be force-enraged

Sword Throw: The boss will throw his swords and pull them back, leaving the ground scorched for a few seconds. Standing on the burning ground will inflict damage. The initial throw will not apply the debuff, although getting hit by the pull back will apply fire bleeding effect. If a healer casts Resurrect, Darkan will shout “Your time is running out!” and throw his swords at the healer.

Scream: Darkan will throw his swords into the ground and scream, applying a cleanseable debuff that deals damage over time and silences players. This can be blocked, although the attack will still deal damage. Healers can cast their cleanse right before the silence is applied to cleanse party members immediately.

Fire Charge: Darkan will spin and charge towards a player, causing damage. You will not be pushed. This is always used after a double Fire Swipe.

Fire Swipe: Darkan will proceed a 180 degree clockwise swipe, dealing damage to targets behind him. Applies fire bleeding effect. He will do one Fire Swipe after 2 consecutive regular attacks, if he starts with his Right (rear view) sword. He will always do two Fire Swipes after 2 consecutive Empowered Strikes.

Empowered Strike: Darkan will empower his weapon, slam the ground, and then strike with enormous power, dealing massive damage and applying the fire bleeding debuff. As the tank, this attack will fit into his regular attack combos, however as a DPS and Healer, this attack is noticeable by the purple secondary aggro ring.

Fire Wing: This mechanic is important to master. Darkan will slam the ground with his swords often. If Darkan sword slams (his regular auto attack) with his Left sword (rear view), he will continue to slam the ground another 2 times then he will proceed with the Fire Wing.

This mechanic will push you the edge of the map and applies fire bleeding effect. To avoid getting hit you must pay attention to his swords. The 4th/final slam onto the ground determines the direction of the Fire Wing. Darkan can fire left or right and the direction is determined by which sword (left or right) is used for the 4th slam. The sword used will appear more fiery and will be against the ground, with the other sword will be in the air. Darkan also will stay in this position for a short period before unleashing the Wave.

  • If the left sword is fiery and against the ground (and the right sword in the air), then he will use his right wing and proceed the attack in the right direction.
  • If the right sword is fiery and against the ground (and the left sword in the air), then he will use his left wing and proceed the attack in the left direction.

Dodge This!: He will also do 3 consecutive Fire Wing without doing 4 consecutive slams. Each Wing is individual and may be left or right so it is important to pay attention to his swords. Darkan will say I!” and proceed the first Fire Wing, then “Will!” and do the second, then finally “Obliterate you!” and then do the third.

Enraged Darkan: Once Darkan passes 25% HP, he will shout “I’ll show you true power!” He will enrage and deal more damage. This begins a three minute timer. Once the time limit passes, your party will wipe. During this period, he will be limited to only Basic Combos, Fire Wings, secondary aggro Empowered Strikes, and Sword Throws.

Hard Mode Only – At 94%, a fiery area will appear on the left and right of the room. At 54% and 25%, this area grows larger. Moving or getting pushed into these areas will instantly kill players. These players cannot be revived with a Priest or Mystic Resurrection, but they can use a Goddess’s Blessing to walk out safely.


  1. Could we get gifs with the attacks, like those in the guide for FI?

  2. SWORD THROW: ” Applies fire bleeding effect on the initial throw. The initial throw will not apply the debuff, ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~although getting hit by the pull back will apply fire bleeding effect.

    The pull back is the one which applies debuff right? 🙂 I was like o.o when I read it before. Hehehe

  3. Is it possible to make it up to 3x lasers in order to destroy the pylon? I have tried using ST-4 on my Gunner as part of tanking the laser and I think it significantly decreased the damage that the pylon have received. Please confirm this one, thanks!!!!

  4. Can we get the loot pool for schm updated ? 😀
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