This guide is oriented towards new players seeking to get a hold of and understand the fundamentals of Slayer. Here you will be introduced to example pieces of gear and see the stats, etchings, accessories, and crystals that are necessary to succeed as a Slayer in end game five man instances. You will also be introduced to the skills in a Slayer’s kit, how to use them, and given a good idea of how to begin putting together effective damage chains. This guide aims to educate players on the fundamentals of the Slayer class and to provide proper footing for learning to play more effectively.


This guide is pretty much up to date. It’s by no means min/maxed, but it will get you started. My future with Tera is uncertain, so I’ve gotten kinda lazy. Forgive me. 


Essential Stat – These stats are essential.
Situational Stat – These stats are good
Useless Stat – Currently these stats are useless.
Will Do Stat – These will do, but there’s a better alternative.


Increases damage by 9.3% when attacking enraged monsters.

Increases damage by 6%.
Decreases skill cooldowns by 7.2%.
Increases damage by 6.9% when attacking from behind.
Increases damage by 9.3% when attacking enraged monsters.


This set of rolls focuses on high damage and rotation management. Double Enrage will yield the best damage as long as the fight is short and Enrage up times are high.

Decreases skill cooldowns by 7.2%.

Increases damage by 6%.
Decreases skill cooldowns by 7.2%.
Increases damage by 6.9% when attacking from behind.
Increases damage by 9.3% when attacking enraged monsters.


This set of rolls will be better for longer fights that do not have a lot of Enrage up time. The double CDR will tighten your rotation and utilize your weapon rolls better.

Decreases skill cooldowns by 7.2%.

Increases damage by 6%.
Increases damage by 6.9% when attacking from behind.
Increases damage by 9.3% when attacking enraged monsters.


These rolls will be useful if you are below the FrostMetal set. You can switch the top CDR line for Enrage Damage, but I would recommend CDR if you do not have a group that can provide consistent Enrage up times. If you are doing instances that last a long time and have low Enrage up times, then the Enrage stat will not be useful to you.


Weapon Top Rolls
Increases damage by 9.3% when attacking enraged monsters.
Decreases skill cooldowns by 7.2%
Increases Attack Speed by 9%.
Increases Crit Factor by 18.
Weapon Main Rolls
Increases damage by 6%.
Increases damage by 6.9% when attacking from behind.
Increases damage by 9.3% when attacking enraged monsters.
Decreases skill cooldowns by 7.2%.
Increases Attack Speed by 4.5%.
Increases Crit Factor by 14.
Increases Crit Power by 0.3.
Increases damage by 6.9% when attacking knocked-down targets.
Increases damage by 8.6% to the target with the most aggro toward you.
Replenishes 0.6% of total MP instantly when you use a skill.
50% chance to replenish MP when combat starts.



Increases damage of Overhand Strike by 10%.

Decreases damage taken from frontal attacks by 6.9%.
Decreases damage from enraged monsters by 10%.
Decreases damage taken by 6%.
Raises Max HP by 8%.

Chest Stat Rolls
Increases damage of Overhand Strike by 10%.
Increases damage of Whirlwind by 10%.
[Ignore all other chest stat rolls.]
Chest Main Rolls
Decreases damage taken by 6%.
Decreases damage taken from frontal attacks by 6.9%.
Decreases damage from enraged monsters by 10%.
Raises max HP by 8%.
Healing skills affecting you increase by 6%.
Recovers 1.2% of total HP every 5 seconds.
Recovers 0.4% of total HP when skill hits target.
Decreases damage by 8.7% from the monster with the most aggro toward you.
30% chance to recover HP when combat start.
Reflects 7.2% of damage to the attacker.



Increases Crit Factor by 9.
Increases Power by 5.
Increases Attack Speed by 2.25%.

Glove Rolls
Increases Crit Factor by 9.
Increases Power by 5.
Increases Attack Speed by 2.25%.
Replenishes 1% of total MP every 5 seconds.
Replenishes 0.2% of total HP when skill hits target.
Increases Endurance by 4.



Increases Movement Speed by 6%.
Increases Endurance by 4.
Replenishes 1% of total MP every 5 seconds.

Boot Rolls
Increases Movement Speed by 6%.
Increases Endurance by 4.
Replenishes 1% of total MP every 5 seconds.
Increases resistance to knockdown and stagger from boss attacks by 35%.
Recovers 0.6% of total HP every 5 seconds.
Decreases duration of slowing effects by 24.0%.
Increases Balance Factor by 10.


 Energetic etchings for weapon and gloves.

Increases Attack Speed by 5% and decreases skill cooldowns by 3%.

Increases Attack Speed by 4% and decreases skill cooldowns by 2.5%.

Get Endurance etchings for armor and boots.

Increases Endurance by 10.
Increases Endurance by 8.



With Accessories having the Rezied Keytrap sets will lend you 8 more Crit Factor if you do not use the necklace. If you do use the necklace, you get an equivalent amount of Crit Factor as with a Daylight set and 4% Attack Speed. If you do not have or cannot get these accessories, then go with a full Daylight set.

 Resized Keytrap Ring
 Resized Keytrap Ring
Stats are listed by priority. Highest priority stats are highlighted.
Increase Power by 4
Increase Crit Factor by 4

Increase Power by 2
Increase Crit Factor by 2
Increase Power by 1
Increase Crit Factor by 1
 Daylight / Entropy Earring
 Daylight / Entropy Earring
Stats are listed by priority. Highest priority stats are highlighted.
Increase Max HP by 4%
Increase Endurance by 4
Increase Max HP by 2%
Increase Endurance by 2
Increase Max HP by 1%
Increase Endurance by 1

 Resized Keytrap Necklace

Stats are listed by priority. Highest priority stats are highlighted.
Increase Power by 4
Increase Crit Factor by 4
Increase Power by 2
Increase Crit Factor by 2
Increase Power by 1
Increase Crit Factor by 1

 Quatrefoil Brooch

30 Crit factor, 30 Power, 12% Attack Speed, and a Cleanse on activation. This is the best brooch, but it is expensive.

Increase Crit Factor by 6
Increase Crit Factor by 4
Increases Power by 3

Quickcarve Brooch

Quickcarve Brooch is the alternative to a Quatrefoil Brooch. When activated Quickcarve Brooch increases Crit Factor by 50 and Attack Speed by 12% for 15 seconds.

NOTE: Quickcarve Brooch CANNOT roll Power.
Increase Crit Factor by 6
Increase Crit Factor by 4

Crit Factor Innerwear

Increases Crit Factor by 24
Increase Crit Factor by 20
Increase Crit Factor by 16
Match your Belt to your gear set.
Increase Crit Factor by 6
Increase Crit Factor by 4
Increases Power by 3
Increases Power by 2



Backcrit Crystals

+ or
Fine Bitter Niveot
Fine Savage Niveot
Fine Focused Niveot
Fine Pounding Niveot
Fine Carving Niveot


TIP! Switch Pounding for Carving when you have low Crit Factor. Dyads: Dyads will be important later for damage and MP management. To learn more: Click Here.


4 Fine Hardy Niveots


4 Pristine Keen Vyrsks

Skills & Glyphs

Glyph Usefulness
Essential Glyph – You will always use these glyphs.
Situational Glyph – Sometimes these glyphs will be useful.
Useless – These glyphs are never helpful.

Glyph Rarity
Regular Glyph
Uncommon Glyph
Rare Glyph

Combo Attack

Strike one or more targets in front of you and gain MP with each hit. Successive strikes do more damage, up to four hits, with the fourth hit dealing substantially more.

Tips for this skill:

Combo Attack provides MP return and an attack speed buff to Whirlwind on the 4th hit within a 10 second time frame for each stack. Try to weave this skill into your rotation when you feel tight on mana.
[5] Glyph of the Swift – 10% chance to increase attack speed by 15% for 10 seconds.
[4] Glyph of Power – Increases skill damage by 25%.
[4] Glyph of Spirit – Increases MP replenishment by 10%.
[4] Glyph of the Swift10% chance to increase attack speed by 15% for 10 seconds.

Knockdown Strike

Bowl your enemy over with a mighty swing of your sword.

Tips for this skill:

Knockdown Strike while in animation makes you immune to knockdowns and staggers. It moves you forward six to seven meters and has a chance to knockdown.

[5] Glyph of Power – Increases skill damage by 25%.
[3] Glyph of Powerlink – Increases damage of Whirlwind by 25% for 8 seconds.
[3] Glyph of Powerlink – Increases damage of Overhand Strike by 20% for 6 seconds.
[5] Glyph of Strength – Increases chance of knockdown and stagger by 20%.
[4] Glyph of PowerIncreases skill damage by 25%.
[4] Glyph of Power Increases skill damage by 30%.


Spin with your sword, hitting targets within 3m.

Tips for this skill:

Whirlwind is a two part attack; the first swing of the sword does less damage than the second, and Overpower will only affect the first swing that lands damage. This a good skill to use after Headlong Rush. Evasive Roll can cancel this skill at any point in the animation. While in animation your character is immune to knockdowns and staggers.

[4] Glyph of Brilliance – Reduces MP costs by 63.
[5] Glyph of Carving Triples Crit Factor.
[4] Glyph of CarvingTriples Crit Factor.

Evasive Roll

Dodge your enemy’s attack.

Tips for this skill:

Evasive roll is your prime I-frame and repositioning skill. You can cast this skill twice, after your first Evasive Roll you will gain a buff for 4 seconds that will allow you to roll again before the skill goes on cooldown. If this buff is not used then the skill will not go on cooldown. Use Evasive Roll to reposition or keep yourself alive – which you use it for will usually depend on your familiarity with a dungeon.

[4] Glyph of Fleetfoot – 30% chance to increase combat Movement Speed by 15% for 10 seconds.
[4] Glyph of Persistence – 20% chance to eliminate cooldown.
[4] Glyph of Powerlink – Increases damage of Fury Strike by 25% for 5 seconds.
[4] Glyph of PowerlinkIncreases damage of Backstab by 25% for 5 seconds.
[3] Glyph of Fleetfoot30% chance to increase combat Movement Speed by 15% for 10 seconds.


Increase your speed by 50% for 15 sec.

Tips for this skill:

Use Dash when you can, but remember to use it in moments when you need to move.

[4] Glyph of Energy – Decreases cooldown by 25%.


Rush 10m and make a lethal thrust to your target’s back. The target is immobilized. Ends if target is knocked down.

Tips for this skill:

Backstab puts your character directly behind the boss and adjusts the camera for you. Use this skil to reposition if you find yourself in front of the boss or generally too far away to walk or Evasive Roll into position.

[5] Glyph of Energy – Decreases cooldown by 15%
[4] Glyph of Blaze – Speeds casting of Heart Thrust by 25% for a few seconds.
[4] Glyph of Blaze – Speeds casting of Knockdown Strike by 25% for a few seconds.
[3] Glyph of BlazeSpeeds casting of Heart Thrust by 35% for a few seconds.
[5] Glyph of EnergyDecreases cooldown by 20%.

Triumphant Shout

Instantly restore 200 MP. Your MP doesn’t decay for 20sec.

Tips for this skill:

Use this to get some MP back. Using this prevents mana decay.

[3] Glyph of Spirit – Increases MP replenishment by 50%.
[3] Glyph of Energy – Decreases cooldown by 20%
[5] Glyph of Grounding – Increases Endurance by 20% for 10 seconds.

Overhand Strike

Swing downward for a massive blow. Skill activated faster if you first use Whirlwind, Knockdown Strike, Leaping Strike, Stunning Backhand, Heart Thrust, Startling Kick, or the fourth consecutive hit with Combo Attack.

Tips for this skill:

This skill chains from almost everything, has a low cooldown and a reset glyph, so you’ll be using it VERY frequently.

[5] Glyph of Persistence – 50% chance to reset cooldown.
[5] Glyph of Restoration – Immediately restores 3% HP.
[4] Glyph of Persistence50% chance to reset cooldown.
[4] Glyph of Restoration Immediately restores 3% HP
[4] Glyph of Persistence60% chance to eliminate cooldown.

Leaping Strike

Jump at your foe and smash downwards. Knocked-down foes take 5x damage once you learn Merciless Leap.

Tips for this skill:

Leaping Strike moves your character 10 meters, so the skill works as an escape. Leaping Strike also serves are a good gap closer if distance is made between you and the boss because it chains into Overhand and will let you reposition.

[4] Glyph of Brilliance – Reduces MP cost by 50.


Leap to your feet while attacking your target. you can use this skill only when knocked down.

Tips for this skill:

You get knocked down, this skill gets you back up. Every class has it. Retaliate gives you a two second immunity to knock downs, stuns, and staggers. It has a chance to knock down enemies.
[3] Glyph of Power – Increases skill damage by 25%.
[5] Glyph of Powerlink – Increases damage of Leaping Strike by 25% for 6 seconds.
[4] Glyph of Energy – Decreases cooldown by 20%.

Heart Thrust

Step forward, attacking your target’s vulnerable spots.

Tips for this skill:

Regularly landing Heart Thrust is essential to Slayer DPS. In PVE, bosses are fairly easy to hit, but you might need to practice hitting smaller mobs due to the awkward hit box. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE! While in animation Heart Thrust makes you immune to knockdowns and staggers.

[5] Glyph of Power – Increases skill damage by 25%
[4] Glyph of PowerIncrease skill damage by 30%.
[4] Glyph of Persistence – 35% chance to eliminate cooldown.
[5] Glyph of CarvingTriples Crit Factor.

Stunning Backhand

Swing your sword around, briefly stunning your foe.

Tips for this skill:

The skill hits in a 180 degree arc. There is a long animation lock at the end of this skill if you do not quickly use Overhand or Evasive Roll. This skill is your shorter stun.

[4] Glyph of Power – Increases skill damage by 25%
[3] Glyph of Power Increases skill damage by 25%.

Distant Blade

Strike a target within 15m with a magic extension of your sword. Repeat the attack up to 3 times.

Tips for this skill:

Every cast of this skill will move you slightly forward. The third hit on Distant Blade does have an animation lock, so don’t be afraid to neglect it.

[4] Glyph of Brilliance – Reduces MP cost by 18.
[6] Glyph of Numbing – 20% change to decrease opponent’s attack speed by 15% for 5 seconds.
[5] Glyph of Numbing30% chance to decrease opponent’s attack speed by 15% for 5 seconds.

Startling Kick

Briefly stun your target with a kick, then leap backwards.

Tips for this skill:

Startling Kick creates a gap between you and the enemy, so you can use it to avoid some close range attacks. This skill is your longer stun.

[4] Glyph of Brilliance – Reduces MP cost by 30.
[4] Glyph of Lingering – Increases effect duration by 30%.
[4] Glyph of Blaze – Speeds casting of Knockdown Strike by 25% for 10 seconds.
[4] Glyph of Blaze – Speed casting of Heart Thrust by 25% for 5 seconds.
[3] Glyph of BlazeSpeed casting of Heart Thrust by 25% for 5 seconds.
[3] Glyph of SwiftIncreases attack speed of Startling Kick by 25%.

Fury Strike

Slash your sword in front of you; the lower your HP, the greater the damage

Tips for this skill:

Although Fury Strike’s base damage is high, you do not get all of it upfront. Instead, the lower your HP is, the more damage it does. The skill moves you forward, and the MP cost is very high. Get in the habit of using this skill when your health is low.

[5] Glyph of Power – Increases skill damage by 25%
[4] Glyph of Blaze – Speed casting of Whirlwind by 25% for 5 seconds.
[4] Glyph of Restoration – Immediately restores 4% of total HP when you follow up with Stunning Backhand.
[4] Glyph of Power – Increases skill damage by 25%.
[3] Glyph of PowerIncreases skill damage by 40%.

Headlong Rush

Charge forward, increasing the speed of your next attack within 10 seconds by 50%. Effect ends after 10 seconds or when you hit a target.

Tips for this skill:

After using Headlong Rush the very next skill you use gets the 50% speed boost regardless of what it is. Headlong Rush works as a gab closer or a gap creator. If you are too close to the boss or inside of the boss’ model, you can collide with it and go nowhere when trying to escape using this skill. To remedy this, take a few steps away from whatever you are charging from and aim your camera downward in the direction you wish to run. You can also use colliding with the boss in your favor to speed up a skill.

Headlong rush is a skill that can quicken almost anything used after it. Some examples are:

  • Headlong Rush into Whirlwind.
  • Headlong Rush into a Resurrection Scroll (or any other consumable)
  • Practice and you’ll be surprised what you can do with this skill.
[5] Glyph of Energy – Decreases cooldown by 25%.
[4] Glyph of PowerlinkIncreases damage of Knockdown Strike by 25% for 5 seconds.


Gather your might for a decisive blow. Your next attack within 20sec does 33% extra damage.

Tips for this skill:

Overpower’s buff lasts 20 seconds while its cooldown is only 8 seconds. This means you can use the buff before engaging the boss and afford yourself a free Overpower. You’ll Overpower Heart Thrust or Eviscerate. One last note about Overpower is that the skill only fades after damage is dealt which means you can slam skills on a shield and as long as the damage is absorbed you will keep the Overpower buff. Overpower isn’t used as often in this patch because of the cooldown changes, but don’t forget about it!

[3] Glyph of Brilliance – Reduces MP cost by 33.
[5] Glyph of CarvingDoubles Crit Factor for the next attack.
[4] Glyph of CarvingDoubles Crit Factor for the next attack.
[5] Glyph of BoostAdds 10% skill damage to the next attack.


Call on inner reserves to instantly replenish 480MP. Briefly increases resistance to stun immensely.

Tips for this skill:

Tenacity recovers a very large amount of MP so use it when you’re hurting to get mana back or you have a bit of down time between mechanics. The buff also gives you 5 seconds of stun immunity.
[3] Glyph of Energy Decrease cooldown by 30%.
[4] Glyph of Energy – Decreases cooldown by 20%.
[3] Glyph of Spirit50% chance to replenish 6% of your total MP every second.
[4] Glyph of Balance – Increases balance by 50% for 15 seconds.
[4] Glyph of BalanceDoubles balance for 15 seconds.

In Cold Blood

Increase your Power by 29 for 20sec and Attack Speed by 8%.

Tips for this skill:

As a Slayer you will need to know the proper times to use this skill. In Cold Blood has a lengthy cooldown of 2 minutes, so you will want to save it for shield phases and times when you know you can put in 20 seconds of unadulterated DPS. The skill gives Overhand Strike a 0 second cooldown, so try to use it as much as possible. When cast, In Cold Blood will reset the cooldown of Heart Thrust, Knockdown Strike, and Whirlwind.
[3] Glyph of Brilliance – Reduces MP cost by 50.
[2] Glyph of Blaze – Speed casting of Heart Thrust by 25% for a few seconds.

Exhausting Blow

Strike a painful blow that increases target’s cooldown time by 50% for all skills they use in the next 15 seconds. Effective only on other players.

Tips for this skill:

This is a PvP skill, so don’t worry about it too much in PvE.
[4] Glyph of Power – Increases skill damage by 25%.
[6] Glyph of Energy – Decreases cooldown by 25%.
[6] Glyph of EnergyDecreases cooldown by 35%.

Measured Slice

Gather your might and make a wide slice at the enemy’s neck. Skill activates faster following Overhand Strike.

Tips for this skill:

This skill is a Slayer’s hardest hitting skill, and it’s hitbox is 360 degrees around you. You’ll want to only use it after you have gained the 25% power buff from Eviscerate. Only use this skill after Eviscerate or Overhand for faster casting.
[5] Glyph of Carving – Doubles Crit Factor
[4] Glyph of Carving Triple Crit Chance.
[4] Glyph of Power Increases skill damage by 25%.
[4] Glyph of PowerIncreases skill damage by 30%.


Deals powerful damage and knocks the opponent down. This skill activates faster when following Overhand Strike, Whirlwind, Knockdown Strike, Leaping Strike, Stunning Backhand, Heart Thrust, Startling Kick, or the fourth consecutive hit with Combo Attack.

Tips for this skill:

This skill hits very hard, so use it off cooldown. It also provides important buffs for Overhand Strike and Measured Slice that you will want to keep up during a fight.
[5] Glyph of Power – Increases skill damage by 25%
[3] Glyph of Powerlink Increases skill damage of Measured Slice by 25% for 8 seconds.
[4] Glyph of Energy Decreases cooldown by 20%.
[3] Glyph of Power Increases damage by 25%.

[4] Glyph of Powerlink – Increases skill damage of Overhand Strike by 25% for 8 seconds.

[3] Glyph of Powerlink Increases skill damage of Overhand Strike by 25% for 8 seconds.


Icy Veins

Using In Cold Blood resets cooldowns. In Cold Blood resets the cooldowns for Heart Thrust, Knockdown Strike, and Whirlwind.

Tips for this skill:

Icy Veins also turns Overhand Strike into Ultimate Overhand Strike.

Knockdown Strike Boost

Increases Knockdown Strike damage. Increases damage to multiple targets with Knockdown Strike

Whirlwind Intensity

Increases Whirlwind damage. Increases damage to multiple targets with Whirlwind.

Merciless Leap

Increases leaping Strike damage. Your Leaping Strike deals 5x damage against knocked-down enemies.



#Fully Glyphed Fury God

Skill Priority


A Slayer’s damage revolves around buffing Measured Slice with Eviscerate and using it as often as possible, Heart Thrust, consistent use of Overhand Strike, use Knockdown Strike glyphs, and smart filler skill management. Slayer does not have a set rotation, instead the class has skills that are important to link together and glyphs that need to be kept up. The class’ dynamic play style will make every fight different. The key is to master the tools available and use them in the most effective order.

Battle Start

This is your only set rotation to use at the beginning of the fight if your tank does not immediately enrage the boss. If they do, see ICB rotation.

Overpower should be used before the boss is initiated.


Essential Skill Links

Overpower should be used to buff essential skills when possible.

  or  or 

Have Eviscerate Powerlink buffs up for every Measured Slice. This is your highest priority.

With the new Propulsion passive, Whirlwind is your second highest priority skill. Use it to get to Measured Slice asap.


Using Knockdown Strike before Whirlwind to get the Powerlink is a good idea, but focus on using Whirlwind as soon as possible.

Personal Note: With time and experience you’ll adjust to how your skills flow into one another and how their cooldowns match up. Slayer is a class that takes a lot of practice.
Unique Scenarios

Rest in Peace Heart Thrust Resets. You’ll be remembered well.


Fury Strike: Not only does this skill do more damage at low health, it is your fastest access to Measured Slice.


Always have your Eviscerate buffs up!


Filler Skills

Heart Thrust is your highest priority filler. Use it if you have back Crit luck!


Never Backhand without having Overhand Strike up. Backhand as little as possible. It’s better than nothing.

If you are pushed away from the boss, then Leaping Strike will be the fastest access to Measured Slice while moving.

Knockdown Strike’s animation is long enough for Overhand Strike to come off cooldown.

Distant Blade will speed the casting of Knockdown Strike. It will chain on the first, second, or third strike. You can add extra D-blade wings to buffer your Overhand Strike cool down.


[Small chain window: Not high ping friendly.]

While Under In Cold Blood

Here is an example rotation while In Cold Blood is up.


Here is a quick video of a Slayer rotation:

This rotation is by no means ideal, but it has some valuable lessons.

Notice that there are no skills previously considered filler at all. I do not Kick or Backhand, or even D-blade. With this new Propulsion passive these skills are not necessary. The only exemption being D-blade before Knockdown Strike. Also notice how Heart Thrust is the only modern filler used every once in a while. Typically, you won’t get the Crits on Whirlwind / Eviscerate you want or the resets on Overhand Strike. In these instances, Heart Thrust is a good skill to keep your damage high, but it will make up an overall low percentage of your damage.

Normally I’d take the time to get a more refined video for you all, but I simply have other things to do today. A good learning opportunity to take from this is to watch this rotation and ask “what can be done better?” Watching, thinking, and asking yourself this question will do more for you than me recording a perfect rotation.

When under ICB keep in mind the priority list for skills. Ultimate Overhand Strike provides valuable damage and makes up a high percent of your over all DPS. Your Icy Veins passive will reset your Heart Thrust, Whirlwind, and Knockdown Strike cooldowns. This will make sure you have all of your tools available when you are under In Cold Blood.

Starting your ICB rotation with Eviscerate allows you to cancel the animation for ICB which would normally last ~1-2 seconds.

When using In Cold Blood at the start of a boss fight, use the skill as soon as the boss is enraged. This will either happens when your tank forces the enrage right away or (for most dungeons) the boss’ HP falls below 90%. Making sure the boss is enraged when using ICB is very important because your Enrage Damage lines on weapon provide an enormous amount of DPS. Because of Icy Veins you can also add in an extra Heart Thrust before casting In Cold Blood if the situation allows. This will usually happen if you find yourself waiting for Overhand Strike to come off cooldown. Remember that if the boss is enraged, you should be using In Cold Blood as often as possible because the faster you use it, the faster you get to your next In Cold Blood.

While under In Cold Blood you should focus on a few key aspects of your rotation:

  • Use as many Ultimate Overhand Strikes as possible.
  • Cancel as many animations as possible, while still doing damage.
  • Do everything you can to use as many Measured Slices as possible during ICB.
  • Never cast ICB when Overhand Strike is on cooldown.



Things to Keep in Mind :: TLDR
Use Overhand Strike as often as you can.
Use Eviscerate off cooldown in order to keep its damage buffs up.
If necessary Eviscerate can be hard cast.
If Heart Thrust resets then use it until it stops resetting or Measured Slice comes off cooldown.
NEVER use Measured Slice without the Eviscerate Powerlink Glyph.
NEVER hard cast Overhand Strike nor Measured Slice.


You can Overhand Strike before and after Eviscerate, and this comes in handy while DPSing. When you start with Heart Thrust you have two options:





The first allows you to gamble an Overhand Strike and possibly get an extra reset in. Obviously, if the Overhand Strike does not reset, then you would be forced to:


This is suboptimal because you lose 25% damage on the Overhand Strike. At first this makes the second option very appealing, but since Overhand Strike has a 60% chance to reset, the odds are in your favor to gain an extra Overhand Strike while only missing out 40% of the time. At first this does not sound reasonable, after all, 40% is still pretty often. The reason I highly recommend gambling the Overhand Strike is for two reasons.

The first reason is that your opening rotation, when you will not have the Eviscerate buffs up for the first Overhand Strike, can be ignored. Ideally you will use In Cold Blood at the start of every fight and because of this you will have a 100% chance to reset Overhand Strike. Therefore, at the beginning of a boss battle, and any time you are under In Cold Blood, this is the optimal skill usage.

Secondly, with a sword rolled for Cooldown Reduction and Eviscerate glyphed for Cooldown, the skill will come off cooldown while you have roughly 2 seconds left on the buffs. This means that you are able to use the Overhand Strike before Eviscerate and still gain the 25% damage buff. With this in mind, if you do not get a reset, then the placement of the Overhand Strike does not matter.

The only time you would gamble the Overhand Strike and possibly lose out on the 25% damage boost from Eviscerate is when you’ve waited too long to use the skill. Given that this situation can be prevented in most cases, I believe that you gain more than you lose by gambling the Overhand in any given fight.


People have been looking for some comments on Slaying runs, so here we go. In reality, the set up is simple and your rotations will be quick and tight because either you or the boss are dead really quickly.


Glyphing For Fury Strike


Not much changes from your basic rotation, so keep in mind the priority lists above. However, a fully buffed Fury Strike takes priority over everything.

If you Overpower, always Overpower Fury Strike


Your Powerlink from Evasive Roll should always be up since you’ll be dodging hits a lot, but make sure you keep it up.


Essentially, you will buff up your Fury Strike, pray to whatever God you believe in that it crits, and then move on to your other high priority skills such as Eviscerate, Measured Slice, Heart Thrust, etc.



Thank you to the Essential Mana team for publishing this guide and helping me create content to aid the community.

Also, much appreciation goes to Saltyolive, Floss, and others in and outside of Anime.

Edited and posted by:

Kaai – GM of Anime on Tempest Reach

In collaboration with:

Saltyolive – Admin of Anime on Tempest Reach

And thank you for reading.

Updated main gear sections and skill rotation section.
Adding more Extra Credit sections for more in depth explanations.
Updated some explanations and rhetoric to better fit the current patch.
Updated rotations and glyphs to better reflect the current meta.
Added Extra Credit sections for Power Jewelry and Slaying build.

Added a link to Dyad info. Fixed some formatting. Changed example glyph build to better match comment feedback.
Fixed typos in the Glyph section.



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    I have several friends who want to transfer from a PvP server to a PvE server after the merge. And they will create a new guild over there.

    I am wondering, Would you sell me your Anime guild? or at least the Anime name?

  2. So, now that the Slayers have been very recently buffed, has there been any set rotation or changes in specific glyphs/gearing?

  3. What are the new Crit factor caps for slayer . ty kaai

    • At ~300 Crit Factor Measured Slice will hit 100% crit. I’m still enchanting my gear to max at the moment, so that’s the best marker I can give you to aim for at the moment.

  4. What stat Circlet Highest priority stats are highlighted ? im weak eng sry bro T^T

  5. Hey Kaai, with the recent changes (not really so recent) to In Cold Blood, you can now cancel animation lock with Knockdown Strike. With this, I get an extra second to pull off a 3rd Measured Slice before the buff wears off. I was able to do this with +12 full misery High Elf male, no bravery, with Attack Speed 110+20 and 82ms constant ping. I couldn’t do it with Heart Thrust unfortunately. Also your links to glyphs are broken.

    • Rip Bluehole gave us a patch that basically stops you from canceling ICB with KDS. Well back to using Eviscerate. :\

      Side note: The changes for backstab is eh. Good for PvE I guess but the iframe is waaay too short if you miss it or not enough room in the back. Idk it seems buggy.

      • Also another side note: I still don’t understand what EME meant by saying “Knockdown Strike can now be “pre-cast” during another skill’s animation.” and IG’s translation of “This skill can now cancel animation for other skills (or Skill can be queued up before the animation for previously used skill ends)”. Because either I’m missing something or not doing it right.

  6. Hi Kaai, wanted to ask what’s the optimal crit factor a slayer should go for? Like the optimal range before putting into power.

  7. Hi Kaai, Just wanted to say great guide and thank you for doing this. I just have a few questions. I was playing slayer during the Manaya’s patch and back then everything was attack speed. I see in your guide that attack speed isn’t a primary stat anymore. What changed exactly?

    • I personally feel like back in the Queen days people just didn’t know enough about the game to make the best decisions for Min/Maxing DPS. Since then the community has realized how good Crit Factor is, so stacking it has just yielded the best results, and I’m not quite sure if any mechanical change to the game affected this. Maybe people back then just got too spooked by getting animation locked on Queen? That’s my theory anyway.

      Now, for Slayer, I have a better idea. I think it was about a year ago that we got a big reduction in the CDs of skills like HT, WW, KDS, etc, and from that it became easier to brick your CDs and have nothing significant to do. Rolling that CDR line became mandatory when the CDs got low in order to keep the damage coming out quickly because CDs would be off by just a tad bit.

      TL;DR: The community got better and CDs got lower.


      • Ohhh okay I see. That makes sense then. Queen was scary as hell xD I wish it were still in the game.
        Btw, I don’t know if you remember, but I was in Anime with you at the time that Donkaystyle was leader I think haha. Glad to see that you’re still in the guild! My IGN at the time was Ceruna, elin lancer. But anyways, thanks for the help!

  8. Hey Kaai, been awhile. There is just one thing I wanna say that I feel would be nice to fix. UOHS is now affected by noct, glyphs, and the chest roll for OHS.

  9. Hi, Kaai. I want to create a slayer. But I wonder if Ellin’s run is strong. If not, is Male Castanics better? I loved your tutorial 🙂

    • I personally don’t like Elin animations too much. If you want to be picky about it, then Castanic Female and Human Male are the better races.

      Really though, if you’re just starting out, then it’ll be a while, if it ever happens, that race will be a factor in DPS. Just play what feels smooth for you because it does vary. Tera is not a game where race plays a significant part of gameplay. (For Slayer anyway.)

    • The more crit the better crit.

  10. Hey kaai, first of all just wanted to thank you for all the job u put into this, i started slayering around the time this was first posted and been maining it ever since, having a great starting point like his definitely made things a lot easier, even nowadays when im asked to teach some1 completely clueless i sometimes tell them to read this first simply because of the great job u did explaining things in such a noob friendly way.
    Second, im At a point wjere i have like 312 total crit, i can still squeeze in moré but im already seeing 100% crit ms sometimes (while other times it goes as low as 65ish, and that’s where my dilemma comes from), in doubting that stacking moré would be better since a already feel im sacrificing a lot of power as it is, just wanted to hear ur opinion in the matter. Tyvm

  11. Hei Kaai,

    I read your guide and I found something that doesn’t match with the comments you wrote above. On the guide you suggest to roll atkspeed/cdr/crit factor on the wep bottom line, but on the comments you said that the slayers now are using the cdr on weap; I also saw lot of skilled slayers from my server playing with ~245crit cause they run just one keen and one energetic/pumped. I considered that they could maybe have 2 different vm gloves since new HH etchings are easy to get for skilled players in order to go for double keen with a priest. Is it worth to play with +245 crit in this patch?

    Recently I found out the ICB OP MS rotation on youtube that was: ICB > HT > UOHS > EVI UOHS > OP > KD (reset) > UOHS (reset) > MS > WW.
    What do you think about that? I think it’s the best icb rotation since you get lot of MS damage along with Powerlink WW glyph from KDS too! I’m also curious to see updates on this guide.

    I was thinking about making my slayer without atk speed (double keen + cdr bottom), do you think it could be playable?

    • I believe on the guide I highlight both CDR and A-speed to be viable rolls, and I will admit this is something I should have changed a long time ago. I do believe my comments will be consistent in saying you should roll CDR bottom because it has been the superior roll for a long time. Sorry for the confusion.

      +245 has been a good bench mark for content such as this in the past, so I could see running only 1 keen to be very beneficial, but, in all honesty, I will not be getting HH etchings in order to test this. I have personal problems with this current patch, so I chose to sit out and focus on school. The most I can say is, more crit factor is not really a bad thing.

      Does the +30% damage on MS make up for an entire OP+KDS+UOHS? I would need some HARD evidence to believe that. I feel the same way I always have about OP > MS. It’s stupid. You skip two entire skills for 30% more damage on one. I have simply never seen any convincing evidence to believe the contrary.

      I think double keen etching, double enrage damage, CDR bottom is the best choice!

      As a note for people reading comments: HH patch does not introduce any mechanical changes to the Slayer class, nor do any major gear updates happen. Due to this, all the content in the guide, except obviously gear names, is viable and up to date. I have elected to not play HH, but I will be playing the game again when the Slayer changes hit NA in order to properly update the guide. 😀

  12. Can someone post an updated guide fro slayers for the latest patch please? Lots of new accessories and gear have come out since this was last updated!

  13. Hi Kaai,

    I have been playing slayer for quite a while, and I would like to ask if it is good to use headlong rush -> whirlwind instead of hard casting whirlwind, just to speed up the windup. Anyways, cheerios XD.

  14. Hey Kaai! I’ve mained slayer for over 3 years now! (since vm1). Even though I know the slayer kit fairly well I still enjoy reading your thoughts and opinions on the class because well, its my favorite class haha. This is my personal set up, and here is why.
    When having max set atk speed without rolls on weapon (which would be +20 from base) it is very hard to live with animation lock on WW/KDS/HT. Headlong Rush into Knockdown Strike lessens its animation lock by increased atk spd as well as giving it the powerlinked 25% dmg. After that simply Whirlwind with or without overhand since you can e-roll out of WW’s animation at any given point (except beginning cast ofc). Personally the HLR powerlink into KDS is much better than Overpower’s 10% dmg glyph since 25%>10% and i use OP for KDS and HT whenever off cd.
    This is all just my opinion though since every slayer has a different build but yield similar, if not, better results than others.

    • I’m not a fan of using HLR glyphs because forcing yourself into using it often enough to get enough use out of it can interrupt more important skill usage such as HT and MS. The game has gotten to the point where you just want to MS off cool down. MS off CD with EV buffs up, then HT. If none of that is up, KDS > WW. Cool down changes just make things so cute and dry. I wouldn’t glyph or touch Over Power at all right now. It’s just a waste of time because you can just be casting a skill which will yield more damage.

      Even the future doesn’t look bright. Yosha posted the Ktera Slayer changes, and they are underwhelming to say the least. It’s either going to change Slayer gameplay very little or be so negligible it won’t even matter. I don’t even want to think about how many people are going to need to be told not to D-blade to the third hit. z.z

      • I’ve never thought of it like that actually. I just tried a rotation on my slayer without OP and I am left to D-blade and/or auto atk since overhand isnt resetting enough (rng) and my main skills are on cd. I saw the video and I thought it was nice to have, not what we slayers needed but just nice to have (like some type of recognition?). I made a thread about my own personal slayer revamp and what I would personally change. If you’re interested I can share it with you if you’d like.

  15. why do you roll damage increase on the weapon instead of increase in crit factor?

    • Enrage Damage Rolls warrant more over all damage when you’re in even half decent groups, so it’s best to run double. Flat and Back damage are self explanatory. Crit Factor roll on weapon is very underwhelming because it’s less than an etching. On top of this, Crit Factor is readily available from other places.

      TL:DR: Fully geared, you’ll have a ton of crit, so more damage is more damage and more damage is good.

  16. Quick question, since I love your guide and have been playing a slayer since Tera’s release (But not the beta). Should I not be bothering much with OP? I know the 54/55 glyph set can boost 10% damage as well as doubling the base crit factor, and nowadays with crit being as high as it is the 55/55 may be more worth it, but still, if HT is off cooldown should I not waste the frames using OP even with that 33% damage boost? Basically just use it as an opening or in travelling gaps? Always was curious about this. Thanks!

    • You are correct in only using OP before a fight starts or during traveling gaps. That is a good way to word it is as well; I like ‘traveling gaps.’

      The 33% damage increase sounds appealing, but OP has fallen out of use because Slayer has seen a lot of cooldown reductions, which gives you more options. OP use to be good because it acted as a buffer for that extra ~1sec on large skill cooldowns, but now, with a CDR weapon roll, you should pretty much always have some main damage block off cooldown.

      It simply takes too long to cast, and needs too many glyph points to be remotely viable.

  17. I just read the last comments and stuff on this and I realized something else I meant to say about putting the savage crystal in your weapon, on enemies like the fimbrilisks as they are knocked down they have an odd spot that is considered the back, if you crit from behind while you have a savage crystal you will see the buff pop up. I think this is something that can be useful to someone that is learning the rear of some of the solo PvE content since some enemies don’t have simple rear zones. I told one of my friends to put the crystal in there until they learn where the rear of the BAMs on IoD are so they can up their DPS while fighting them alone.

    • This is correct.

      Using Forceful and Backstab both help you learn when a boss’ back changes position in questionable situations. Imperator is also a good place to learn how visual ques do not always match actual hit boxes.

  18. Yo Kaii there is some things i think you need to add to this guide that i personally feel is important.

    one being the inclusion and rolls for empowered brooch. There are obviously slayers who use this over quickcarve and it is a viable brooch to run over quickcarve as well especially when buffing your rotation during icb.

    another thing i see slayers do regardless of server whether it be in the IMs or even in server is slayers entering a boss fight and immediatley using their ICB Brooch and then making use of icb while compeletley disregarding that whole free first rotation that would get reset with icb anyways. You did explain knowing the timing to icb/brooch usage is key in fights but a more fundamental way would be to give the tip that if your going to use it at the beginning of the fight, get one full rotation in first as to not lose a free rotations worth of dps at the start of a fight.

    I know this guide is only fundamentals and nothing advanced but i feel like if people arent noticing something as simple as waiting to use the brooch/icb combo whether it be quick or empower could help a lot for new players or even players who just havnt been doing it right and never noticed this whole time. Considering Brooch and ICBs CD time i feel like giving an example like that would only help. I remember having to tell that to my full imp buddy who never did that and now he fairs a bit better dps wise.

    granted again this is more of a nitpick regarding icb timing but i still felt like its an example that needs to be said.

    • Honestly, when it comes to brooch it’s pretty up in the air. I prefer Quickcarve brooch because it gives you more Crit Factor during ICB. This is important because UOHS doesn’t have the 30% inherent Crit Chance that OHS does. The extra Attack Speed also benefits you because you could potentially get off more skills in an ICB. While I see the argument for Empowered Brooch, it was the first brooch I used a while ago, and I didn’t feel as though the 40 power made a substantial difference. I put Quickcarve on the guide because it’s what I personally recommend. I’m all ears for an argument to go with Empowered though, but at the moment I am simply unconvinced and believe Quickcarve to be the safer option for new players.

      I also see your point with getting off a free rotation because ICB resets KDS, HT, and WW, but if your group pops full buffs at the start of the fight, you could potentially lose synch with important buffs such as a Lancer’s Adrenaline Rush. Not only this, but you also run the risk of popping ICB while OHS is on cooldown, which would be highly detrimental. If you go a full rotation you could also lock yourself out of an MS if you pop ICB right after that in a worst case scenario. ICB resetting your core skills is something to play off of, but not focus a playstyle around. I believe the point of the change was to make sure you had all of your skills up as you go into ICB.

      I think this advice comes in handy after the first rotation when you are planning to ICB again. You can get off a free HT, but I think an entire rotation would be cumbersome. If ICB is up and the boss is enraged, a second ICB is not on cooldown is a second counting against your next ICB. The best advice I could put in the guild is to not pop ICB until the boss is enraged, but I don’t agree with putting in a full rotation before popping ICB, especially if someone is new and a bit clumsy with the class.

      I hope all of that was clear. If I missed anything or you wanna talk about anything further, just let me know. I appreciate that feedback.


      • yeah i see what you mean about ms and all that. I would say not to pop until enraged is the best advice to put in for timing. as for UOHS’s crit and with the booch sure. it can get your UOHS to crit better using quickcarve but i also mainly use it to buff the rest of the rotation in conjuction with the UOHS. as i can usually pull off 2 full normal rotations in one icb with maybe 1-2 fillers between them. sure this does weaken my uohs crit but i feel like the 40 power is an option if rng is not totally on ones side for crits or if they feel like they would rather do more damage when UOHS does have that crit. when i first switched over to empowered from quickcarve i did think to myself wow theres not a lot of critting on on ohs here. but the buffs to other parts of my rotations i feel like makes up for it if you wanna rely more heavily on the rng for uohs to crit. but this is of course my opinion on the matter. This is of course a fundamentals guide for newer players and quck would be the safer option for that but i would like to one day see an advanced slayer guide. after all i hear of 13mil MS crits from a dude in TR currently and all hes in is imp meanwhile im in sf striking maybe 4-6m ms crits

        • I can understand where you’re coming from, but extra crit factor also ensures that other skills besides UOHS crit. Not to mention the A-speed potentially gives one or two more filler skills with UOHS in that ICB since you’ll always get a base of 2 rotations in. I’m not saying your arguments are wrong, and I certainly don’t have the testing to declare which one is better on hand nor do I have the time to test something so small because of classes. You back it up well, so I’ll just disagree, and we’ll leave that food for thought there for someone else.

          Even though the guide is simple for fundamentals, it’s not too far off from what an advanced guide would have since I’ve made a lot of editions. I do plan on adding in more complex thought processes later on though. Slayer is by no means a complicated class like Sorc or Warrior, so the skills you should be using are very straight forward. The rotation hardly ever changes, and the difference between a good Slayer and a bad Slayer is who can capitalize on resets and understand boss mechanics to stick to the back better.

          As for the 13 million MS’s, I can tell you that person is running a double healer party with Power jewelry. I’m assuming that number is being hit on Queen, and when Queen goes prone after a shield phase she has a decrease in endurance. If you are stacking Contagion, Hurricane, ICB, Traverse Cut, Debilitate, and get a bit of luck, 13mil is a number I could someone hitting VERY easily. However, that is a very hyperbolic number. I highly doubt they are hitting 13mil regularly on much of anything important.

  19. Slayer becomes so much more rewarding once you get to level 63 lol. Thanks for the guide man! I’m working real hard on getting all glyph, and after that it’s gonna be GLORIOUS!

  20. So I did the relevant mathematics and in most scenarios including having a priest and mystic in the party Forceful Niveot seems to gives the most DPS, yes it requires a crit to occur but you are attacking from behind, the buff lasts for 10 seconds and can be refreshed, and the 20 power gives more damage until you have 235 power than the 8.5%. Even around that point it is still giving enough extra damage to worth noting since even if you are just solo’ing something, land a crit from behind and you have 20 more power for 10 seconds. I think that does best for a DPS most of the time. And just a quick comment on the Slayer’s DPS being only pretty good, I know when I get a keening dawn mote that I will be able to take down BAMs faster than even my gunner, I think the only real problem is that all of their attacks seem to have really low crit rates but when you crit with a full combo and then have some extra resets ooh I can kill the lvl 67 BAMs with just one combo, a little less if I pop all of my buffs. Just a little too long but an addition I didn’t like my slayer until around lvl 58 or so when I finally got all of my major combo skills, or most at least, and then I got that swiftness shrine where the demokrons are and the attack speed made it seem so much fun, does attack speed have a place? I know ICB makes my skills seem to flow a lot nicer than when I am not buffed by it.

    • You are correct. As long as when you are fully buffed your power does not exceed a certain point and you maintain a specific up time while damaging, Forceful will yield slightly higher damage output. For a fun bit, I would like to ask you to rerun your experiment with full Dreadspire Uppers buffs. It might not be too different, but Forceful requires a lot of work to keep using because you have to make sure you are always under 235 Power. When advocating the use of Forceful, every patch these numbers have to be rechecked, and frankly that’s something I never really have the time to do. ): But I’d say keep looking into it for your own benefit.

      The reason I will always recommend Pounding in a guide is because I like to aim for people who are new and learning. If you have just picked up the Slayer class, then all the work you need to do to make sure Forceful is better than Pounding is less important than just learning to play the class. I personally believe that min-maxing in Tera is not that hard – especially on a Slayer.

      Using the Keen mote for Island of Dawn as an example will mislead because it ups your crit damage as well. When you pick that up you do tremendously more damage. The reason you’re killing a BAM with it faster than your Gunner on Slayer is because Slayers have higher bursts, especially with ICB, that shine in short term, where Gunner needs to build meter for Burst Fire. There are also a ton of other factors to think about, but I stand by Slayer damage being just pretty okay. However, do keep in mind that that comes from a comparative mindset. On it’s own it’s damage is good, but when you are a decent sized fish in the same pond as a Ninja. . . I wouldn’t think too hard about it though. Slayer plays well enough that if you enjoy it, you can play it in any end game instance now.

      Attack Speed improved the quality of life for Slayers by a lot. It actually does for almost every class. Attack speed lends itself really well to how Tera’s combat performs. The only problem is that anytime you could stack attack speed, you have to give up either a lot of crit rate, a lot of damage, or more valuable quality of life stats. For example rolling 9% Attack Speed on top line just loses too much damage, but rolling Attack Speed on bottom gives up CDR which is really useful this patch. Using Lien’s Dark Rootbeer helps a lot too in bursts. If we ever got supplementary Attack Speed, Slayer is one of the classes that would benefit the most from it.

      I just woke up, so I hope I answered everything clearly. @.@


      • Yes, thank you very much for the response. I see all of that, I feel like slayer suffers from a syndrome from Pokemon where it benefits from too many stats but doesn’t have space for it all. Using Gunner as an opposition for this, they on’t require any attack speed because it doesn’t actually affect their skill use speed(guns go figure), and CDR doesn’t help much due to all the reset mechanics in their kit, on the same level is that they don’t require so much crit factor because they have 2 primary sources of damage(for me anyway) that have incredible crit chances already. I hope I said it before but I love Slayer at high level it just always feels as though we need more stats than other classes, oh and I have Ninja and they don’t really need attack speed or CDR they can just go crit factor and damage and they work real well with that. Is there a petition we can sign to make Slayers get some love here ;-;?

        • Yeah, that’s a very good juxtaposition. It’s the reason Slayers roll so much Crit Factor where we could get useful stats. We have very little inherent crit chance on Overhand Strike or Eviscerate, and these two skills constitute a large portion of our damage. This is why we continue to roll crit factor even though our hardest hitting skill, Measured Slice, gets close to 100% crit in fights. We just need more than 2 skills to crit in order for our damage to stay high. That crit rate comes from places that we could supplement other stats.

          I’m really disappointed with the changes K-tera has rolled out for Slayer thus far. The extra damage on Ultimate Overhand Strike is nice, but if they don’t fix the damage roll, then it’s still a dice roll. I know you can get very high numbers, at the same time you could also get very low rolls for it. I personally prefer consistency. It just makes testing very difficult. I personally would want to see more inherent crit factor or further changes to glyphs. Say for instance, we get a glyph that’s 3 points on Overhand Strike that is a % chance to give an A-speed buff. I’d run that over Backhand damage any day. I’m really just hoping for something a little more out of the box, but we can only hope. ):

          I love Slayer as well. I’ve played it for four years straight, and I love to teach and talk about the class. If you have anything to bring up, or think anything should be added to the guide, I’d love to hear it. I really just want the Slayer community talking to each other in a constructive way.

  21. How good do you think slayer is right now? In terms of dps, there are much more OP classes, do you feel slayer can compete with their dmg outputs?

    • The best way to describe Slayer damage is ‘pretty decent.’

      At normal levels of play you’ll be fine. Slayer can keep up with some classes, but naturally you won’t be out dpsing any good Ninjas. You also have to put in a lot more work to get decent results.

      I wouldn’t recommend Slayer for things like score runs. At high levels of play, there are better options for party support and high damage. However, Slayer might have a bright future. The class could easily be buffed to play extraordinarily well, but at the moment, our dps is lacking compared to other classes.

      TL;DR : Slayer’s pretty good.


      • Commander.Snuggles

        I find Slayers still viable for score runs but I do see your overall point. I do find it weird that some Slayers don’t consider power etching on gloves since it gives your Measuring slice a good boost of dmg (strongest hitting skill). I feel that the class revamp is gonna baby down slayer game play which I hope they don’t in terms of power creep

  22. Commander.Snuggles

    I was wondering which crystals would be fully viable for a slaying setup

  23. Commander.Snuggles

    Hey Kaai I got a quick question about imperator Slayer weapon which involves the top line: Should I still aim for enraged or go for attack speed this time around?

  24. Hey Kaai! I see you around a lot in TR. I’m a male Cas Slayer usually (but not always) dressed in a panda outfit. Anyway, I’ve been having trouble DPSing and keeping mana up in dungeons (like vs HM IMP). Any tips on keeping mana up? I have X pots and *try* to use the the mana regain skills, but I feel like I’m still running dry.

    • Do you have a Glisteningly Dyad for your armor? That will definitely help a ton for mana sustain. In easier dungeons, it might be useful to swap out a Hardy for a Glisteningly Dyad.

    • Popping Mana Potions X will help, but you’ll also want to make sure you have Mana Draught X’s as well. You should also always make sure your stamina is topped off. Either use food or a bolster to have it not go down or make sure to pop a combat panacea when you hit about 109. Stamina actually makes a big difference with charms. If you are still having problems then Divine Infusions are also a good consumable to have.

      For gear, you should work on getting a Glisteningly Hardy Dyad. It helps a lot, and you’ll only need 1 or 2 for nice mana returns.


      • I do have the Draughts and I try to pop one when I get really low. I’ll get combat panacea’s cause I wasn’t even thinking about that. I’ve been noticing the foods and had been meaning to look into them, but I should probably get some past the friendly feasts (since I’m running very low on those anyway).

        After having it explained, it makes a lot of sense so I’m definitely going to be trying to get Glisteningly Hardy Dyads since it is seeming like a great help. I’m just gonna need to pray to RNGesus I guess.


      • I am getting by with a Glisteningly Hardy and Relentless while I save up for Smart Dyads, and I’m definitely seeing a BIG difference in my mana usage. Now most of my down time comes from either trying to play it safe (getting out of the fight before I die even though there is still time) or not playing it safe enough (staying in the fight too long) though I’ll figure that out eventually.

  25. Hey Kaal great guide and it gave me tons of insight I love how it’s such a dynamic class and I’m just curious about a few things. Currently in ktera most of the he DPS classes are all balanced with ninja reaper and gunner leading the pact, I’m just curious about their state of DPS in NA and with in the next couple of patches. Should we be expecting nerfs or buffs? Also second how fast do they play, warrior was about my tempo and main for a while so I’m used to that kind of speed

    • Ktera and NA Tera are almost incomparable at this point. With the Talent System going on over there classes are capable of doing very different things. The most I can say is if anything happens to the class in the future, which something should because it’s been hinted in Ktera news releases, then it will be a buff. What it is I cannot say. Slayer is decent DPS here on NA at the moment. We’re basically at a point where we can get by, but there are better choices for higher DPS such as Ninja. As for tempo, the class is going to vary. You’re not gonna be as fast as a Warrior unless you have ICB up, but this will also depend on what rolls you have on your weapon and if you are running Slaughter or Imperator/Starfall. I guess that’s a question you’ll have to answer for yourself by playing the class.

      If you need anything else, just let me know. ^^


      • Hey one more thing with the new Jewelry and stuffs do you suggest getting Double Crit jewelry (Shadow/Corvette) or Power Crit (Shadow/Blood) and is Quick carve brooch still the one to get

        • If you have a solo heal Priest, then Full crit jewelry is your best set up. If you have a Mystic or Double Heals, then you’ll want to go 3 Crit – 2 Power. Naturally, if you run with a Priest more often than Mystic, go for full Crit first, but if you run with a Mystic or double heals more, switch it around. It really just depends on what you find yourself with more often, but Full Crit is always a good choice if you’re unsure.

          Ideally you’ll want to Quatrefoil Brooch, but since it’s really expensive, Quickcarve will do. ^^

  26. Excellent guide Kaai! and I kinda have an unrelated question which hopefully you can answer, I’ve been playing Castanic male slayer and its really really hard to hit heart thrust point blank, is it the same for you? I used to play human male and had no problem then, I heard its the same for Aman male. Do you know how it’s for castanic female? thinking about changing to cast female, would greatly appreciate your reply, thank you 🙂

    • After practicing HT for so long, I honestly have no problems hitting it in PvE. Are you talking about PvP? If you are, then the only race I have experience with in PvP is Castanic Male. HT is kind of a tricky skill, but if you practice it and learn how many steps back you need to take in PvP, then you can get it down. In PvE, I honestly don’t think there should be a problem though. O-o

      Cas Female is an excellent race for Slayer. The animations are not perfect, but very solid. Tbh though, race plays a very small part in how well you’ll do. Just pick one that kinda fits you. For example Human Male is an excellent race, but I don’t like it very much. I just do better with Castanics. lol

      • Thanks 😀 Ah sorry for the late reply >< sorry I wasn't notified. Yeah sometimes my HT misses some mobs maybe cos awkward hit boxes? some bosses when I do it back to back but not as bad as it was I guess cos of practise. I tried cast female, slightly faster auto attack but awkward landing on some skills like KDS maybe I'm too used to male. Overall I'll stick with cast male 😀 it just looks more slayer than other races lol except aman maybe, thanks again for the guide 😀 lot of the slayer ones online are pretty updated but this helped a lot.

      • Hey Kaai ! so I just hit 63 and got eviscerate and I have a question, is it better to do Eviscerate > OHS > MS > OHS (if reset) or Eviscerate > MS > OHS ? and another question too should I bind MS to seperate key when I’m using it or should I just use the combo key when it’s up? I’m practising hitting MS on combo because sometimes I skip OHS and go straight to MS or I miss the cue on MS by a second and slow it down. So which do you suggest? bind it to a different key or depend on combo key? Thank you 🙂

        • Since you can’t Eviscerate > OHS > MS > OHS, I’m going to assume you mean OHS > Eviscerate > OHS > MS because that’s usually a hot topic with Slayers. Correct me if I’m wrong though. Honestly, I don’t like to give a definitive ‘right’ answer for this. If you OHS before Eviscerate then you have a 60% chance of getting in a free OHS. With better odds than a coin flip, this is pretty appealing; however, it will never be consistent. Either do whichever feels more comfortable with you or play by the situation. Typically, if my cooldowns are a bit crazy, I’ll just Eviscerate > MS in order to save OHS to get cooldowns back on track. This subject will vary depending on who you ask.

          Always bind everything to a key of its own. Everything. You should have a dedicated key for MS and every other skill. It’ll help you out in the long run. I suggest removing all of your chain skills and learning to use combos from dedicated keys as soon as possible.


          • Ah sorry that’s what I meant XD thanks for the reply 🙂 I suppose I’ll bind it to a key of its own, the problem was I kept KDS and WW as 1 and 2 and stun kick as 3 and 4 as heart thrust and I didn’t wanna change 3 and 4 , gonna swap KDS and WW to lower down the line then.

  27. hi kaai, want about glyph build
    this my build
    -in your example build u didnt use Overpower glyphs, why ?
    -what u think about my build, if is not that good, what u can recommend for me
    -and i’m waiting for ur guide about Forceful vs Pounding 😉
    thank u

    • Hey hey,

      So the biggest problem with your glyph set up at the moment is that you don’t have Eviscerate glyphed for Powerlinked Measured Slice. Missing 25% more damage on your hardest hitting skill heavily affects your DPS. As for no longer glyphing Overpower, the reasoning goes like this: since the cooldowns of Slayer skills have been reduced, and will just be getting lower in future buffs, you will almost always have something off cooldown to use such as Heart Thrust, Knockdown Strike into Whirlwind, Eviscerate, etc, so Overpower no longer functions as a buffer between cooldowns to keep your rotation in balance. In fact, using it can set you back because you’d be taking the two seconds it takes to cast it away from casting a Heart Thrust, which over the course of a fight will do more damage. If Overpower’s animation could be canceled by something over than Eviscerate, then it’d be useful again, but at the moment it’s too clunky to fit into a Slayer’s smooth rotation. This doesn’t mean that’s it’s useless however, there are sometimes when you’re walking towards a boss, getting back into position, something like that where you could cast it at no cost to your rotation because you wouldn’t have been doing anything else anyway. Also, you always want to cast it before shields for bosses such as Imperator in SSHM.

      As for Pounding VS Forceful, honestly I’ve been using a carving + 3 – 2 Crit jewelry with a Priest and Pounding + 3 – 2 Power jewelry when running with a Mystic. Forceful needs very specific conditions in order to be good, and I’m not sure if you can get the up time necessary to make it useful. Imperator moves a lot. x.x But, I’d be interested in seeing someone work with Forceful in this patch. : D

      I hope this cleared things up. Let me know if you have anymore questions.


      • thank you alot kaai for your time and the informations :).
        ok i’ll remove the two glyphs of overpower and use them on knockdown strike
        i have other questions if you could answer me
        -when i can stop using carving crystal, at what amount of crit factor? or i’ll keep using it with priest and relpace it with pounding when theres mystic in party ?
        -even after slayer buff i still get mp problem should i use mp potions ? and wich potion you recommend to me ?
        -whats the minimum crit factor i should get ?
        thank you alot kaai 🙂

        • Most importantly, make sure you fully glyph Eviscerate!

          I’m not a huge fan of Forceful this patch. Honestly, I just switch to Carving with solo heal Priest and Pounding with a Mystic or duo heals. Maybe when you have a full crit rate set up you can use Pounding all the time? We get a lot of crit rate this patch, so it’ll be fun to see.

          Always use MP potions. Mana Potions (or Elixir) X, Mana Draught X, Divine Infusions if you have to. Just make sure you have your MP potions and Draughts at all times. They increase quality of life dramatically.

          If you follow the rolls recommended in the guide as closely as possible you’ll get a high crit factor. Just switch to 3 -2 Power jewelry when you have a Mystic and stack Crit Factor. I prefer rolling Belt for 3 Power / 6 Crit. I’d roll Brooch that way too if I could. That’s up to you though. I know a lot of people who go double crit.

          Hope all of that was clear.

      • I want to note that the OP-applying-to-all-attacks-during-shield-phase bug has been fixed. Which is a shame since I initially thought the fully decked out OP glyph build would be beneficial for this purpose.

  28. Hey I just wanted to star this off by saying I’ve always been a long time lover of sword wielding classes, and all this information on them is really helpful.

    I was wondering if you were going to add information on the Slaughter set? Since it seems to be the weapon/armor between Dreadnaught and Lucid, it would be really helpful since I am usually dumbfounded when it comes to Masterworking any weapons/armor.

  29. What are your thoughts on glistening reds if I don’t have a glistening dyad yet, since slayers are so mana hungry. Also, would mana inners make a good 2nd best if I can’t get Crit inners?

    • Honestly, just getting potions is my advice. Swapping to a glistening red and/or changing your inners will hit you hard in the DPS, so if you choose to, then keep that in mind.

      Mana consumables are pretty cheap, and making them gives you something to do in your spare time.


      • Thanks for the quick reply. Another question, why HT -> OHS -> Evis -> OHS -> MS when it’s we can chain Evis from HT directly?

        • You have a 60% chance to reset OHS and it has a 30% inherent crit chance. The odds are in your favor to have more DPS by risking to reset. Not to mention, once you get the Eviscerate powerlinks up they can still influence the OHS before the Evisc. If you don’t feel comfortable with OHS-Evis-OHS, then stick to Evis-OHS-MS.


  30. kaai, nice guide bro, but i need a help.
    My slayer as a castanic female, but i don’t like a costumes for her.
    what a best race to create an slayer?

    i like a aman, cause a costumes are likely.
    aman male is a god choice?

    • Castanic Female is a spectacular race for Slayer. Aman is a pretty good one too, but some of the animations are a little short. When it comes to PvE your race won’t play an enormous role in your gameplay. Just pick the race you enjoy playing the most.

      If you care a lot about race then go Castanic Female or Human Male. They have some of the smoothest animations in my opinion.


  31. Kaai, what do you think about Energetic Etchings? Especially with the abundance of crit rate coming next patch.

    • It’s a toss up. I personally wouldn’t use them because I find the crit rate to be a lot more valuable at the moment. Measuring how good Attack Speed/ Cooldown are can get tricky and hard to pin down.

      I can’t really say for next patch until it gets here.


  32. Hey I´m playing Slayer and I really like the kit.
    A while ago I head the idea of rolling the weapon with cdr AND atck speed to get more dmg in not-enrage times of the bosses and I want to hear the thoughts of some players which maby have tested it already or so. Yes I do know that my mana consumtion is raising up but untill now I dont need to use many potions often I use nen in a whole run.
    That the weapon stats look loike this:

    cdr or atck speed (how it does with the rotation, cooldowns to short to long etc)

    6 dmg
    6.9 dmg
    atck speed
    cdr or 9.3 dmg

    It would really exite me if you think of it and if it is possible to do beqause I think it should be only a slight diffrence between this and the common roll you discribed above. 🙂

    • Rolling Attack Speed top when you play with groups that don’t have the DPS to keep up consistent enrage times is okay. However, the higher your party’s DPS, the more the boss is enraged, the more valuable enraged damage becomes, and the more Attack Speed falls off. With a good group the boss will be enraged over 60% of the time. (And that’s being liberal.) The stat is fun to have, it makes playing the class a lot smoother and just fun. Despite attack speed top line having advantages, you lose too much damage to make it on par with enrage damage. ):

      Rolling CDR is completely viable. It will reduce hang ups in your rotation. The CDR changes that came last patch made hang ups a lot less frequent, but the fewer hang ups the better, right? If you can make proper use of the CDR, then roll it. If you can’t, then stick to A-speed or something more inherently consistent.

      That’s just what I think because of the discussion I’ve had over the months and my own personal testing. I hope that helped.


      • Yes it was really helpful thank you 🙂

      • Actually, enraged top line gives exactly 6.09% more dps than attack speed top line because all the damage bonus are additive not multiplicative ( weapons rolls, pounding, gloves 3% rolls and +13-+15 rolls).

        With simple math :

        – With Enraged top line your total damage is 161.9%
        – With AS top your total damage is 152.6%

        The bonus damage from enraged is : 161.9% / 152.6% = 1.069, in other words 6.09% more damage.
        Now considering the boss enrages 60% of the time, enranged will effectively gives you 3.63% more damage.

        Between 3.63% more damage and 9% attack speed, i think the choice is clear.

        • While I appreciate the supporting opinion, I don’t really like to throw math at people in order to ‘prove’ things. The math here on Tera gets a bit too shady for my taste.


        • At the same time, 9% Attack Speed (+10) does not equal 9% faster attacks either. With a priest party, you will have around +30-34 attack speed at most, if not all, times (that’s without talking about ICB+Brooch). The 9% roll becomes more like 7% faster attacks.

          Then you have to bring into question what that speed lets you do. Usually, it’s filler skills, which does less than half of the dps of your core skills. Then that 7% becomes around 3.5% overall damage increase. Thus, both rolls are about the same for PvE. Of course, for hybrids, the attack speed over enraged is a no brainer.

          Here’s a good thread for further discussion people have made:

  33. This guide is awesome, i played lancer for 3 years and i want to play dps classes for change a bit and slayer is what i want. i was searching for a guide and this just helped me with everything i wanted to know, thank you very much for post this guide, gratz 😉

  34. Yo Kaai, nice guide. Just wanted to add that you can cancel the animation on Overpower with any skill that chains from another, most notably Eviscerate. I don’t see you mention it anywhere in the guide. OP-Eviscerate is an ok filler, and my go-to if HT, WW and OHS are down. the time you save by cancelling OP’s animation is actually pretty significant, and can save you a couple seconds of effective dps. I find it better than using kick/backhand/kds > evisc.

    MS also cancels OP’s animation, and it’s not as horrible as it sounds, as long as you cancel the ending lag with a roll. It’s okay when you KNOW you will have to roll in the next 1~1.5 seconds so your roll also works as a dodge/reposition. It’s extremely situational, but I’ve used it effectively on queen, during donuts. Careful however, since the OP won’t apply if you cancel it too early – just don’t mash both skills at the exact same time and it should go off.

    • I’ll add the OP cancelling. I never thought it was really important because it’s so situational. For a new player I think focusing hard on it will be distracting to more important habits.

      I wouldn’t hard cast MS. It’s so situational, and a bad idea most times, that I wouldn’t ever put that in a new Slayer’s head. If someone who is familiar with the class and knows what they’re doing wants to do it, then he/she should be comfortable enough with the class to know it’s the best decision. Good input though, thank you.

  35. Hello, what do you think about salivating niveot if you haven’t gotten your dads yet?

    • That’s a PvP crystal, so I don’t think it’s a good idea to use it in PvE.

      • He probably meant glistening. And yeah, that’s somewhat viable (replace carving/pounding with it) simply because lower DPS with glistening niveot >>> no DPS with better crystal and no mana. However, if you aim to be “pro”, you should use potions.

  36. Hello Kaai,

    I read some slayer guide and some says never do OHS before Evis (except with ICB) cause of the glyph powerlink and the animation speed of OHS-Evis->MS (if OHS not reset) slower than Evis->OHS->MS.
    Currently i use the same rotation as your guide, but what is your thought about this?

    • OHS has a 60% chance to reset and a 30% chance to crit before your crit rate. The odds of it resetting and critting are in your favor. Why would you not use it as much as possible? If anything, it’ll come down to play style. If you don’t feel comfortable using it before Evisc, then don’t.

      A 60% chance to get another OHS are just odds I am willing to take.

    • Also to add is that after your opening, with Nostrums, Eviscerate will be off CD a second or so before its Powerlinked glyph effect disappears. If OHS is also available, the first OHS in the OHS -> Evis ->OHS combo will still benefit from the glyph.

      Even more room to play with if you have a CDR roll on weapon.

  37. Hi 😮 ,
    First of all I wanted to thank you for your guide ( which is certainly the most comprehensive for me ) ,
    I do enjoy a lot playing Slayer in PvP but I’m kinda “lost” in PvE , maybe because I’m playing with a controller and I don’t really know what to do ( like which skill to use for example) :3 .
    oh and I wanted to ask you something : Do you have any advice for playing in a group ( like positioning , if I should stay with the others DPS in order to make Priest’s job easier or always focus on hitting the back for example) ?
    I truly want to improve myself as Slayer ^^
    Thanks for you answer (if there is one :p )

    Ps: Sorry if I may not be really understandable , English is not my native language so … :/
    And again thanks for your guide ^^
    (I’m on European Server)

    • Your English is fine, and I appreciate the comment.

      When it comes to positioning, the game tells you where you need to be: at the back. Always stay behind the boss. The tank should always be in front of the boss, the DPS should always be behind the boss, and the healer behind the DPS. When you dodge stuff, make you dodge in the direction that will allow you to get back to the rear of the boss as soon as possible, and backstab whenever you need to.

      Sorry for the late reply.

  38. What race would you recommend for a slayer?

    • Castanic Female + Human Male are pretty good.

      Don’t worry about it too much.

      • I made a cast male. My first male character. Thanks a lot for this guide. Having fun with my slayer although I’m still at level 44 and my combat is still a bit awkward due to the not so fluid rotation I have. Can’t wait to try your suggested rotations once I hit 65.

  39. Hello again Kaai ^^
    so with the new dreadspire patch coming i’d like to put some goals for myself since buffs and all you know
    do you have any idea how much a slayer should be dealing non slaying on perimos with +12 dreadnaught? also is there anything to change in this patch with glyph setup rolls or anything?

    • Hello Syndicate,

      I’m not sure if you are on NA or somewhere else, so I’ll try to answer as clearly as I can.

      If you are looking for goals to improve your game play, then I think you should aim higher than getting a specific number on an out of content boss. If you are on NA then focus on clearing the new content and getting adjusted to the mechanics. If you are in a region that doesn’t have the Dawnfall patch, then make use of available resources to learn as much as you can about the content before its release.

      To answer your question directly, I do not remember off the top of my head. It will depend on party composition and party skill on top of how well you play. I’d say focus on tightening your rotations and watching cooldowns to use high priority skills before filler. Keep recording your numbers and situations and you should be able to record your own improvement.

      The patch is very new over here on NA, and I have been very busy finishing this last week in school, so I haven’t been able to start looking at stats and glyphs yet. I will start this coming week. Some things I am planning to look into first are Attack Speed top line, the KDS flat power glyph, and CDR. I have some ideas of how they will work, but I wanna start talking to other Slayer’s about the stats and how some changes might affect rotations. Expect some updates to this guide soon!

      If you have anymore question, then feel free to comment or contact me in game. I hope I’ve helped.


      • Thanks for your response i’m an eu player btw and how would it be worth to use power on kds isn’t it’s damage rather low?

        • This patch gives the damage a buff, but I was just kind of throwing that out there to get the idea across. I have no idea if it’ll be good or not. xD

          • oh i see ok xD well i’ll be certainly running some tests to see whats optimum i’m really considering the attack speed top roll actually. oh and another question my animations feel really sloppy as catastanic male been thinking of race changing to aman or is it just my imagination?

  40. Hey Kaai, newlyborn Slayer here. Thanks for having the time and initiative to make this guide. This class is very fun. I’d be happy if you would answer a few questions.

    1) How much +crit should I have on the guy?
    2) How ping priendly is this class?
    3) How relevant are the new glyphs?
    4) How will the upcoming Slayer buffs impact the class? How much is the DPS increase from Slayers now to Slayers post-buff?
    TY in advance

    • Hey hey, glad you find the guide useful and enjoy the class. ^^

      1) This will depend on your gear. At the highest point you’ll have a bit over 200, but I don’t remember the exact number off the top of my head. If you are on the gearing process then aim to get over 150 as soon as you can because then you should be seeing consistent crits.

      2) I don’t think any class is really friendly to high ping. I don’t play in a high ping environment nor have I known Slayers who do, so I can’t say for certain. However, ping will only set you back a bit. If you take the time to learn you can get through any content the game throws at you. You just might not be the most OP player in the world, but that’s okay. Just remember ping is a problem, but it does’t make playing impossible.

      3) The new glyphs are mandatory. They are essential. Get them.

      4) The upcoming Slayer buffs will increase the quality of life for Slayers tremendously. How much DPS increases from it is a very vague question and will depend on ping, player skill, party comp, consumables, how you felt that day, if your part is being bitchy, plenty of things. I can say for certain that Slayer’s over all damage will go up a nice amount. The changes are an enormous buff.

      If you need anymore clarity or have anymore questions, then please feel free to ask. ^^


  41. Why dont you mention Forceul niveot? It does more dmg than pounding + you should be able to keep the buff up the whole time 😮 Or whats your thought on it ? :3

    • I do want to mention Forceful Niveot! At the moment, I use it myself.

      I have been pretty busy with school this past week, so the changes are coming out slow. ) :

      Forceful actually has a few conditions you need to meet in order to make it better than Pounding, and I am thinking of a way to include all the necessary information that still looks easy on the eyes.

      If there is anything else you think I should add in, then please let me know. I love feedback.


  42. Hey Kaii, I’ve just recently started playing Slayer. I’m loving it so far!

    First off, do you recommend glyphing Knockdown Striker power glyph to WW? I honestly don’t like the fact that I’m forced to use KDS to use WW but the extra damage is pretty significant. If I do plan on using it, should I use it even if my OHS isn’t up? The animation lock honestly gives me a massive headache. I might use the glyph points on the Overpower 10% dmg instead if I decide to take it off. What do you think?

    I’m was debating with others on OPing HT or OPing Evi the other day. I seemed to be better off with OPing Evi because they both have the same cooldown, easier to keep OPing everytime, and HT already have have triple cooldown glyph.
    Now, my other question is, if my rotation goes something like OP –> Evi –> Measuring, should my next chain, OHS not resetted, be HT then into KDS –> OH –> WW or KDS, no OHS, –> WW, skip HT, or WW without KDS –> into HT –> OH?
    Tldr: what to do after OP –> EVI –> Measuring?
    I’m on my phone, sorry for any misspelling.

    • I’m glad you’re loving Slayer, and I hope this guide has been helpful to you learning the class.

      The Knockdown Strike into Whirlwind glyph provides a pretty good amount of damage to Whirlwind, so if a fight is going to allow you to take advantage of that, then consider using it. However, the animation lock on Knockdown Strike is substantial and can easily result in a loss of DPS or death. To cut things down and not get caught up in opinions, – because the quality of this glyph will change depending on who you ask – the glyph can be useful in certain fights that will allow you to safely cast Knockdown Strike. On the other side of the coin, keeping consistent up time on this glyph can become a daunting task, which makes Overpower’s extra 10% damage very appealing. I personally don’t like KDS into WW glyph because I see Knockdown Strike as filler, and I believe it’s significance will diminish even more in the next content patch when cool downs are lowered, which makes the skill and inherently the glyph less appealing. Overpower provides a substantial and consistent DPS boost at little cost, so I lean towards using it a lot, but use what you can make the most use out of in a particular fight, and don’t be afraid to change glyph set ups for different bosses!

      Heart Thrust and Eviscerate are the two skills you should Overpower. There are pros and cons to both. If you look at Heart Thrust, you will see it does have a triple Crit Rate glyph which will make you think it is fine without the +56 Crit Rate from Overpower, but that glyph also means Heart Thrust will be more consistent on giving nice returns on the 33-43% damage increase from Overpower.

      Eviscerate has slightly higher base damage than Heart Thrust, but it has no crit glyph which means it will benefit from the Crit Rate AND the damage from Overpower. However, on paper it will crit less often than Heart Thrust, so which one it is more beneficial to Overpower will come down to which one crits more. Ultimately Eviscerate needs to crit a certain % to give more damage. That % can be achieved, but it is not guaranteed, and that is important to remember even though it doesn’t necessarily discredit the idea of Overpower Eviscerate.

      My decision to lean toward Overpower Heart Thrust is because of Eviscerate’s function in a Slayer’s kit. Eviscerate chains from and into Overhand Strike. This means you can, with a reset, use a skill and then Overhand -> Eviscerate -> Overhand -> Measured. When you ALWAYS Overpower Eviscerate you lose Overhand strikes. Something else to keep in mind is that the Overhand before Eviscerate will not always have the damage boost from Eviscerate. This is true, but the cooldown of Eviscerate matches up nicely with the buffs, so you can keep the buff on that first Overhand. It will drop sometimes though, but that’s okay considering you have a 60% chance to reset Overhand. Those odds are in your favor.

      Ultimately, choosing to always Overpower Eviscerate or always Overpower Heart Thrust will rely on RNG to decide which one is better. Honestly, the best choice is to play the class and make the best decision based on the situation you are in. Let’s face it, sometimes it is better to go for that extra Overhand – I’m looking at you ICB- and sometimes you can fit in a nice, chunky Eviscerate crit with Overpower. Every fight is different, and it is up to you as player to make the best judgement.

      I apologize for the enormous length of this comment, but you did not ask a simple question. I hope it helped, and I hope I hit on all the points you wanted to cover. If something is not clear or you want to discuss this more, then let’s keep talking! I would love to hear other people’s opinions.


  43. Do u think should i reroll back to 9.3-9.3-6-6.9-14 instead of 9%-9.3-6%-6.9%-7.2%. Because i don’t see any difference in atk speed and cdr.

    • To be honest, the fourth roll will only make a marginal difference in how you play. If you don’t feel as though you can make proper use of CDR or A-Speed then Crit Factor is an option. A-speed makes play a bit more smooth, CDR reduces hang ups in your rotation, and Crit Factor does what Crit Factor does. lol

      Try them out, and find what works for you. If you play as well as I think you do, Loli, then you’ll be fine with whatever suits you.

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