First boss: Cavekeeper

Take Note

Oh, Bananas!

During the run, a random member of party will have a banana on their head. This means that person will place a banana under them! That person must run near the tree ASAP.

Tip: There are two ways to tell when banana drops.

  1. Debuff timer will run out and banana will be placed.
  2. Banana icon above player’s head will turn yellow.

Using those two hints above, you can still try to squeeze in some more DPS, but please do consider the distance from the tree and take account of your travel time.

In Normal Mode, the tree always spawns in the center of the map.
In Hard Mode, the tree spawns in random location.

A little trivia: tree spawns every 50 seconds.

Tanks should note that one of the safer tactic is to tank near the tree but not too close as the tree does take damage. Be considerate for the DPS members and try to position the boss parallel to the Tree (neither of his face or back should face the tree) with some distance around 3~5m; not too close, not too far.

These are his normal attacks. Since they are easy to tell, I’ll leave the gifs here for tanks to see. However, I will leave some note for DPS/Healer if needed


He just slaps you once.


He rolls on his side, it’s a multi-hit, but seems like only 2 hit (most of the time. Need confirmations.).

2-hit combo

Quick shout with swipes then stamps. Nothing special.


Note to Melee DPS: If he looks like he’s gonna do some push ups, he’s gonna slide backwards.


Ignore the message pop up. He slams the ground then jumps in place. Both animations do hit you, but just block and you’re fine.

Note to DPS: if he takes too long to jump, he’s going to throw a fart at you. It will inflict stun, but it can be iframed and cleansed though. (Zerks: block not confirmed. Need confirmations)

Multi-combo: 4-hit fisting followed by slam, then a jump.

Slam is blockable and iframeable but if you receive damage, it inflicts movement speed debuff which can be cleansed.
Jump cannot be blocked, but can be iframed.

Stunning Slam

This is what Tanks must watch out for
Inflicts stun
You cannot block this attack so when he raises his hands in the air, you must iframe this. LEARN THE TIMING.
Tanks may struggle with this. You can’t be too fast or too slow to iframe this– especially with attack speed buff differences..

Random target bombing.

Targets a random party member throwing an AoE attack 3 times.

In Normal Mode, you just stay away from other party members.

In Hard Mode, there will be a safe zone AoE (blue) under you after 3rd hit so run back to party behind the boss. That also includes Tanks, and you have no excuses as there are plenty of mobility without using iframes.

Tri-Bomb AoE

When he initiate this attack, there will be 3 explosions before you need to figure out where the safe zone is. (refer to a diagram below)

Tip: Similar to Lakan, you can iframe into him to avoid this attack, but you can be pushed out of him if you attack or move.

There are 3 possible pattern; ranged DPS or healers should take note in case they’re too far.

Tl;dr, it’s pretty simple as you just need to watch 3rd explosion.

I’ll kill all of you!!

Push-back Jump — He jumps almost immediately with this message.
Cannot block.
You should iframe just before he lands to avoid DPS loss, or even possible death. When he lands, he will push you away very far, so you better run into the blue AoE quickly.

Who’ll be my next toy?!
[Name]… You’re next!!

Targets a random player.
The person that is targeted must lure him on the banana near the tree. The actual mechanic is suppose to work in a way that you make him slip on banana to crash into the tree, but if the banana is very close to the tree and as long as you don’t lure him in a weird angle (not facing the tree), then he will slip away from the tree. Make sure you’re luring him right.

Tl;dr, when they line up, it should look something like

Boss -> Banana -> Tree -> Target

But try not to do:
Boss -> Tree -> Banana -> Target
Boss clips through the tree and slips on Banana in this case. It sometimes works, sometimes fails.

In Normal Mode he will chase the target after the message.

In Hard Mode, he will do the push-back jump, then chase his target. Make sure to iframe it. I won’t advise utilizing this push back as a method of travel because of the risk of messing up the mechanic. Also he will have a shield (Imperator Flashbacks). You must break this shield or else he will be immune from the banana.

This mechanic can fail in two ways, but they’re similar.

When he catches his target, he will stun everyone. This cannot be cleansed so don’t blame on healers.

When he slips but miss the headbutt against the tree, everyone will be shot up in the air, receiving bleed debuff. This can be cleansed.

Second boss: Lenim

Take Note

Shields and Crystal pillars
During the run, you will notice shields around the character and crystal spawning on people.

A message will appear and players will receive a shield (or shield color changes if you already had one).

In Normal Mode, there will only be Red or Blue Shield.

In Hard Mode. when the boss is below 50%, there will be Red, Blue, or White shield.

Some party members will have an ore floating above their head. Similar to bananas, you will have a debuff timer which will tell you when you will place a crystal. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. You need these crystals to survive.

In Normal Mode there will only be Green Crystal. There will only be Red or Blue lasers.

In Hard Mode, when the boss’ HP falls below 50%, the crystal will be Purple color instead. This is the signal telling you that the mechanic will have Red, Blue, and White lasers.

Tip for tank: Tank around the edge of the yellow circle of the map (see image). The mechanic for this boss heavily relies on mobility, and being too close to the center is lethal. The edge of that circle is the sweet spot.

(This image is missing a structure at the center that shoots laser, bout you’ll see it later)

Consider the structure of the map, then plan out how you will place the pillars. Here are few examples:

Set #1 is the ideal position. The crystals are clearly visible apart from each other, it is not too close to where lasers come out, and distances of the crystals are not too far, making it easier to avoid lasers.

Set#2 is terrible for two reasons: if the crystals are too close to each other, they may not be easily distinguished apart from each other. Also, another crystal is way too far from others, making it difficult to safely avoid lasers due to long distance travel. Classes lacking with mobility suffers greatest in this case.

Set #3 is the worst case. Placing the crystal too close to where lasers come out means the laser may or may not switch immediately depending on the placement, and it’s hard to tell at glance.

Tl;dr: Allow tanks to position to the either side (East or West) of the map. If you are placing crystals, spread at a reasonable distance away from another member with crystal on their head.

Front slam

Does as described, nothing special.

Back Stomp

He turns around to stomp behind. DPS: TAKE NOTE that this does NOT mean his hitbox turns around, so no one should try to follow his back.

Rock Smash

He pulls a rock from the ground without damaging the floor to slam it on the ground and smash it with his fist. When he slam the rock on the ground, the AoE does reach his behind, so melee DPS might need precaution.

Double Fisting

Nothing special.

Side Swipe

This attack can reach melee DPS behind, so take precaution when he pause after he throws a fist on the ground.

Stunning Combo

Stomp, 4-hit swipes, Donut AoE, then Jumps for Circle AoE bomb.
The Jump attack cannot be blocked but it can be iframed.
It also inflicts stun, but it can be cleansed.


He spits out 3 rocks which inflicts bleed debuff which can be cleansed.
This is more of a threat for ranged or healers than tanks or melee.

Rock Throw

Targets random player and throws a rock at them.


If the person with aggro is too far, he will leap toward the aggro. This helps tank to reposition in some cases, but misuse of this mechanic can infuriate your party members.

In hard mode, you cannot block this attack… not that it hurts anyways.

Red Rock

Cannot be blocked or iframed(?).
He miraculously pulls out a red rock without damaging the floor and a blue AoE will appear under a random party member.Simply get inside the blue AoE before its indicator is completely filled.

In Hard mode, he might take his time causing the blue AoE to disappear before the attack. You can iframe the attack in this case. Time your iframe with the red AoE indicator.

Blue Rock

Cannot be blocked, but it can be iframed.
He miraculously pulls out blue rock without damaging the floor. When he drops the rock, you will see blue AoE attack spreading out from him.

In Hard Mode, he will also throw the rock, which reverses the direction of the blue AoE: it will now gather toward him instead.

If you wondered what the shields and crystals were for, this is it.


Lasers appear with a message:
Eliminate all intruders. Eliminate all intruders.
This cannot be blocked or iframed. (but you can use Teleport Jaunt)

At the center of the map there’s some structure. This structure shoots out lasers on two ends, which you can see by blue crystal pointing out from it. It will rotate clockwise or counterclockwise based on the number of mechanic’s activation. Please read Take Note section to understand what to do here (especially tanks). Each time the laser passes through the crystals, it will change its color. To survive this mechanic, you must match the shield color with laser color.

Note that every time this mechanic initiates, it will always alternate between clockwise and counterclockwise rotation.

Same colors are Safe
Different colors are Dead

In Normal Mode, there will be 1 laser first time, then 2 lasers sometime afterwards (not sure if its HP% based).
Laser Color alternates Red > Blue > Red > … when it passes the crystal.

In Hard Mode, the structure will blast an AoE which inflicts Silence and Slow debuff, disabling skills and decreasing movement speed. This can be iframed. There will be 2 lasers from start. When the boss’ HP is above 50%, it won’t be much different from Normal mode. But starting below 50% HP, the spawning crystals will be purple, and there will be 3 colors instead of 2.

Below 50%, laser color switch order is Red > Blue > White > Red > … when it passes the crystal.

Final Boss: Cyrux

Take Note

The key mechanic for Normal mode is very different from Hard mode for this boss. So make sure you are reading the correct part. Most gifs are from Hard Mode. Unless noted, ignore the blue and brown AoEs.

Vaccinate the Goblins!

The dungeon has few things to take note of:
Goblin mobs, Red/Blue Vaccine, Test tube colors, and purple puddles.

Goblin Mobs are crucial to the Key mechanic. You must allow them to safely travel toward red or blue vaccine (which the system will tell you via red message).

The catch here is that, during the run, you will notice Purple Puddles. These puddles inflict some flat damage to players, but to goblin mobs, this is fatal to everyone in the party. The goblin will be infected by purple virus and self destruct after running toward a player, causing a massive AoE explosion. This cannot be blocked or iframed, and it also inflicts stun that can be cleansed.

In Normal Mode, you just need to make sure you do not place purple puddle on the traveling paths of the goblin mob, between its test tube and its destination. The destination here depends on system message indicating cold (blue) or hot (red).

In Hard Mode, there will be a mechanic where you must create a pathway for the goblin instead of avoiding its pathway. If the goblin do not have the pathway made for him, he will be infected and become a self destructing bomb.

Tl;dr, Goblins need flu shots.Help them get it.

Also, keep track of the test tube colors on the boss’ back. After certain point in the run, it will glow blue or red. This is important as it is related to his special attacks.

Normal, Blue, Red


With a message saying he’ll give you cancer, you get a contamination debuff. This is indicated by a debuff icon or an orb floating above your head. This debuff means you must get hit by special mechanics corresponding to the color of debuff instead of avoiding it.


Single hit slash. Self explanatory

Front smash, Back kick

Smashes his flail on the ground and back kicks. DPS should take note that the kick pushes them back.

Energy Pulse

2 hit attack. He gathers an energy on his hand, slaps it on the ground and inflicts another damage as he removes his hand. You can block both hits.

Double Flail Swing

Swings his flail twice on the person with aggro. Both hits can be blocked, but take note that the second hit might bleed.

Large Swing

Swings its flail at a large area about 10~20m donut AoE. This is only a threat to ranged DPS or healers, but it can be iframed if timed correctly (when flail starts to drag along the floor).

Double AoE

Hard Mode only. Initiates Donut first, then Circle AoE under everyone. An ideal strategy would be gather first, then iframe out of circle AoE, however, make sure you confirm that the AoE position is locked before doing so.

Random target Flail

Throws its flail at a random target.

Puddle Flail

When his flail glows purple as he swings it around, then this attack will leave a purple virus puddle when it successfully hits any entity, including HB, shadows, and thralls. This can be avoided by iframes.

In Hard Mode, this attack can pull-in goblin mobs in the map. If the goblin mob is pulled, it will be infected by virus and self destruct.

Dotted Lines

Depending on the boss’ test tube colors, this attack will be different. To make this easy, just remember:

Blue is Between,
Red is Reversed.

In Normal Mode, both patterns appear consecutively one after another.

In Hard Mode, it might do both patterns consecutively. It can only do one part and carry on.
If you have contamination debuff, act accordingly.

Huge Flail Swing

Note: gif shows Hard Mode
Based on the swinging direction, he will attack differently.
If he swings the flail clockwise, he will attack front.
If he swings counterclockwise, he will attack behind.

In Hard mode, the second hit is conditional based on the color of his back

Normal, Blue, Red

If his back is normal, he will attack based on the direction of the flail.
If his back is blue, he will attack based on the direction of the flail, then attack his front.
If his back is red, he will attack based on the direction of the flail, then attack his behind.

Just like the dotted line mechanic, players must watch for their debuff and act accordingly for the second hit.

In normal mode, simply tank near the edge of the wall, avoid purple puddles being placed anywhere near goblin mobs or its pathway. Pretty straight forward eh?

In hard mode, here are additional mechanics:

Infection bomb

A red AoE will be placed under a random target. All party members should gather to share damage. After explosion, the debuff will be transferred to another player.


With the message, he will begin to gather up energy. Stun him to prevent him from creating a ring of Aura.

Touching this ring will inflict flat damage over time.

Safe Pathway

With a message, a yellow puddle will be generated below players and a test chamber containing goblin mob. Create a puddle bridge for the goblin mob toward a vaccine. The system message will tell you whether you should lead the goblin to blue or red.

Cold = Blue
Hot = Red

Take note that the goblin is going to take the shortest route possible, so do not expect goblin mobs to follow a weird pathway. It will only travel in straight path.
If the goblin steps outside of these puddles or steps into purple puddle on the way, he will turn into self-destructing bomb. Inflicting lethal damage and a stun. The self-destruction cannot be blocked or iframed, but the stun can be cleansed.

Additionally, there may be 2 goblins during the run, and the goblin mob may change its direction when the message changes the mechanic while it was already on its way to a vaccine.

When there are 2 goblin mobs, your party members must split into 2 / 3 and place the puddles for the goblin’s pathway to their vaccines.

Hurry up!

Goblin will begin to walk faster than normal. This mechanic is a threat when your party had to split for the puddle path for goblin mobs. Dispel the buff by throwing Plague of Exhaustion or using Regression on the goblin mob to remove their speed buff.


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