Current for: Velik’s Fate Patch

With each major patch, the meta of class strength and tiers can change. Because this game requires high skill and knowledge of your class and game mechanics to do well, we recommend picking a class that fits you instead of simply the “strongest” meta pick. A well-played non-meta pick will almost always outperform a poorly-played meta pick. Learning proper game mechanics, such as crystal choice, gear roll, skill rotation, and enraged burning, will make much more difference than your class choice.

For those wishing to know insight into endgame perspective though, these tier lists can help you understand how classes are ranking in relation to each other in the current patch. Keep in mind that this is for the NA and EU region, without any talent system.

S-Tier = These classes are extremely strong, able to do much higher dps than others.
A-Tier = These classes are very strong, able to do high dps (though less than S-Tier)
B-Tier = These classes are solid DPS, able to do above-average dps but less than A-Tier.
C-Tier = These classes are considered average, doing a less than B-Tier classes.

PvE DPS Max Potential Tier List

Updated: Tuesday 7/30/2017 | Next update: Tuesday 8/15/2017

This tier list ranks classes based on their maximum potential damage in dungeons. Although the list was compiled based on data collected from Moongourd [See Google Sheets], please note that this is a subjective list that is only relevant to min-max endgame players. Some classes only shine in specific “meta” party compositions and specific conditions.




Valkyrie, Berserker (Slaying)



Warrior, Berserker (Normal),Gunner, Reaper, Archer



Sorcerer, Slayer







Min-Max PvE Tank Tier List

Lancers remain the “meta” pick due to their strong party support buffs. Brawler and Warrior can be considered equal as tanks, but Warrior Tank remains much more difficult to play. Berserker Tank is not recommended.










Warrior (Defense Stance)



Berserker (Intimidation Stance)



PvE Healer Tier List

Healers are roughly equal this patch, with healer preference depending on party DPS composition. Double healing in Velik’s Sanctuary is much less desired, with solo heal parties being able to deal more dps and speeding up runs overall.




Priest, Mystic






Double Heal (Priest + Mystic)




  1. I think Ninja’s are underrated, as the majority of them are surprisingly bad at playing the class. But a good ninja is right up there at the top. I would dare say to put in B tier at the very least.

    • That’s not right, especially with this new patch with bosses with high crit resist, ninja lost sooo much dps, I can definitely say that’s good where they put it.
      I didn’t get why they put warrior back in A-tier instead of S-tier

  2. What is the difference between Berserker (Slaying) and Berserker (Normal)?

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