Created by the Archdevans, another dimension lives beyond our world. They’ve created a machine to bypass the wall of our world and now have the ability to traverse into our realm. However, the Valkyon Federation had a plan. They’ve managed to create something to take them beyond the rift and into their timescape. They’ve entrusted you to explore this new found world.

Level Requirement: 65
Item Level: 423 (Normal Mode)
Format: 5-man

Normal Mode Drops:

  • VM9 Mat: Lakan’s Scale
  • Tier 2 Godly Earring
  • Cleansing Brooch
  • Ambush Belt
  • VM8 Mat: Lady’s Hankerchief
  • VM8 Mat: Envy Crystal



Mini Game: Timesphere


Your first encounter will be a room with three spheres. The aim is to destroy all three spheres.

Ball 3 will be shieldless and the other two will be protected with a reflective shield. Dealing damage to a shielded sphere will deal damage to the player equal to 10% of his maximum HP. Mobs will begin spawning if Ball 3 is hit or Ball 1 is destroyed. These will hurt, but can be controlled with staggers and knockdowns. You should aim to kill these if they become a pain.

Tip: High DPS parties should kill the shielded balls (1+2) at the same time then destroy the remaining ball (3). Low DPS parties should kill in the order: shielded (1), unshielded (3), shielded (2).


From time to time, the spheres may place an Ring (Damage to mid-range players) or Circle (Damage to close-range players). If Ball 2 is destroyed and Ball 1 is not, players will also receive a Bleed/Sleep debuff. The Ring and Circle will be placed on a player and they will be the center point for that skill. These rings will tick four times and will explode on the fifth tick. For the debuff, your healer has 5 seconds to cleanse otherwise you will be slept (uncleansable). Note that if party members are dead, they will still receive the debuff, so healers should cleanse them once they revive.

First Boss: Hemera


Tanking Tip:

Your tank must bring the boss to either one of the spheres located around the room. You should position the boss so that the DPS can hit the boss without hitting the sphere.


Attack Patterns: Similar to Trihorn Dracoloths.

Spheres and Shield: When entering the room, you’ll be faced with Hemera and by default, it is protected by a reflective shield. Players will receive 10% maximum HP as damage when attacking Hemera with an active shield.

You’ll notice four spheres located at the corners of the field. When Hemera is close to these spheres, its shield drops and it becomes safe to attack. Your tank should position the boss close enough for the effect to disappear, but not too close as players can damage the sphere as well. When all four spheres are destroyed, the fight can no longer continue.

Once the sphere dies, it will release an aura that will deal 10,000 damage a second and you will need to move onto the next. It should be noted that the spheres will regenerate over time. Although this is not always doable, you should aim to only use two specific spheres as each has it’s own unique mechanic which the party will have to deal with.

Here’s a map (of the mini-map):


2. North West
This sphere will periodically debuff players with a damage over time and the same Bleed/Sleep effect as the mini game. It is not recommended to use this sphere, unless needed.
1. North East (Recommended 1st)
This sphere will periodically place the Ring from the mini game onto the target with the highest aggro. This will deal damage to anyone who is mid-range to that person.




3. South West (Recommended 2nd)
This sphere will periodically place the Circle from the mini game onto the person with the highest aggro. This will deal damage to anyone who close-range to that person. The person selected will still be damaged.
4. South East
This sphere will periodically debuff players with a damage over time and the same Bleed/Sleep effect as the mini game. It is not recommended to use this sphere, unless needed.

North West and South East spheres are harder for healers, and it is not recommended to use them. These spheres will inflict a sleep/bleed effect which needs to be cleansed within 5 seconds. Failure to do so will cause players to sleep for a few seconds. In addition, the spheres will occasionally give Hemera a 5 second buff that will need to be Plagued/Regressed. Failure to remove this buff will give Hemera a substantial power buff for 30 seconds.

Tail Whip: Hemera’s rotation includes two consecutive tail whips, this is something melee players should look out for.

Dive: From time to time, Hemera will rise up slightly, stagger all nearby players (ignoring all stagger immunity buffs) and then slam the ground with a dive. This is something all players should look out for.

Electric Ball: Hemera will fire an electric ball which inflicts heavy damage at a player. You must evade this. This will usually be focused on ranged DPS and healers.

Triple Electric Ball: Hemera will sometimes fire three electric balls at a player. This is notified by the purple secondary aggro ring.

Thunderstrike: Hemera will shout “We will meet again!” and spread his wings, and then proceed to fly up. You must interrupt him before he flies by stunning it. Failure to do so will cause him to hail a deadly attack by flying upwards and spitting 3 fire explosions in a line directly in front of him, close, mid and far away, which may kill unexperienced/undergeared players. You can dodge this easily if you know the positioning of these explosions. When he lands, he will also deal a moderately high amount of damage.

Out Take: Hemera will flap his wings and pushes players outwards with strong wind currents. Players hit will receive 35,000 flat damage. This may not kill you but will leave you vulnerable.

It is worth noting that all the above mechanics and happen simultaneously with the sphere’s specific mechanic, so be careful.

First Boss (Part 2): Eremes – Hard Mode Only


Tanking Tip:

Your tank must position the boss in the middle of the room, away from the harmful damage auras from the destroyed spheres.


Attack Patterns: Similar to Hemera, except Eremes will not perform In Take.

Spheres: This boss will only be featured in HARD MODE and has the same attacks and patterns as the first boss, Hemera, except for In Take. There are slight differences in some mechanics (as explained below).

For this boss, the spheres will be destroyed every so often, warned 5 seconds in advance by “The destroyed Dragon’s Orb will explode soon.“, this will leave a large AoE damaging aura around the destroyed spheres, limiting the field to the centre only. In addition, for the duration that they are destroyed you’ll receive all four specific sphere mechanics: Ring, Circle, Bleed/Sleep effects.

Empowered Eremes: When the spheres explode and “The orb protects and empowers the Dark World-Dragon!” is announced, Eremes will receive a buff. The initial buff is 5 seconds and can be Plagued/Regressed. Failure to do so will cause him to receive a massive power buff for 30 seconds.

Thunderstrike: Eremes will shout “We will meet again!” and spread his wings, and then proceed to fly up. Unlike Hemera, Eremes will not be stunnable. He will proceed to hail a deadly attack, flying upwards and spitting 3 fire explosions in a line directly in front of him, close, mid and far away, which may kill unexperienced/undergeared players. You can dodge this easily if you know the positioning of these explosions. When he lands, he will also deal a very high amount of damage. It is advised to stay away from the boss until it lands.

Then catch a ride on a wyvern to the next zone, Beyond Thundertrial!

Pathway #1

Once off the wyvern ride, you’ll encounter a path full of BAMs and monsters. You will also notice a bar (which is out of 100). When you kill a BAM, this bar fills up. Basilisks will fill up 10% of the bar, Teraliths will fill up 20% of the bar, and Fangspawns will fill up 30% of the bar.


You must kill enough BAMs to fill the entire bar, then you may interact with the device at the end of the path to proceed. This reveal a pathway to the next boss, you will need to climb a vine.

Second Boss: Tempas


Tanking Tip:

Normal tank and spank boss. It is advised to tank the boss against the wall or circular motion. However, the tank must be able to get out and avoid the breath attack.


Attack Patterns: Similar to normal Kumas BAMs, there will be orbs and statues around.

Electric Spheres: Spheres will float around the field, usually on the outer edges. At first there are no spheres. Spheres are generated by players when they are hit by puddles from the Breath Attack. They can be destroyed but it is not recommended as DPSing the boss would be much faster (and you may also generate more spheres when trying to kill other spheres). That being said, controlling the amount of spheres is vital later on, as too many will make the fight hard.

Jump: From time to time, Tempas will jump and slam onto the ground. This will send players into the air. Even when in the air, you still take damage from attacks such as Tempas’s Statue’s streaks, therefore it is recommended you iframe or block this attack.

Tempas’s Statues: When first encountering this boss, you’ll notice several statues on the outer edges of the room. When an Electric Sphere touches a statue, it will activate the statue. The statue will then fire a streak of lightning across the room at the closest player. These deal 15,000 flat damage, which at first is not much, but when several are activated at the same time due to too many spheres, it can be a problem. You can iframe the lasers in Normal Mode, however you cannot in Hard Mode (and the inflicted damage is 35,000). You can also stun or CC the statues.
Breath: Tempas will deal an electric breath attack at a player. Each tick of the breath will deal damage. The breath attack will leave three electric puddles on the ground. If a player or player-like entity (Mystic Thralls, Gunner ST, or Warrior Shadow) enters a puddle, they’ll receive fixed damage and a debuff. This debuff will give you an aura which can damage nearby party members. This can be cleansed. Getting hit will generate an Electric Sphere.

Hard Mode: Both puddle, breath and debuff aura will deal significantly higher damage. The center puddle from every breath attack will create a Red Electric Sphere, which cannot be destroyed. The debuff will also damage the player who has it as well as nearby party members.

Storm Incarnate: Tempas shouts “Fools! I am the storm incarnate!“, and then jumps, this causes a shockwave across the field. This inflicts a fixed amount of damage and a MP decaying debuff which can be cleansed. This can be iframed. A second or two later after Tempas lands, multiple Kuma Statues will fire lightning bolts at players so be prepared to dodge.

Hard Mode: This deals a higher amount of damage (45,000) and cannot be iframed.

Final Boss: Yana


Tanking Tip:

This boss is stationary, so tanks should be aiming to allow the DPS to obtain optimal backtime by watching the position of Black Holes and adapting to where the boss turns to during certain attacks.


Attack Patterns: Yana is a stationary boss. However, it has close and mid-range attacks.

Floor Tiles: When entering the room, you’ll notice that the floor is split into 3 parts. An Inner Ring, Center Ring and Outer Ring. They’ll move around when you first encounter a boss. You’ll also notice that each floor ring has a missing piece, this is the alignment piece.

You’ll also notice three walls on the outer edges of the field. These are the Sun tile, Devil tile and Goddess tile. (Do not be confused by the floating cubes, pay attention to the walls).

The aim: During the fight, one of the walls will light up, the Sun will glow red, the Devil will glow purple and the Goddess will glow green. However only one will light up at any given time. Your party must then cooperate and align the floors so that they are facing the appropriate wall. All three floor’s alignment pieces must be facing that wall. You will only have a limited amount of attempts to do this. If you fail then Yana will receive a buff that increases its defense by 25% and damage by 10%. If you succeed, your party will receive a buff (In addition, Yana will lose the existing buff if you have failed the previous attempt of the same face. For example, if Yana has the Devil buff one and you successfully complete the Devil alignment, Yana will lose the Devil buff). If Yana receives all three buffs from all three tiles, Yana will announce “Your time of judgment is nigh!” and wipe the party. Your time limit is the cubes (3 colored cubes which represent each wall, example: Purple cube is for the Devil wall), they will rotate around the room and once the same colored cube passes the lit up wall, your time is up!

Successfully completing one of these will give your party members a buff that lasts until the timer ticks zero again. They are:

  • Sun: Regenerates HP over time. Stamina does not decrease.
  • Goddess: Increases Defense. Players will also get a boon, restoring the HP and MP of all players to 100% and allowing all currently dead players to revive.
  • Devil: Restores 100% MP every 15 seconds.

Here’s a map of the field:

Rotating and aligning the floors:
As you can see, when first starting the fight, the floors are random and the alignment pieces (the missing black gap on each floor piece) are not aligned. During the fight, a wall will glow it’s respective color. As stated above, you must align the alignment pieces towards that wall. So how do you rotate the floor?

Outer Ring: The outer ring can be rotated by destroying a Time Device on the outer edges of the map. There are three located in between each wall. Destroying one will rotate the outer floor once in a clockwise motion. (Devil > Goddess > Sun > Devil). You may need to kill another to align correctly. These Time Devices will not respawn until all three have been destroyed, at which point “The World Seal draws upon the power of the worlds.” will be announced and all Time Devices will be respawned.

Hard Mode: Destroying all 3 Time Devices will announce “The World Seal draws upon the power of the worlds.” After five seconds, Yana receives a buff which increases its defense and party members will receive a deadly DoT. Healers should cleanse the party and Plague/Regress Yana. Note that if party members are dead, they will still receive the debuff, so healers should cleanse them once they revive.

Center Ring: Yana will shout “Open your mind to all of time and space!” and proceed with a ring shape explosion on the center ring. When a player stands inside this attack, they must take damage and survive, then the middle ring will rotate counter-clockwise (Sun > Goddess > Devil > Sun). This attack will deal 140,000 damage (280,000 in Hard Mode). In order for players to survive, players must share the damage by standing in the damage zone together. With 2 members, the damage will be split by half. With 3, it will be split 3-ways, and so on. Mystic’s Thralls, Gunner’s ST and Warrior Shadows will count as a body. Skills such as a Sorcerer’s Mana Barrier, Warp Barrier, Priest’s Kaia’s Shield and Warding Scrolls can reduce damage. (Since a Sorcerer’s Warp Barrier negates all damage, a Sorcerer can take rotate the ring alone. Similarly a Gunner can use Command: Recall to absorb the damage as well).

Inner Ring: You’ll notice another bar when fighting Yana. This bar can fill up to 100. When the bar is full, “A Stone Sigil Becomes Active” will be shown and you will be able to interact with Yana (by pressing “F”). This will rotate the inner ring clockwise (Devil > Goddess > Sun > Devil). This bar will fill up when you attack the boss. It is recommended that melee and/or tanks handle the Inner Ring.


Hard Mode: Similar to Normal Mode, when you fail to complete the floor alignment, Yana will be buffed. However in Hard Mode, Yana will receive a specific buff depending on which wall is glowing. It is not recommended that you fail any and it’ll make the fight harder. If you successfully complete it, you will still get a buff though.

  • Sun: Yana will receive a shield and players will be blinded with a periodic flash. (Similar to Auracadis’s Mirror mechanic in Balder’s Temple)
  • Goddess: Yana will receive a 30% attack speed buff and 100% increased defense.
  • Devil: The entire party receives a debuff which will cause a fatal death after 10 seconds every 15 seconds, if failed to be cleansed.
Tip: If Yana does receive a buff, it can be removed by completing the same color correctly later, so don’t give up hope immediately.

Tile Mix-Up: At any point past 40% HP, Yana will glow bright purple, shout “Who are you to touch my statue?” and attempt to mix up the floor. You must interrupt him by stunning. Failure to do so will cause Yana to slam his dice into the ground, moving either the Outer or Inner Ring once.

Hard Mode: Yana will start doing this mechanic starting at 85% as well. It will usually do this mechanic alongside summoning his minions. The message for “Who are you to touch my statue?” will show up in [Say] chat, although it will not show up on top of Yana’s body.

Black Hole: During the fight, Yana will place a black hole on a player and will stay on the ground for a while. Entering this black hole will cause players to be teleported to a Time Device on the outer edges of the field. It can be handy to get to one fast, so place wisely. Players can iframe to move out of the Black Hole without being teleported, although it is not possible to do this in Hard Mode. There are a maximum of three Black Holes on the field at any given time. Any new ones will cause the oldest one to fizzle out.

Yana’s Minions: Adds will spawn and run to the person with the highest aggro, these will explode when they are within 7m and deal damage. Warriors can use Binding Sword to pull them, Priests may use Zenobia’s Vortex to disrupt them. Yana will say “Come, my beautiful children!” in [Say] chat to announce the arrival of these minions.


Spin: Yana will spin around and proceed to juggle its cubes, spinning them at high speeds around it. This can deal a lot of damage and potentially kill melee players, so it is best to avoid this by escaping.

Swipe: Similar to Darkan’s Wing Swipe, Yana will swipe to a side. It can be painful, but this does not add any harmful effects.

Breath: Yana will target a random player and proceed to attack them with a fire breath. You’ll have enough time to escape before his chest opens up and torches you. Failure to do so will cause damage, pushback, and staggering effects. This can be blocked.

Leash: From time to time, if no players are nearby, Yana will leash a player saying “Come closer, little mote!


Time Cage: You will be notified with “Who is so bold as to enter my realm?” and a purple cage will appear around the inner floor ring. Then, Yana will announce “Let’s roll the dice and decide your fate, shall we?“, making the purple wall solid, allowing no one to escape (if they’re still inside). It will say “My power has been gathering in this realm!” and proceed to eject mass amounts of energy, killing anyone still left inside. If you are trapped inside, you can use a Black Hole to escape.

Hard Mode: Players who are outside the cage will be silenced. Players can stay on the outermost area of the arena to avoid the silence as well. This can be tricky if you need to stun the boss. Having players inside of the cage will allow for free DPS and allow players to stun Yana if necessary.

Clap: Yana will clap with great force and pull players inwards, dealing static damage. This can be iframed.
Dodge all the claps to unlock an achievement

Dice Attacks: Yana will use his dice to attack players, combos include smashing them in front and them behind and throwing them at the person with the highest aggro.

Hard Mode OnlyRipple: After 60% HP, Yana will occasionally slam into the ground, releasing 3 consecutive waves of 40,000 damage (static damage). Move towards the boss to avoid getting hit more than once. These waves cannot be iframed.



  • person_pinCredits
    Credit to Zephya for the original version of the guide; to Inven, Enryaku (Notes), Gameforge (Images)

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