Introduced in NA on April 11, 2017 (December 22, 2016 in KTERA) as the 13th class, Valkyrie is a female Castanic melee damage dealer class. The Valkyrie class draws on many different combat systems similar to Warrior’s edge system, Brawler’s perfect block mechanic, and Ninja’s chi resource to create a new unique playstyle. Valkyrie’s original concept in KTERA had a lunar theme; many skills were named after and reflected the moon, and their weapon Wol’Gwang’Do (Moonlight Blade) drew inspiration from a traditional Korean weapon called the Woldo (Moon Blade). However, in the process of localization from Korea to North America, Valkyrie seemed to opt out of the Korean lunar theme and instead, gone with a more Norse ancient divinity theme.

Control ★★★☆☆ Moderately easy to play, difficult to master
Attack ★★★★★ Great damage; potential to be broken
Defense ★★★★ Durable with some defensive skills you’ll rarely use



Valkyrie Overview

Name Valkyrie Starting Level 1
Weapon Type glaive02_a_tex Runeglaive Armor Type lightchest20_tex Leather Armor
Role Melee Damage Dealer (DPS) Available Race Female Castanic (only)
NA Release Date April 11, 2017 KTera Release Date December 22, 2016


Interestingly, the Valkyrie’s weapon Runeglaive has the highest Attack modifier among all the class weapons, beating even the Berserker’s Axe. As for the reason behind Leather armor, the developers mentioned that “[…] we decided on Glaives that focuses striking [enemies] with large blade at the tip and swinging around in spinning motion to attack, and a Leather armor to match the dexterous movements.” 

Valkyrie is quite unique in terms of stats and build, which will be explained after the gearing section. Its playstyle may appeal to players who enjoy Warriors and Slayers, but it will not fail to draw attention from almost anyone. However, the complexity of this class may vary by person– personally I’ve struggled in keeping up with back time on bosses.

Overall, this class is fair for both new player or veterans. However, the skill gap is clearly noticeable and the skill ceiling can be quite high, so the disparity between skilled and rookie can be quite steep. With this guide, it is my goal to lessen the gap by providing a solid basis to start from.


Base Stats
Power 52 Crit Resist Factor 65
Endurance 80 Attack Speed 100
Crit Factor 58 Movement Speed 110




Stat Priority

Unlike most classes, this class is not very dependent on Crit Factor, so this class will focus on building power instead. However, you still need some crit factor to avoid the slim possibility of not critting on the most crucial skills. Here is a chart based on 100+ hits for a single skill on Hydraths in Island of Dawn:


Icon Skill Name Total Crit Factor
58 (base) ~ 100 ~ 150 ~200 ~250
valk-shiningcrescent Shining Crescent ?~100%
(some white)
(rarely white)
100% 100% 100%
valk-runeburst Runeburst ?~100%
(some white)
(rarely white)
100% 100% 100%
valk-glaivestrike Glaive Strike < 50%
(a lot of white)
(frequent white)
(rarely white)
100% 100%
With Glyph (Double) 90~100%
(some white)
(rarely white)
100% 100% 100%
valk-groundbash Ground Bash < 50%
(a lot of white)
(frequent white)
(occasionally white)
(some white)
With Glyph (Triple) 90~100%
(some white)
(rarely white)
100% 100% 100%


TL;DR, Focus on building power, not crit factor.

Here, the most important skills are Shining Crescent and Runeburst. They will have extremely high chance to crit regardless of the amount of crit factor as long as the skill hits the back of the target. If I have to talk about the flaws in this testing, they might not be accurate as I’ve noticed some glitches and I could not tell whether few hits were really from the back. Even with disregarding those from the data, the chart above seems to match most of the time.

Having 100% on Glaive Strike and Ground Bash may sound nice, but they do not contribute to your total damage yield enough to invest glyph points. Also, the fact that they require you to chain from Leaping Slash on top of having quite a bit of animation time makes it less appealing to use compared to the other skills. This will be covered in the Skill Rotation section.

Again, this is merely a data on Island of Dawn BAMs, which tend to have higher crit resist compared to bosses in Instance Dungeons. This shows that you can expect better results against dungeon bosses, but at worst, it should match the data.

Weapon and Armor Gear Rolls

Gearing Etching
Top Increase damage against enraged monsters by 9.3% weapon_enchant_scroll_3_tex
Bottom Reduce cooldowns by 7.2% (most important)
Increase damage against enraged monsters by 9.3%
Increase damage by 6.9% when attacking from behind
VM 4th Line Increase damage by 6%
Leather Armor
Top Bloodflower – Replenish 15 Ragnarok Points on every hit (See below) body_enchant_scroll_3_tex
Bottom Decrease damage received by 6%
Decrease damage received from frontal attacks by 6.9%
Decrease damage received from enraged monster by 10%
VM 4th Line Increase max HP by 8%
Bottom Increase Power by 5 arm_enchant_scroll_3_tex
Increase Crit Factor by 9
Increase Attack Speed by 2.25%
Bottom Increase Endurance by 4 leg_enchant_scroll_3_tex
Increase Movement Speed by 6%
Replenish 2.0% max MP every 5 seconds

List of Possible Chest Top Line

Icon Skill Effect Type Viable?
 valk-overheadslash Overhead Slash Reduce Cooldown of Overhead Slash by 40% No
 valk-glaivestrike Glaive Strike Increase Skill Damage of Glaive Strike by 10% No
 valk-maelstrom Maelstrom Increase Skill Damage of Maelstrom by 10% No
 valk-shiningcrescent Shining Crescent Increase Skill Crit Damage of Shining Crescent by 8% No
 valk-titansbane Titansbane Reduce Cooldown of Titansbane by 10% No
 valk-groundbash Ground Bash Increase Skill Damage of Ground Bash by 15% No
 valk-dreamslash Dream Slash Increase Skill Damage of Dream Slash by 15% No
 valk-bloodflower Bloodflower Replenish additional Ragnarok Points by 15 per hit from this skill.
(read more at “Ragnarok Points” section)
Yes, Very
 valk-runeburst Runeburst Increase Skill Damage of Runeburst by 10% No
 valk-backstab Backstab Reduce Cooldown of Backstab by 15% No


No doubt, Bloodflower is the superior choice.

Valkyrie’s DPS heavily relies on Shining Crescent and Ragnarok. This chest line replenishes Ragnarok Points very quickly, allowing you to activate Ragnarok faster and more often. This also helps in using Shining Crescent because when you activate Ragnarok, it will reset cooldown on Shining Crescent as well, allowing you to use Shining Crescent twice within 10 seconds under perfect conditions. Utilizing both of these benefits a tremendous amount of DPS in return.

Jewelry Choice and Rolls

 drop_earring_29_tex Earrings: Double Power 4% Max HP 4 Endurance
 necklace_25_tex Necklace: Power 4 Power
 drop_ring_29_tex Rings: Double Power 4 Power 2 Power or 4 Crit Factor
 goddess_brooch_tex Brooch: Marrow, Quatrefoil, and Empowered 6 Crit Factor 3 Power

(4 Crit Factor if Quickcarve)

 belt23_c_tex Belt 6 Crit Factor 3 Power
 acc_579_tex Circlet / Diadem 4 Power

Innerwear Choice

pc_event_45_f_a_tex Type New Superior Old Superior Rare Uncommon
Power 10 8 6 2
Crit Factor 20 16 12 4


The recommended option is 10 Power Innerwear. However, if you feel that having extra crit factor is necessary, it isn’t a bad idea to do so since having some crit factor will provide a bit of safety when you are very low in crit factor and/or in priest party.

Crystal Choice

Type Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3 Slot 4 Optional
Weapon redcustomize04g_texFocused redcustomize24g_texBitter redcustomize06g_texSavage redcustomize23g_texPounding
Chest bluecustomize22g_texHardy bluecustomize22g_texHardy bluecustomize22g_texHardy bluecustomize22g_texHardy bluecustomize12g_texRelentless
Accessory greencustomize01b_texPowerful greencustomize01b_texPowerful greencustomize01b_texPowerful greencustomize01b_texPowerful greencustomize03b_texKeen


Some may prefer to have crit factor mixed in. It is not unusual to see Valkyrie with crit factor jewelries or crystals.

  1. They probably feel that they are lacking crit factor to consistently produce 100% crit on Shining Crescent and Runeburst. It isn’t a bad idea to have some crit factor while you are learning the class before going full power set-up.
  2. In priest party, having some crit factor is recommended (around 58.0 +62) because there is a very small chance that Shining Crescent won’t crit even from the back.

Valkyrie do not require Glistening (or Glisteningly Blue Dyads) because normally you will not have any issues with mana.


Runemark basically functions just like Warrior’s Edge stacks. However, there are few differences:

  • Stacks up to 7 marks on a single target.
  • It can be retrieved to your character which will leave indicator below your character. There are total of 7 triangles forming a shape like a sun. Each stack will be indicated as yellow glow on each triangle, but once it is full, the indicator will glow red.
  • The effect of skills depend on whether the target has the stacks or not.

Inflicting crit damage from any attack against another player or normal monsters will grant 1 Runemark to the inflicted target.


However, against bosses, Runemarks will only stack under the following conditions:

valk-leapingslash 1 mark on second hit valk-glaivestrike 2 marks
valk-bloodflower 1 mark on sixth hit valk-spinningdeath 1 mark on third Hit
valk-groundbash 1 mark valk-reclamation Retrieve all marks and add 1 mark
valk-dreamslash 1 mark if target has at least 1 mark embedded valk-maelstrom 1 mark per hit; up to 6 in total
valk-charge 1 mark if target has 0 mark embedded valk-shiningcrescent 2 marks on second hit
( The target must have 7 marks detonated on first hit to cast second hit )


valk-ragnarok valk-titansbane On January 25th, Titansbane’s functions were altered.

When this skill is used while Ragnarok is active, the first attack will stack 1 mark on each hit, and second attack will stack 2 marks, making it total of 7 marks. Details will be covered later in the Change Logs.


Ragnarok Points

Ragnarok points is a third resource available to the Valkyrie class, that is generated by using skills. All skills replenish Ragnarok Points by 5 per hit, that’s without any modifiers. This means it takes 200 raw hits to fill up the gauge to 1000.


However, some skills have glyphs to increase the amount of Ragnarok Points:

Skill Total Number of Hits Glyph Effect
valk-runeburst 7 Replenish 5 more Energy each hit.

(Up to 70 if glyphed)

valk-bloodflower 6 Replenish 5 more Energy each hit.

(Up to 60 if glyphed)


Also, if you have Chest Top Line re-rollable option set to Bloodflower:

valk-bloodflower Bloodflower – Replenish additional Ragnarok Points by 15 per hit.

With this, you will regenerate up to 120 Ragnarok Points (or 150 with glyph)


After you’ve built up 1000 Ragnarok Points, Ragnarok will be available for toggle, activating its effect.

valk-ragnarok Consumes 1000 Ragnarok Points to activate.


Perfect Evasion

This is currently not working properly until we get the fix from KTERA’s January 25th patch. 

Another unique trait of Valkyrie is “Perfect Evation”. This is an effect given to Valkyrie when they trigger “Perfect Evasion”, just like how Perfect block works. You will see the indicator for Perfect Evasion, just like how Successful Block, Successful Counter, and Perfect Block would pop up.



Typical Evasive Roll, but can be used twice within 4 seconds before cooldown is applied.

At a correct timing, a ‘Perfect Evasion’ can be triggered to receive a buff which guarantees crit damage on the next skill other than [Slash] within 10 seconds.


The best use for this skill is for Bloodflower, this is because Evasion has a glyph that resets Bloodflower when you’ve successfully proc ‘Perfect Evasion’. If not, the other best skill would be Maelstrom, Glaive Strike, or Titansbane. 



Skills & Glyphs

This glyph chart is based on after all glyphs are unlocked.

Green text indicates Core Glyphs
Blue text indicates Decent Glyphs
Orange indicates Situational Glyphs
Red text indicates Useless Glyphs

valk-enhancedslash Slash

Typical basic attack skill that chains itself 4 times as a combo. The fourth hit of this skill has very high chance to crit while resetting cooldown of [Leaping Slash].

  • Glyph of Spirit: You shouldn’t be mana hungry in the first place.
  • Glyph of Swiftness: Doesn’t make a noticeable difference.
  • Glyph of Power: Doesn’t make a noticeable difference.


valk-leapingslash Leaping Slash (on successful 4th hit)


valk-evasion Evasion

Your one of two iframe that allows you to vault twice within 4 seconds. However, just like Brawler’s Perfect Block, this skill will proc Perfect Evasion when iframing an attack within 0.5s before getting hit. Utilizing this with [Bloodflower] improves your performance substantially.

  • Glyph of Persistence: Costs too much for its effect.
  • Glyph of Opportunity: Rewards you with free DPS + Ragnarok Points for perfectly avoiding an attack.


valk-runeburst Runeburst

This skill has three uses: mobbing, filler, and Ragnarok Point regeneration. When [Shining Crescent] is on cooldown, you will have to use this skill instead. This is one of the two important skills needed to regenerate Ragnarok Points as quickly as possible.

  • Glyph of Ardency: Free Ragnarok Points means more Ragnarok. More Ragnarok means more DPS.
  • Glyph of Power: Very noticeable. This skill is usually top 3 in damage contribution.


valk-leapingslash Leaping Slash

Your very basic skill. It takes up a bit of animation, but it hits twice, leaving a Runemark when you successfully 2-hit combo a target.

  • Glyph of Brilliance: You shouldn’t be mana hungry in the first place.
  • Glyph of Power: Not noticeable enough.
  • Glyph of Carving: Not useful enough.

Activates Chain:

valk-groundbash Ground Bash (for 4 sec)

valk-glaivestrike Glaive Strike (for 4 sec)


valk-windslash Windslash

Very important skill to reset [Leaping Slash], but that’s all it is for.

  • Glyph of Powerlink: [Leaping Slash] isn’t very powerful to make this worth it.
  • Glyph of Power: Not noticeable enough.


valk-leapingslash Leaping Slash (on cast)


valk-bloodflower Bloodflower

One of the two most important skill for Ragnarok Point regeneration. The cooldown of this skill can be reset by a Glyph of Opportunity from [Evasion]

  • Glyph of Ardency: Free Ragnarok Points means more Ragnarok. More Ragnarok means more DPS.
  • Glyph of Powerlink: [Leaping Slash] isn’t very powerful to make this worth it.
  • Glyph of Carving: If you can proc “Perfect Evasion” with [Evasion] enough


valk-groundbash Ground Bash

Requires to be chained from [Leaping Slash] and the damage isn’t very significant despite being quite decent.

  • Glyph of Carving: Costs too much for its damage and crit rate.
  • Glyph of Power: Damage increase is not very significant.

Chains From:

valk-leapingslash Leaping Slash


valk-dreamslash Dream Slash

Takes quite a bit of animation to cast, but sends 30m projectile flying to camera direction (except it doesn’t go through ground. it travels straight on your character’s ground level). It also penetrates through enemies and guarantees crit if they are knocked down or airborne. Great mobbing skill, but not very useful otherwise.

  • Glyph of Haste: This glyph makes the skill more useful with faster animation, but the skill itself doesn’t crit enough to.
  • Glyph of Numbing: Please avoid using this in PvE.
  • Glyph of Brutality: Only affects Knocked down targets.
  • Glyph of Carving: Cost too much.


valk-leapingslash Leaping Slash (on successful hit while target has at least 1 Runemark on them)


valk-charge Charge

Dash forward and attack a target within 20m. Other than mobility, this skill is very useful for filler in case your rotation is messed up due to mechanics. If the target does not have a Runemark, attacking that target with this skill grants 1 Runemark.

  • Glyph of Energy: You won’t really need to spam this.
  • Glyph of Power: Doesn’t make a noticeable difference.




Typical retaliate. This skill only activates when you are knocked down or airborne to get yourself back up on your feet.

  • Glyph of Power: No.
  • Glyph of Energy: No.


valk-darkherald Dark Herald

Pulls enemies within 12m of a target with Runemark, stunning monsters for 3 seconds. Of course, this doesn’t work on Bosses, but the main use of this skill is for Glyph of Powerlink that increased damage of [Runeburst].

  • Glyph of Powerlink: This might depend on your preference. It certainly does improve [Rune Burst] damage significantly, but some may not feel that the animation is worth it.


valk-glaivestrike Glaive Strike

This skill does quite a bit of damage when it crits which can improve your DPS significantly, so you want to use this as much as possible too. This is especially useful because it generates 2 Runematks.

  • Glyph of Carving: Costs too much.
  • Glyph of Energy: Cooldown reduction on weapon alone is usually enough. Only invest in this if you don’t feel like its cooldown is too long.
  • Glyph of Power: This skill can pack a punch when it crits.

Chains From:

valk-leapingslash Leaping Slash


valk-spinningdeath Spinning Death

This is a 3-hit combo skill that must be used consecutively within 5 seconds of each other. The third cast has high chance for knock down, and successful 3-hit combo generates 1 Runemark, reset cooldown of [Leaping Slash], as well as activating Glyph of Powerlink.

  • Glyph of Energy: You will use this skill a lot, but the cooldown of this skill is low enough so you might not need it. Only invest in this if you have spare points left over.
  • Glyph of Powerlink: Very crucial. It’s a free DPS boost.


valk-leapingslash Leaping Slash (on successful 3-hit combo)


valk-backstab Backstab

Typical backstab that staggers target on successful hit. However, it has very long range of 17m. This is the other iframe skill, but you really want to save the glyph effect for [Shining Crescent].

  • Glyph of Power: One of the most broken glyph I’ve ever seen.


valk-leapingslash Leaping Slash (on successful hit)


valk-overheadslash Overhead Slash

2-hit skill that stuns target for 2.5seconds. Not really used unless it is needed for stun mechanic or such.

  • Glyph of Powerlink: [Leaping Slash] isn’t very powerful to make this worth it.
  • Glyph of Energy: You won’t use this skill unless needed.


valk-reclamation Reclamation

Retrieves any Runemarks left on target to self and grants 1 Runemark. It can be useful sometimes to extend [Gjallar Horn] passive as it resets the timer.

  • Glyph of Energy: You normally won’t use this in combat outside of mobbing.


valk-maelstrom Maelstrom

Leaves 6 Runemarks when successfully landing all hits. This is the quickest way to build Runemarks to use [Shining Crescent] or [Runeburst].

  • Glyph of Energy: Very crucial to align cooldown with [Shining Crescent]
  • Glyph of Restoration: Maybe useful when soloing such as Island of Dawn BAMs.
  • Glyph of Carving: Free DPS.
  • Glyph of Power: Free DPS.


valk-shiningcrescent Shining Crescent

Your best DPS skill that bursts tremendous amount of damage. This skill heavily determines your DPS, so you must use this as much as possible.

  • Glyph of Energy: Very crucial to align cooldown with [Maelstrom].
  • Glyph of Brilliance: You shouldn’t be mana hungry in the first place.
  • Glyph of Power: Free DPS.


 Balder’s Tears

Your emergency face tank skill. This skill grants immunity to Knock down and stagger, and summons 3 orbs. Each orb will disappear when you receive damage after it absorbs 70% of the damage.

  • Glyph of Restoration: Maybe useful when soloing such as Island of Dawn BAMs.
  • Glyph of Energy: You normally would not use this skill.


valk-ragnarok Ragnarok

When Ragnarok Point gauge is full, you will notice that this skill will be available for activation. Once this skill is activated, you will gain several stat boosts for 25 seconds.

  • Glyph of Lingering: Longer Ragnarok, more DPS. Duration will increase by 3.75 seconds, making it last 28.75 seconds.


All skills except [Evasion], [Retaliate], [Balder’s Tears], and [Titansbane]


valk-titansbane Titansbane

Initially a party buff skill at the price of your own, but it was later changed to be more useful for the caster. Check out the January 25th Change Logs for details. Actual use of this skill is questionable outside of [Ragnarok], but the best use of this skill is just before “Ragnarok” ends ( “Shara’s Scream” effect will still apply because you’ve used it while Ragnarok was still in effect.).

  • Glyph of Energy: Costs way too much.
  • Glyph of Brilliance: You shouldn’t be mana hungry in the first place.
  • Glyph of Power: No longer recommended. Meta has moved on.


valk-reclamation Gjallar Horn

This is the 30-second buff icon that prevents Ragnarok Point decay while it is in effect.


valk-bloodflower Rune Carving

This mob exists for mobbing purposes and PvP. It’s quite broken for mobbing with the combination of [Dream Slash] and [Runeburst].


valk-runeburst Enhanced Runeburst

This is the reason why [Shining Crescent] and [Runeburst] always seem to crit.


valk-enhancedslash Enhanced Slash

The effect of this passive isn’t tested thoroughly, but it requires you to perform 4-hit combo with [Slash]– which is why it wasn’t tested since you rarely use [Slash] outside of leveling.


Here’s an Example glyph build: 




Skill Rotations


Valkyrie’s skill rotation may feel very similar to Slayer as many skills relies on a single skill – Leaping Slash. Consider the following chart for quick view of basic rotation:

However, Ground Bash and Glaive Strike MUST be chained from Leaping Slash– they cannot be casted by itself. Also, Leaping Slash resets only when the conditions written on the left have been achieved.

Priority List for resets
valk-windslash Windslash This skill’s main purpose is for resetting [Leaping Slash]. Its damage isn’t great by itself, but has comparatively low base cooldown of 10 seconds.
valk-dreamslash Dream Slash This skill is also great choice for resetting [Leaping Slash], but requires at least 1 mark on embedded on the target before the reset effect can be triggered, as well as inflicting additional mark. This skill can be useful as its base cooldown is 8 seconds and has decent base damage, but the cast time may not be worth it.
valk-enhancedslash Slash The fourth hit of this skill resets [Leaping Slash]. Before you get several resetting skills, this will come in handy, but casting all 4 hits can take a while unless you perform the auto glitch to skip directly to 4th hit. However, the animation isn’t short.
valk-spinningdeath Spinning Death This skill is a great utility with powerlink glyph so it can be a waste to use it for resetting [Leaping Slash] alone. The best utilization for this skill the powerlink glyph to boost [Shining Crescent]’s damage. Other skills where this skill’s glyph can be utilized on to boost your damage are [Runeburst] or [Glaive Strike]. However, the powerlink glyph only works if you successfully land all 3 casts. If you miss one, it will not trigger.
valk-backstab Backstab With the powerlink glyph, this skill is basically the best utility skill in Valkyrie’s kit. You want to chain this to [Shining Crescent] as much as possible. If you are using this with [Rune Burst] you must take consideration of glyph effect duration, animation, and skill cooldowns (specifically [Shining Crescent] ).


Core Skills
valk-shiningcrescent Shining Crescent This skill generally yields 30%~50% of your entire damage contribution. Basically, you must use this skill as soon as it goes off cooldown with 7 Runemarks as much as possible. Since its base cooldown is less than 60 seconds (50 seconds), its cooldown can be reduced to 20 seconds base during [Ragnarok].

(~10 seconds with Battle solution + CDR on weapon)

valk-ragnarok Ragnarok This skill is basically Brawler’s Growing Fury mixed with Lancer’s Adrenaline Rush and buffing it further with steroids. 50 power, 20 attack speed, 20% increased attack radius, and 60% cooldown reduction for most skills under 60 seconds base cooldown. Just like Reaper’s Shadow Reaping, using this skill resets cooldown of all affected skills once you activate it.
valk-runeburst Runeburst This skill yields about 15-20% of your DPS and is very similar to Warrior’s Scythe, this skill also resets cooldown when you reach 7 stacks of Runemarks. The skill is pretty much 100% crit, but each hit is calculated as individual hits, so if a boss turns then the crit will be calculated from the angle it hits on.


Utilities (bolded skills are more important)
valk-bloodflower Bloodflower If you have the chest top line for this skill to replenish additional 15 Ragnarok Points per hit, this skill replenishes Ragnarok Points faster than any skill you have, especially when it is glyphed. (if not, Runeburst is the fastest). You will feel huge difference in building Ragnarok Points if you don’t have the chest top line.
valk-dreamslash Dream Slash Although this skill may be looked down upon, it is a great filler when you mess up your rotation due to interruption (KD,Stun,etc) or when the target decides to jump around the map, causing your skill to miss. It also resets your [Leaping Slash] if the target has at least 1 mark on them.
valk-spinningdeath Spinning
Powerlink glyph grants 15% (master glyph: 20%) additional base damage for all skills within next 3 seconds when this skill lands all 3 casts. Basically this is same as how Ninja’s Jagged Path is utilized. (Land hits 1-2-3 -> powerlink buff for 3 seconds).
valk-backstab Backstab Powerlink glyph that increases base damage of next hit by 30%. It only applies to first hit of next skill. To maximize your DPS, you will chain 3 casts of [Spinning Death] > [Backstab] > [Shining Crescent].
valk-maelstrom Maelstrom Stacks Runemarks fastest among all skills, also one of the highest damage contributing skill. Each successful hit inflicts Runemark, total of 6. You will use this very often.
valk-darkherald Dark Herald Powerlink glyph increases [Runeburst]’s base damage by 25%. this skill allows your [Runeburst] to pack some serious punch. However, this may depend on player’s style as it can be seen as DPS loss during cast somewhat, but I’d say the outcome pays off.


TL;DR: Basically your priority is to use [Shining Crescent] and [Ragnarok] as much as possible, preferably utilizing glyph effects from [Spinning Death] and [Backstab] on [Shining Crescent].

With these in mind, you can immediately think of the strongest combos utilizing the core skills (aside from Ragnarok) :


valk-spinningdeath valk-spinningdeath valk-spinningdeath valk-backstab valk-shiningcrescent valk-shiningcrescent

If all 3 cast of [Spinning Death] inflict damage, all skills get 15% (20% master glyph) more damage for next 3 seconds + Backstab glyph increases damage of next hit by 30%. You can already imagine its destructive power even without the work of math.


valk-darkherald valk-runeburst

If [Dark Herald] has powerlink glyph for [Runeburst], [Runeburst] will have additional 25% damage.

Chaining this from [Spinning Death] is a good idea as its cooldown isn’t very long, so it will be available to use often. However using [Backstab] for its powerlink glyph would be a complete waste of DPS as a whole. This is because [Backstab] only affects 1 hit, not for entire skill, and if you did use [Spinning Death] beforehand, you’ve wasted the glyph effect for more than a second by the time you use [Runeburst]. Therefore, I heavily discourage using [Backstab] for [Runeburst] chain.


Based on those two, you can make the following rotations as well:

valk-maelstrom valk-spinningdeath valk-spinningdeath valk-spinningdeath valk-backstab valk-shiningcrescent valk-shiningcrescent
Marks 6 7  2


[Maelstrom] will leave 6 marks on target, 3rd cast of [Spinning Death] will give 1 mark (total of 7 marks). On successful hit of second hit for [Shining Crescent], it will leave 2 marks.


When those skills above are on cooldown, you will have to use these as fillers:

valk-bloodflower valk-leapingslash valk-glaivestrike valk-windslash valk-leapingslash valk-groundbash
1 2 4 5 6
valk-spinningdeath valk-spinningdeath valk-spinningdeath
valk-runeburst Etc…
7 (Optional)

[Spinning Death] should be off cooldown by the time you use it again here. This results in 15% +25% damage boost for [Runeburst]. However, this depends on your character’s attack speed as well. If you have very high attack speed, [Spinning Death]’s glyph effect will apply on all 7 hits from [Runeburst], but if your character’s attack speed is low, you’ll barely fit around 3~4 hits before glyph effect times up.

You can choose to use [Dark Herald] before [Spinning Death] as well. it is a preference, so try it out yourself to see what’s good for you.


By the time you read here, you should understand that [Spinning Death] is 3-hit and [Shining Crescent] is 2-hit, so I will make that shorter…

Here’s one example rotation (under perfect scenario) when you have full Ragnarok Points:

valk-maelstrom valk-spinningdeath valk-backstab valk-shiningcrescent valk-ragnarok valk-maelstrom valk-spinningdeath valk-backstab
6 7 2 7 7
valk-shiningcrescent valk-leapingslash valk-glaivestrike valk-spinningdeath valk-leapingslash valk-backstab valk-darkherald valk-runeburst
2 3 5 6 7 (Optional) (Optional)
valk-titansbane (Optional)


Activating [Ragnarok] will reset [Maelstrom], [Spinning Death], [Backstab] and [Shining Crescent], so make sure you use them beforehand so that you can use the same combo again. The rotation after [Ragnarok] up to [Runeburst] can be repeated infinitely until [Ragnarok] ends. To further maximize you and your party’s potential, using [Titansbane] just before [Ragnarok] buff ends will trigger “Shara’s Scream” effect instead of “Arun’s Wail”. However, whether to utilize this or not is entirely up to you. If you use Titansbane when you are not in Ragnarok, it isn’t very useful.

Again, [Dark Herald] is optional depending on whether it is safe to cast. It does have some animation so you may lose +20% damage bonus from [Spinning Death] for last few hits, but if you glyph [Dark Herald], it’s +25% damage for all 7 hits.


Other Handy Tips

This class is even worse when it comes to how broken it is for mobbing after level 8.

When you have a bunch of mobs following you, simply using these two skills can clear them up easily:

valk-dreamslash valk-runeburst

This works thanks to the broken combination of Avatar Weapons granting high chance to crit, and the passive [Rune Carving], which generates Runemarks on minions and normal monsters.

After Level 34, there is a handy combination of the following skills:

valk-reclamation valk-charge

By using [Reclamation] to retrieve existing Runemark on target to yourself, you can follow up with [Charge] to attack– in total, this gives 2 additional Runemarks. However, this is very situational skill– for example, when a BAM decides to knock you down and/or leap away from you while it has 4 or 5 Runemarks, this can be very useful utility wise.

valk-evasion valk-bloodflower

Valkyrie’s wombo combo. Basically, use [Bloodflower] after “Perfect Evasion” proc when using [Evasion] to avoid attacks. Having Glyph of Persistence and Opportunity on [Evasion] along with Glyph of Ardency and Carving on [Bloodflower] makes these two skills stand out a lot. Having [Evasion] resets allows you to have more chances to proc “Perfect Evasion”. If you have Glyph of Opportunity on [Evasion], it resets [Bloodflower]. Having more [Bloodflower] casts means more Ragnarok points thanks to its Glyph of Ardency, and since “Perfect Evasion” guarantees crit damage on the following skill (which is Bloodflower in this case), having Glyph of Carving adds 2.0 crit power on top of your crit power stats, producing more damage.

Change Logs

This section is based on KTERA’s patch.

Valkyrie Release

[Windslash] can no longer be canceled with [Evasion] due to “infinite [Leaping Slash]” abuse.


Icon Skill Description
valk-backstab Backstab Fixed issue with damage being applied through block.
valk-bloodflower Bloodflower Fixed issue causing camera shake on other player’s screen.
valk-runeburst Runeburst Fixed issue causing camera shake on other player’s screen.
valk-ragnarok Ragnarok Removed wrong information from tooltip: 50 crit factor.
Icon Skill Description
valk-evasion Evasion Critical Opportunity procs more consistently. It no longer actually require the player to face the direction where attack was coming from.
valk-runeburst Runeburst Decreased Skill Base Damage by 5%
valk-shiningcrescent Shining Cresent Decreased Skill Base Damage by 10%
valk-titansbane Titansbane Changed so that only the caster receive stacks, while party receives a single stack during the entire duration of cast.

[Arun’s Wail]

– Party members: Increase skill damage by 10%

– User: Increase skill damage by second hit by 10% (10% per stack, up to 50%) and critical chance by 0.2 times (+0.2x per stack, up to +1.0x)

[Shara’s Scream]

– Party member: Increase skill damage by 15%

– User: Increase skill damage of second hit by 10% (10% per stack, up to 50%) and critical chance by 0.3 times per stack (+0.3x per stack, up to +1.5x)

When this skill is used while [Ragnarok] is in effect:

1st attack inflict 1 scar on each successful hit

2nd attack inflict 2 scar on successful hit

To sum up the changes to Titansbane:

Icon Skill Description
valk-backstab Backstab Cooldown is doubled when this skill is used on player

Skill cannot be used when there are no room to teleport behind the target

Failing to target enemy will put this skill on cooldown.




Idi0ticGenius – Also known as Loriri in Tempest Reach, NA server. All I did was take as much information as possible, translate, test, and compile them.

Sam202s – He is suffering from terminal cancer from editing many documents I’ve made. 1 comment = 1 prayer for this poor fellow.

Floss – See all these fancy work? If it wasn’t for Floss, you’d be seeing even worse wall of text instead.

Story (s2021369), djmoongi, and other KTERA community for information and permissions to use their information to compile this guide, as well as several confirmations on data and other stuff that aren’t mentioned on the guide due to…”issues”.

Of course I can’t leave out NA community; you know who you are.


For further discussions and details, I encourage leaving comments below.



  1. Skill rotation an glyphs are not showing up for me there just blank

  2. Do you know anything about a damage bug that i found?

    When I did the Spinning Death > Backstab > Shining crescent , it seems that my damage was being debuff

    My shining crescent without Spining death and backstab combo was around 5mil-6mil
    when i activate spining death > backstab , and did shining crescent, my damage was 3mil-4mil

    do u experienced anything such?

    • super late reply sorry;

      when you backstab, it basically “clips” your character under the boss slightly so SC sometimes tend to count as frontal or side damage instead. This is a kind of glitch/desync people experience with backstabs, so it’s not really limited to Valkyrie– but for sure it’s a lot more common.

      It’s not just limited to backstabs either, but any skill that moves or displaces your character.

  3. I find it hard to believe that maelstrom is worth glyphing for damage and crit because of its mediocre base dmg and high cd. Unless you expect to be in super short fights to abuse it on low cd, I would say the points are better off elsewhere, no?

    • It ends up being a pretty significant portion of your DPS (about 7-10%) because of how much you use it during Ragnarok before Shining Crescents. Much better than things like Leaping Slash (2%~). Ground Bash (1%~).

  4. I can’t make any sense of the rotation.
    No start, no finish, only 1 possible example of “perfect” something.We don’t have perfect.
    Can you please put a real tested on field (not on specific boss or dungeon) start to finish skill by skill rotation?

    • Inside of Ragnarok, you should aim to do that rotation (or replace Bloodflower with Leaping Slash and place Glaive Strike with the second Leaping Slash).

      Outside of Ragnarok, you should just be going down the priority list to build up Ragnarok points (Bloodflower > Runeburst). Since Runeburst is the second best way to build up Ragnarok points, just focus on stacking up Runemarks with things like Leaping Slash > Glaive Strike/Ground Bash, Dream Slash/Windslash to reset Leaping Slash, Spinning Death to powerlink into Runeburst or be a Leaping Slash reset.

      An example rotation outside of Ragnarok would be something like Bloodflower (1) > Leaping Slash (2) > Glaive Strike (4) > Windslash > Leaping Slash (5) > Ground Bash (6) > Spinning Death (7) > Dark Herald > Runeburst.

      Your cooldowns rarely line up to repeat out-of-Rag rotation so there’s no set rotation. Your #1 priority while outside of Ragnarok is to build up as much Ragnarok points as quickly as possible. Inside of Ragnarok, you should know what to do.

  5. I have added double CD lines on one weapon for testing purpose to reduce skill CD up to 95% when Ragnorak is active, that other line has no effect whatsoever. Is this a bug or intentional ?

  6. How to get backstab glyph?

    • Backstab glyph comes from rare Glyph boxes which can be obtained through

      5 Lakan’s Charm
      30 Supercede Token
      40 Intercede Token
      50 Undercede Token

      maybe there’s another method, but these are the easiest.

  7. Alrighty, got to 65 in NA and have some questions for you!

    1. Any tips for getting perfect evasion to come up? I’m having a lot of trouble with it.
    2. How to start fights with Ragnarok up? My guess is start the boss, build points, and reset it (or, I guess with the second boss of RM you could attack the eggs like brawlers and ninjas sometimes do), but I feel like you couldn’t really do that on bosses like Lachelith, and that your party might hate you and not want to stand around waiting for you to build points. What do you do personally, and is starting the fight without Ragnarok up acceptable?
    3.Titansbane. Where do I start. When you buff your party, does it only affect people in the circle that the skill makes? Do they get a buff that lasts longer than the 6 seconds you stand there building it or do they only get 6 seconds of increased stats? If you ‘cancel’ it by doing the second hit does it also cancel the buff for everyone? Is it common for people to actually use Titansbane as a party buff (in Ktera videos I see a lot of Lunar Dancers just straight dpsing the boss and ignoring the skill entirely)? I want to try using it but I also worry that if I don’t, my party will be like, “what the fuck you’re supposed to buff us why are you so selfish kys” or whatever, lol.
    Sorry I have so many questions.

    • 1. Perfect Evasion is currently bugged. The guide was written assuming that we get the fixed build, so there’s so many things that doesn’t work (such as titansbane utilization) in our current patch. This was fixed 1 month after release in KTERA, but hopefully we get it earlier…

      2. You can pre-build ragnarok before the fight. I wanted to go deeper with rotation but it would’ve been too much to explain and I felt that people would be lost from wall of text like Broken Prison guide so I’ve omitted the entire thing.

      Basically you can plan things out. Each hit generated 5 points, Bloodflower generates 5 + 5 (glyph) + 15 (chest), Runeburst generates 5 + 5 (glyph).

      So think about the rotation (parenthesis indicate points gained from each skill)

      Maelstrom (30) > Spinningdeath (25)> backstab (5)> shining crescent (10)
      total: 70
      So this rotation can be used as starter when you have 930 RP or higher, then pop ragnarok.

      Bloodflower (150) > Maelstrom (30) > Spinningdeath (25)> backstab (5)> shining crescent (10)
      total: 220
      start this rotation if you have more than 780 RP

      Bloodflower (150)> leaping strike (10) > glaive strike (5) > windslash (5)> leaping strike (10)> ground bash (5) > Dream slash (5) > dark herald (if glyphed) > runeburst (60)>
      Maelstrom (30) > Spinningdeath(25) > backstab (5) > shining crescent (10)
      total: 320
      start this rotation if you have more than 680 RP

      Starting fight without ragnarok can hurt your top DPS potential, Valkyrie’s DPS relies on whether you can use ragnarok and utilize it at its best. Like Zor said, if you miss or die, it punishes you harshly, affecting tons of your DPS depending on how/when you died.

      3. The buff from titansbane only lasts during cast. Once it is detonated on second cast, the buff disappears. So it’s 1 second per stack, not 6 seconds entirely (which means completely different thing). The way you use titansbane is after you’ve successfully used 3 shining crescents which then you’d have less than 3 seconds(?), so you can use it then. It’s really only useful to buff party at the moment, but the second hit does about as much as both hits of Shining Crescent combined on crit. I’ve seen someone do 45M or something with it already… for 6 second casting time, it;s not bad considering Shining Crescent rotation takes similar time.
      This is why glyph of power for Titansbane isn’t a core glyph but a decent glyph. When someone can utilize this, it has tremendous effect, but poor use of it only causes DPS loss. So this skill is basically gamble at times with the current build.
      And if the party whines about not using titansbane, I’d like to see their gameplay because if you dont use their ultimate/strongest skill in that 0.99 second time frame at 5th stack and not crit or miss the opportunity entirely, they have no rights to complain about it. Titansbane parse run is not easy.

  8. Just to say, it’s out on european server, I’ve finished it.
    Valkyrie (“moondancer” in french) is just awesome.
    But take care to your HPs, you can die easly.

    • Interesting Rotation! What do you think of this rotation (i still glyph Dream Slash casttime)
      1.MS, SD, BS, SC
      2. LS, GS, BF, DH, SD, RB
      3. Charge, BS, DS, LS, GB, BF, WS, SD, RB
      4. Charge, BS, DS, LS, GS, BF, DH, SD, RB
      5. MS, SD, BS, SC
      6. BF, Ragnarok

      I have to test it, but afaik this works with all CDs. You need SD energetic glyph and you don’t need GS energetic.
      Maybe this works for rotation 3:
      3. Charge, BS, DS, LS, GB, BF, SD, BS, DS, RB
      I don’t like Windslash very much. It is slightly faster then Dream Slash, but has a pretty low baseDMG

      • (I assume you meant to reply to my comment.)

        In sequence 1, I’d do BF before LS, GS. When you’re outside Ragnarok, the only thing that matters is getting back into it as fast as possible. Keeping BF and RB on cooldown is therefore super important.

        You use BS in both sequence 3 and 4. BS = Backstab? Its cooldown is nowhere near short enough for that to work, and you’ll end up with it on cooldown by the time you get to sequence 5. Boosting anything that isn’t SC/RB with BS is also not great since SC is 50-55% of your DPS and RB is 10-15%.

        It’s possible you meant to use LS instead of BS in 3 and 4, and that could work. You would be wasting 1 runemark in sequence 4, however, since GS generates 2 runemarks. So you could just drop Charge there. You’d have to anyway, I think, since its cooldown is similar to BS, so it wouldn’t be up after sequence 3. That said, you also use SD in sequence 4, but this can’t work. It won’t be off cooldown for its use in sequence 5, which is far more important. So that leaves the question: What do you use to generate 1 extra runemark in sequence 4 since neither Charge nor SD can be used?

        Also, personally, I’m against using Charge as a part of my rotation. Valkyrie is a class that needs all the mobility it can get since BS is reserved for boosting SC, and in the next patch where perfect dodging is made easier, you’ll need to ‘waste’ your iframe on perfect dodges for optimal DPS. But this is entirely personal preference.

        • Yeah, the problem is, that its not possible to reply to your other comment.
          Ok, BF before sequence 1 is understandable.
          About backstab. Iam using double energetic, nostrum and got CD-Reduce one time on my weapon. It works, try it yourself 🙂 If you follow exactly this sequences the CD ist just ready again. its close, but its ready.
          I tested the rotations but there are some errors. So here is the new rotation, that i tested and wich works fine.
          1.BF, MS, SD, BS, SC
          2. LS, GS, BF, DH, SD, RB
          3. Charge, BS, DS, LS, GB, BF, WS, SD, RB
          4. Charge, BS, DS, LS, GB, BF, DH, WS, LS
          5. MS, SD, BS, SC
          6. BF, Ragnarok
          Thats without the Glaive Strike energetic glyph. Also i had to remove SD in Sequ 4, because then it wont be ready in Sequ 5.
          If you glyph energetic Glaive Strike, Sequ 4 has GS instead of GB and no LS.

          Iam with you that i should use charge as a movment skill, but i don’t have a solution for this yet :/

        • Why did you say 4xSlash is low DPS and completely ignore your previous point saying DS have pretty crap crit (it is crap by the way), whereas Slash has higher chance to crit (last hit to be specific ).

          I would never use it over slash sticking to the boss behind but to each his own. 🙂

  9. Hello,

    do you know anything about a bug with Dreamslash and its tripplecrit glyph?
    I use Dreamslah in my rotation with speedglyph and tripplecrit glyph but i only have around 33 % chance to crit.
    With Glaivestrike (iam working with double crit glyph) its really close to 100 %. i

    • Different skills can have different base crit modifiers. Haymaker on Brawlers, for example, has a higher than normal crit modifier.

    • Expanding a bit on what Obsie said: Glaive Strike has a ridiculously high innate crit modifier, while Dream Slash has none. Most valkyries will have 58 + 52 crit factor, which is 14.5% base crit chance (going by Ketoth’s crit formula). Since Dream Slash’s crit glyph is trinomial, your Dream Slash crit chance is therefore 37.5%. So your 33% is normal.

      If you’re wondering whether that glyph is worth taking, the answer is decidedly “no”.

      • Thank you for your answers!
        Especially thank you Zorex for the theory behind Dream Slash.
        I really hoped this glyph is bugged or something else. So, the skill is useless, but at least i know why 🙂

        • It is pretty sad that such a cool skill is actually not that great. Still, you’ll need it as filler every now and then, mainly for the purpose of resetting Leaping Slash outside of Ragnarok.

        • Useless skill is useless even for resetting Leaping Slash since you already have like 3 schemes to reset the same skill. The only thing useful I can think of is perhaps refreshing the runescars if there’s a stop gap in DPS.

          • Spinning Death must always be saved for Shining Crescent and Runeburst. Backstab must be saved for Shining Crescent (it’s not that useful on Runeburst because the very first hit consumes it; pretty sure using it before Runeburst is just a DPS loss). 4x Slash is way too low DPS to even be considered as anything but an absolute last resort if something messes up your rotation. Windslash has a 10sec cooldown. That leaves only Dream Slash if Windslash is on cooldown.

            Consider the non-Ragnarok rotation:

            1. Maelstrom, Spinning Death, Backstab, Shining Crescent
            2. Bloodflower, Leaping Slash, Glaive Strike, Dark Herald, Spinning Death, Runeburst
            3. Leaping Slash, Ground Bash, Windslash, Leaping Slash, Bloodflower, Dream Slash, Leaping Slash, Spinning Death, Runeburst
            4. Leaping Slash, Ground Bash, Windslash, Leaping Slash, Glaive Strike, Bloodflower, Dream Slash, Dark Herald, Runeburst
            5. Maelstrom, Spinning Death, Backstab, Shining Crescent
            6. Bloodflower (you now have full ragnarok points)

            (You need Spinning Death cooldown glyph to make this work. Fill with Overhead Slash or first hit of Slash if you get cooldown locked at any point, though in my experience, that doesn’t happen often outside of burns since no Adrenaline Rush, brooch, beer, etc.)

            Once you do Bloodflower in sequence 3, Dream Slash + Leaping Slash is the fastest way to stack 2 runemarks. You could do Reclamation + Backstab + Leaping Slash, but this is slow in comparison, has less DPS due to Reclamation dealing no damage and Backstab-boosted Leaping Slash not making up for it, and finally, wastes the one use of Backstab you get in between Shining Crescent casts, which is better saved in case you need to reposition.

            In sequence 4, you could use Reclamation instead of Dream Slash, but… why would you? They have about the same cast time, they both generate 1 runemark, but Reclamation deals zero damage. Dream Slash is just higher DPS. You could also use Charge at the start and drop Dream Slash at the end since you don’t use it for its Leaping Slash reset here. That, on the other hand, is a perfectly valid thing to do, and should be slightly higher DPS. It does come at the cost of putting one of your mobility skills on cooldown, though, so I don’t personally like to do this.

            Anyway, the point is: Dream Slash is not useless. You will need it for resets at the very least.

          • Why in seq3 u use RB on only 5 marks? there is no way to build it up to 7?

            do u guys glyph DH for dmg on runeburst? i kinda lack points to do so.. :F

          • i Meant seq 2 not 3

  10. Any help on a keybind setup for the valkyrie?

    • Place them where it’s comfortable for you.

      Your priority skills are

      Shining Crescent (over Runeburst)
      Runeburst (until Full Ragnarok points)
      Bloodflower (whenever it’s off cooldown until Full Ragnarok points)
      Maelstrom (try to only use this for Shining Crescent rotation)
      Glaive Strike (over Ground Bash)

      You might want to place these groups near-by:
      1. Maelstrom + Spinning Death + Backstab + Shining Crescent
      2. Bloodflower + Windslash + Leaping Slash + Glaive Strike + Ground Bash + Spinning Death
      3. Dark Herald + Runeburst
      4. Relamation + Dream Slash
      5. Brooch + Ragnarok

      Honestly it’s difficult to help people with keybind because it’s mainly personal preference– what’s comfortable for me may not be comfortable for you. For example, I’m used to using main iframes (backstep, roll, teleport) on C as opposed to my friend who is used to right-click.

      I personally find this comfortable because I bind my keys by their priority based on how they are located on Lancer… My keybinds are as follows: (parenthesis explains why such skill is in that keybind. This varies heavily by person.)

      1 – Spinning Death (frequent basic skill)
      2 – Windslash (frequent basic skill)
      3 – Glaive Strike (high priority skill)
      4 – Ground Bash (frequent basic skill)
      5 – Bloodflower (high priority skill)
      F1 – Maelstrome (high priority skill)
      F2 – Charge (gap closer)
      F3 – Overhead Slash (stun)
      F4 – Shining Crescent (high priority skill)
      F5 – Titansbane (situational skill)
      Q – Reclamation (utility skill)
      E – Dark Herald (buff/utility skill)
      R – Runeburst (high priority skill)
      X – Balder’s Tears (infrequent utility skill)
      C – Evasion (iframe)
      V – Ragnarok (burn skill)
      Mouse 1 – Slash (basic skill)
      Shift Mouse 1 – Dream Slash (utility skill)
      Mouse 2 – Leaping Slash (frequent basic skill)
      Shift Mouse 2 – Backstab (utility skill)
      Mouse 3 – Brooch (brooch)

      but as you can see, this won’t seem comfortable. My core rotation with my keybind will be:
      F1 > 1 > 1 > 1 > Shift Mouse 2 > F4 > F4
      5 > Mouse 2 > 3 > 2 > Mouse 2 > 4 > 1 > 1 > 1 > E > R

  11. A really well written and polished guide, thank you !

  12. Hi. I have a lot of trouble finding what’s the easiest way to obtain the Glyph for Backstab. I’ve been playing for 3 days this game so still pretty new and don’t know/can’t figure out where to look for it. I would appreciate some help, thank you.

    • Rare Glyphs are obtained through glyph crates which can be found in various token shops and such. I’ll list a few:

      5 Lakan’s Charm
      30 Supercede Token
      40 Intercede Token
      50 Undercede Token

      You can also obtain it rightaway with 300 Supercede Token, but I’d rather open crates to get it. The RNG chance is 1/12 (8.33%) so it’s not too bad.

  13. For players with >180 ping have fun utilizing Spinning Death. BHS incompetence in making unglitched skills that are tolerable with high ping. Even on my EU account with 120ms I still suffer from recast resets from these lousy skills.

    • Yes, but it’s not just Spinning Death. It also affects Slash, Windslash, and Overhead Slash as well. I’ve had this issue in KTERA too, but it didn’t affect my gameplay for me.

      • I don’t remember having trouble with the other skills when played in KTERA besides Spinning Death. The only other skill that has tendency to reset is Bloodflower (the same with Jackhammer on Brawler). The issue with Spinning Death is that its a multi-casting skill.

  14. First off, thank you so much for such a thorough guide before the release! Secondly, what are your thoughts on using dark herald before spinning? Since dark herald’s glyph is a buff that lasts 5 seconds (I think?). Then spinning’s glyph can last the entirety of runeburst. Also as a heads up, under your perfect scenario example, you’re showing to use backstab before runeburst, when you stated previously that you heavily discouraged it. I didn’t know if this was intentional or not ^^;; Thank you again!

    • 1. what are your thoughts on using dark herald before spinning?

      I have not actually thought of that, nor have actually tested it with glyph effect in that case. I need to make sure if dark herald glyph needs to be active or if it’s consumed when Runeburst is used. But if it works the way I think it does, it doesn’t seem like a bad idea… but I can’t be sure because one thing that makes Dark Herald unfavorable is its brief animation lock. It might depend on preference too…

      But generally you should have enough time to do Spinning Death > Dark Herald > Rune Burst and have the effect apply during the entire duration with proper gearing.

      2. Also as a heads up, under your perfect scenario example, you’re showing to use backstab before runeburst, when you stated previously that you heavily discouraged it.

      I forgot to mention– I should edit that part. The reason I discouraged using Backstab is because you want it to sync with other skill on the chain:

      Maelstrom > Spinning Death > Backstab > Shining Crescent

      you can probably use it randomly like 2 or 3 times but mainly for positioning. You must watch for the cooldown of these skills to avoid down time.

      When you are under the effect of ragnarok, your ASPD is increased tremendously, as well as your CDs reduced by 60% so that rotation can go on forever. Since you have enough time and animation to squeeze in several glyph effects, it works out nicely.

      Using backstab there not only increases the first burst, it also ensures your positioning (unless boss turns of course). So it’s really good to use it while Ragnarok is in effect, but when is not, usually it isn’t a good idea to use it if it will cause you to have down time.

  15. Any help on a keybind setup would be appreciated

  16. Is the level 60 scroll available to use on new Valkyrie when it comes out?

    • Level 60 scroll likely cannot be used for Valkyrie for at least the first week. I do not know how long it will take Enmasse to make Level 60 scrolls usable for Valkyries, so I recommend just taking the time to level if you are eager to play the class soon.

  17. you have CykaBlyat’s blessing, Loriri.

    • i dont know how to thank u my friend,u guys deserve all respect for news and guides u do for us,rly THANK YOU
      i’ll try to do what u saying,ill test my old power with the new one and see if i’ll use 2 energitic or 1 ener and 1 pum 🙂
      for crit rate i’ll do what u said too,build full power and changer my crystals when i need 🙂
      thank u for full explanation hero <3

  18. Am I the only one that doesn’t understand anything from that rotation section?

  19. thanks for guide rly usefull and easy to read,i have some questions i’ll be gratfull if u answer them
    -for etching weapon and gloves whats batter for me if i’ll use mid tier gear (guile) a energitic or pumped etching
    -so the perfect crit factor if 58+60 thanks againe

    • edit for 2nd question : whats perfect crit factor to aim for ? for example 50+60 ?
      thanks rly for hard work u did <3

      • 1. This one isn’t exactly tested but theorized since there weren’t much data from KTERA players about this– they all use double energetic etchings. But Sam and I had this discussion for long time and we agreed that having 1 Pumped Etching may be more beneficial to players with higher ping environment about 150+(?).

        Energetic is usually best way to go because you will benefit a lot from ASPD and CDR bonuses. Also, since you build so much power, you will not gain much benefit from pumped etching due to diminishing effect.

        While we’re on topic, I’ll leave this here too:
        Bernkastel explained this with a simple quick math to see the approximate damage increase: (new total power)/(old total power). I think Pumped etching values were:

        Temp 1 / 2 / 3 : 3 / 5 / 8
        Perm 2 / 3 / 4 : 7 / 10 / 12

        so the formula to math it out would be

        1 – [ (52 + other bonuses + weapon pumped + glove pumped) / (52 + other bonuses) ]

        you will get some 0.xxxx values, which you can convert to xx.xx%, showing how much of damage increase it is per hit.

        When the total power ( 52 + other bonuses ) before etchings are low, you will have higher damage-per-hit gain, but as that total power value increases, simply adding on etching values (which is a static increase) will result in less damage-per-hit gain compared to having lower total power. This is the diminishing effect of increasing stats.

        the reason why we thought that 1 Energetic + 1 Pumped may be more beneficial over 2 Energetic is because of how ping generally affects gameplay. although Valkyrie isn’t as heavily affected by ping like Lancer, they still do feel slightly clunky. We might have to test this further, but for sure the most optimal etching choices are 2 Energetic etchings (at least, in lower ping).

        2. Build full power, then switch out a Powerful Vyrsk to Keen Vyrsk until you are satisfied.

        58 + 60 is what I’d call “safe” value based on my game play in KTERA because I had no gear and funds there. The crit rate test was on Island of Dawn Hydrath BAMs which usually have higher crit resist compared to dungeon bosses. You can completely ignore crit factor (but still get them from belt, glove, rings, brooch, etc…) and you will have like somewhere along 58 + 30~40.

        The only reason why I suggested building some crit factor is that some people who cannot afford to fully gear a Valkyrie will struggle, especially if they fail to land back crits (like me). There’s also very rare chance of not seeing crit in priest party as well. If you want to min-max, you go full power ignoring crit factor.

        • i dont know how to thank u my friend,u guys deserve all respect for news and guides u do for us,rly THANK YOU
          i’ll try to do what u saying,ill test my old power with the new one and see if i’ll use 2 energitic or 1 ener and 1 pum
          for crit rate i’ll do what u said too,build full power and changer my crystals when i need
          thank u for full explanation hero <3

        • Never go below +42 crit factor. When I went below that (+35) I noticed SC not criting on occasions.

          I run pump+energetic combo myself… previously using 2x energetic. The thing is you need your 6% attack speed bravery to be up 100% of the time otherwise your attacks will be slow as heck. Also, take note that you can literally build up Ragnarok within a short time period (20 sec) if you deliberately reset your bloodflower.

        • Its not good analogy to assume IoD BAMs have higher crit resist than dungeon bosses. When I usual run on my slayer which is full crit built I have nearly 90% crit on BAMs. This isn’t the case when running dungeons like GG that will make you pull your hair when you hit 6-7 times in a row with no crits.

  20. First 😉 ty loriri

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