The Archdeva’s numbers have fallen due to the ruthless battle in Northern Arun. They have started to retreat and search for a new place to call their base. They stumbled upon a temple which has been forgotten. Using their cruel tricks, they began to infect it and everything inside, taking control of what lies within. Are you prepared to challenge Kaprima again?

When entering the dungeon, you’ll find yourself faced with several normal monsters. There are 3 boss battles, with adds in between. There is a boon buff which buffs the party members, this gives HP and MP regen and a free resurrection to fallen members, this applies after awhile during fights. This occurs up to 3 times in one boss battle.

Level Requirement: 65
Item Level: 187
Format: 5-man
Release Date: July 2015


  • Lakan’s Charm
  • Accessories: Manor Necklace and Earring
  • Tier 10 Feedstock
  • Colluva Ore
  • Rune of Secrets
  • Brooches
Vanguard Rewards:
    • Noctenium Infusion


    • Vanguard Credits


    • Gold


    • Tier 10 Feedstock


Pathway #1

There will be an archdevan scout at the entrance. Approaching him will cause him to run backwards, calling for reinforcements. Once he approaches his destination, more mobs will spawn. If he is killed before reaching his destination, the party will not need to defeat the additional mobs.

First Boss: Agarta

Tanking Tip: Normal tank and spank boss.


Attack Patterns: Similar to other Giant Crab BAMs and bosses; however pay attention to the field as there are extra non-boss mechanics.

Pincers: Agarta’s basic attacks involve her pincers. She will often use these to attack the player with the aggro and nearly all attacks will only do damage in front of her. She may alternate between her left and right pincer, or use combo attacks such as 6 consecutive blows or 1 large attack from above.

Roundhouse: Agarta will also use her pincers to deal damage whilst he spins, this will do damage to anyone close enough to the boss.
Body Slam: During the fight, Agarta may jump into the air and slam the ground with great force, causing a shockwave of damage. Players who are near to Agarta when he makes contact with the ground will receive damage.
Water Jet: Agarta will jet water in front of herself, dealing damage to any player who gets hit.


Drills: When Agarta hits 90% of her total HP, drills will spawn on either side of the room. This is where players must focus on the field, as well as the boss. The drills will deal fatal damage and apply a harmful effect if you are hit by them. They activate at certain intervals of the fight:

  • 90% – Up to 3 Drills will activate and pierce the room.
  • 70% – 4 Drills will activate and piece the room.
  • 50% and below – A random amount of Drills will activate and piece the room.

Players must avoid being hit by drills by standing infront of the non-active drills. Active drills will be noted by an orange danger zone and the actual drill will begin to rotate. Standing behind Agarta will protect players as well.

Pathway #2

You’ll encounter a fimbriisk, you must kill his mystics to break the spell which is shielding him before defeating him. Following the path to the second boss will lead you to more mechanics, involving debuffs and statues. The only way past is to defeat them in a particular way.

Blue Statues and Priests: These statues emit a blue aura, entering this aura will cause players MP to be drained. Priests will begin spawning as you approach this statue which will debuff and reduce your endurance, up to 10 stacks. You must defeat this statue to proceed.
Red Statues: These statues/pillars emit a harmful aura, entering this aura will cause you to take continual damage and reduced power/endurance. Player skills will not work on these statues, you must use normal/basic attacks to move the statues.

Second Boss: Kornus


Tanking Tip: Normal tank and spank boss. Tank should avoid tanking near statues and move the boss if a statue is leashed.


Attack Patterns: Most attacks will be against the player with aggro, he will sometimes use a secondary attack on a different player.

Weakened: Kornus likes to play with defense, he’ll shout “Do you really think my traps are my only trick?” and then will strike infront of himself. If a player is hit, their weapon’s defense is reduced by 70%. Lancers and Warrior Tanks will need to worry about this as blocking hits with this debuff will proceed to drain Resolve quickly. Kornus will only use this on the player with the highest aggro.

Red Statues: Similar to the statues you met in the pathway. These statues/pillars emit a harmful aura, entering this aura will cause you to take continual damage and reduced power/endurance. Player skills will not work on these statues, you must use normal/basic attacks to move the statues. Kornus will spawn these during the battle, announced by “Have you been enjoying my little traps?” – your DPS should push these out of the way so killing the boss is easier.
Leash: Kornus will begin to leash the statues to his location when his HP goes below 50%, your DPS will have to push them again. He’ll say “It will take more than just pushing some statues around!

Strengthen: He’ll also shout “Let me show you an impenetrable defense!” and begin to cast a spell which increases his defense by 500. During the casting, he is immune to damage. Your healer has 7 seconds to cast their Regression (Mystic) or Plague of Exhaustion (Priest). This can stack up to 10 times, meaning 5000 extra defense.

Charge: At 70% and below, Kornus will select one random member and charge in a straight line towards them. This is notified by a danger zone on the ground and Kornus shouting “Die, you puny bugs!

Final Boss: Kaprima Reborn


Tanking Tip: Kaprima will move around a lot, try your best to keep her stationary for your DPS.


Attack Patterns: Similar to Kaprima’s previous adventures, she’ll retain many of her normal and basic attacks with several mechanics:

Pentagrams: Kaprima will slam the ground with immense power, you must pay attention to either the words she speaks or the damage indicators as this will notify you whether the damage area is small, or large.

If the damage area is directly beneath Kaprima, in a small circle, she’ll say: “Irritating pests…! I shall exterminate you!

If the damage area is a larger area around Kaprima, she’ll say: “Vermin! I will wipe you out… all of you!

Getting hit will cause you to take on “Curse of Kaprima” which applies a damage over time debuff, as well as increases damage received by Kaprima by 30% for 15 seconds.

Leash: Kaprima will walk towards the middle of the room, saying “There is no other way…“, before leashing all players in. She will proceed to do the close-ranged Pentagram

Damage Circles: Kaprima will target a player with a red circle which will follow them until just before it deals damage, you must use your evasive skills or block to avoid being hit.
Scythes: Kaprima will use her scythe to deal deadly blows in different formations, whether this is from behind, above, below or all around, everyone should be careful. Kaprima will sometimes shout “Dodge this!” and then proceed a roundhouse swipe, knocking players back and inflicting a deadly bleed.
Eruption: Following one of her Scythe attacks, Kaprima may inflict damage in the form of an eruption. This will be a direct line of damage in front of her.
Fire Triplets: Kaprima creates 3 Fire Orbs with her hands and then fires them at a player, dodge them to avoid damage.
Cursed Ritual: Kaprima will retain her wipe mechanic, after announcing “What’s the meaning of this? You leave me no choice” she will carry out her ritual. This involves Kaprima heading to the center of the room and begin to cast a deadly spell. The room’s floor will be covered in pentagrams.

A player will then be chosen at random, they will be stunned and have a small circle zone around them. A few moments later, that player will be encased in a snake head, shielding them from Kaprima’s ritual and escaping death. In order for the other players to survive, they must quickly move themselves and stand inside this small zone before the snake head appears, so that they are encased as well.

Warning: Being inside the snake head will save you from instant death. However, even the snake head cannot shield against Kaprima without fault. You will still receive a fixed amount of damage and will not be able to use skills while you are encased. Therefore it is highly recommended that your healer ensures that everyone has enough HP.

If players fail to enter the snake’s head before it rises, players can attempt to iframe the ritual.

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  1. So, hey, no matter where I look I cannot find any information on just WHO Kaprima is and what her deal is, just methods of beating her in the bossfight. Not even the wiki says anything… got some lore?

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