This dungeon relates to the main storyline as it connects to the other dungeon, Velik’s Sanctuary. I would highly recommend mastering mechanics from Ruinous Manor and Bathysmal Rise.

I just want to emphasize, this is NOT a difficult dungeon. In fact, many might find this dungeon rather boring instead after a while. If you feel like there isn’t enough details on attacks or mechanics, it’s simply because they are quite straightforward — which is why there are no diagrams. If you run it once and/or saw all mechanics, you will know what to do.

Use the tabs below to navigate through each boss.

Level Requirement: 65
Item Level: 417 (Normal Mode), 423 (Hard Mode)
Format: 7-man

Dungeon Drops:

  • Misery (Mid-Tier Gear) Weapon Box
  • Misery (Mid-Tier Gear) Footwear
  • Simple Brooch Box / Simple Cleansing Brooch / Focused Circlet
  • Lakan’s Banner (VM9 Mat)
  • Follower’s Supply Crate


First Boss – Kavador

I personally hate this roly poly. This boss, commonly nicknamed as Sonic the Argonhog, has some annoying mechanics. You can learn this guy’s basic attack patterns from Argonea somewhere, but if you’ve experienced Dreadspire 7th floor or Halvaroggh in Labyrinth of Terror, you should be familiar with this guy already.

The only things to watch out for are stuns and dodging rolls.

Basic Attacks

Right/Left scratch- Attacks the person with aggro. Nothing special.
Fury Swipes- 6 hit attack. Alternates right and left 6 times.
Clap- His eyes will flash red, signalling this attack. This attack will inflict stun, so it must be iframed.

  • It cannot be blocked.
  • Inflicts Stun


Sonic Spin

His eyes will flash red, curl up and spins like sonic. This attack tends to move through tanks at the end (just like Arachandlebra in Lilith’s Keep) despite holding block up, but sometimes it won’t.

Stunning Pounce-

He will jump backward, then leap forward to stun anyone who gets hit. This must be iframed. If someone is stunned, the boss will face that person to attack with fury swipes. This is exact same pattern as Atrocitas’ leap attack.

  • In Normal mode, the stun can be cleansed
  • In Hard mode, the stun CANNOT be cleansed.
  • Quite deadly, but can survive through it with healer’s proper support.

Special Attacks

Kavador calls for reinforcements” He will roar and then jump up to slam on the ground. This attack covers entire field, so you must time your iframe. Then, similar to how Fulminar had Pizza cutter mechanic, this one also summons blue Argonhogs around the map which will roll straight across like sonic.

  • Normal mode, they can hurt a bit
  • Hard mode, they can be lethal.

Bad Breath- He will sideswipe to turn to a random target. Then he will lock onto the person with secondary aggro to spit out a large cone shaped AoE.

  • Hurts a lot in Hard mode


Fart- You will notice purple gas building up around him. He will fart in a straight line behind as soon as his wings flap a bit.

Key Mechanic – Nightmare Roly Poly

Hard Mode only
“Doom!”- He will randomly target a party member and roll in straight path. He will do this 3 times. Then, he will bury underground and pop up near the person with aggro.
This attack is instant death.

Second Boss – Prokyon

Golem type BAM or another Kezzle reskin. You’ve pretty much experienced this type of BAM quite often, especially if you’ve played Akeron’s Inferno/Bathysmal Rise. 

This boss does feel like a boss compared to the previous one. I strongly advise that everyone must pay attention to the placement of the rock piles.

Basic Attacks

Right foot, Left Foot – He will stomp right foot then left foot toward the person with aggro.

Right swing, Left Swing – He will swipe with his right arm then left arm toward the person with aggro.

Side Swing – He will look on his right or left side and throw rocks almost immediately as he swings his right or left arm depending on the direction of which side he looked over. Simply iframe it.

Back Swing – He will look behind over his right or left shoulder and throw rocks behind him as he swings his right or left arm depending on the direction of which shoulder he looked over. Simply iframe it.

Special Attacks

Hammer – Concentrates rocks from his body to form a hammer on his right hand, then slams toward person with aggro.

  • TIP: Make sure this attack DOES NOT hit the rock pile.


– He will randomly target one person and continuously aim at that person until it fires a laser. The laser will also leave a trail, inflicting damage if stepped on.

  • TIP: Be careful NOT to aim where the rock pile (see Key mechanics) is.


Boulder Throw

– Creates a boulder from its body and slams it in front. Simply iframe it.

  • Cannot block


“This power is overwhelming!” (Hard Mode Only)

 – With this quote, he will whip one of the targets on the map. Hitting rock pile with this attack will cause it to detonate so be careful where you are making him aim.

Key Mechanic – Hide and Seek

Rock Pile 

– At certain point of combat, he will jump up then land with a huge pile of rocks. When he lands, you will receive moderate damage and get pushed back. PLEASE DO NOT BREAK THE ROCK PILE. If you do not have at least 1 of these, your raid is doomed for wipe mechanic. Try to move away from the rock pile as you fight the boss. The recommended positioning is to form a line in a order of tank – boss – party – rock pile. The tank can choose to circle around the map as the boss places rocks on the map.

  • In Normal Mode, the boss will only break the rock if he uses Hammer (See Special Attacks) on it.
  • In Hard Mode, any attack can potentially destroy it, so moving away from the debris is a must so that everyone can safely DPS without damaging the debris.


“You’re no fun anymore.”

– same as Debris mechanic where he jumps up to place down a pile of rocks. However, you will notice that he will target a random person indicated by secondary aggro. He will jump toward this person instead of landing in place.

  • Inflicts 80k damage


“Begone! And never come back!”

With this quote, he will lift his right arm and there will be a straight blue line stretching from any rock piles indicating a safe zone. This is when you must hide behind the rock pile (inside the blue line) to avoid the full room AoE — you have roughly 6 seconds to do so. It will kill you instantly. This is the same as the Balbato’s mechanic in Broken Prison.

  • TL;DR : Run to blue zone

“Argh! Away with you!”

With this quote, all of the debris will detonate in 10m(?) radius.

  • Cannot be iframed.
  • Normal mode inflicts 60k per hit.
  • Hard mode inflicts 200k per hit

Final Boss – Veldeg

This guy looks quite new for a reskin. He’s very similar to gorilla BAMs like Ardentmaw from Ravenous Gorge. He still does share similar basic patterns as other gorilla BAMs, but it doesn’t matter that much. Don’t worry though, I’m not saying in any way that he is a difficult boss, but the mechanic can be frustrating depending on the player(s).

Normal mode isn’t too bad– you might get push back, get wrecked in the face out of nowhere etc, but they’re all pretty much relatively forgiving. However, in hard mode you need to really pay attention to your surroundings so that you do not position yourself to a disadvantage. Your combat zone will be limited and it may put quite a bit of stress on healer if they or other party members are not experienced enough with the game. Don’t worry though, practice is all you really need (quoting “git gud scrubs”).

Basic Attacks

Left Axe – Strikes with his left arm once.

Right Hammer and Single Slam – Strikes with his right arm once, then gathers both arms to slam once.

Right Hammer and Left Swipe – Strikes with his right arm once and briefly pauses before he delivers a full swing with his left hand.

Left Axe and Double Slam – Chops the person with aggro with his axe and slams twice with both arms. The second slam has a bit of range, so people at the back may get hit by this attack.

Right back swing – A full swing that will knock you back. Simply iframe.  

Special Attacks

Spin2Win – He spin on his right hand while having his left hand out for a spinning attack. This attack is the circle – donut AoE attack, which you must move in or out to avoid it. This is the similar mechanic as Lachelith’s in-out mechanic.

  • Cannot Block
  • Hard Mode: Inflicts Bleed debuff


Kamehameha – He will select a random target. As the name implies, he charges up for an attack that will blow away anyone within the straight line in front of him. It pushes you back, so try not to make him aim this attack toward the destroyed pylons which has a puddle.

  • Cannot Block


Sonic spin – He looks over his shoulder similar to how he’d initiate his backswing, but instead he will curl a bit and jump for a sonic spin like the first boss. This is deadly for people at the back, not so much for the person in front (hopefully this is a tank).

  • Hard Mode: Inflicts Bleed debuff


“Fall before me!” – With this quote, he will select one random target which he will focus on until he delivers a large cone AoE toward the target, then his behind.

  • Cannot Block
  • Moderate damage.  
  • In Hard Mode, this will also inflict Stun on top of 100k damage.


Key Mechanic – Cancer v2.0



Once it is destroyed, it will create a large engraving that inflicts damage if you stand on it when the engraving on the floor is filled up. This limits your combat area, so be careful!

In Hard Mode, the puddles are much larger, and it inflicts 200k damage.
Also, in Hard mode, there is an achievement for defeating Veldeg after breaking all pylons before the boss HP falls below 50%.



He will move to center and say this quote. Then he will aim at one of the pylons to destroy it. There’s no way to stop him from doing this. Don’t chase after him as he will return to the person with aggro.



A full room AoE attack. Iframe after he lifts both hands above his head to slam the ground for massive attack. You can ignore this and continue to DPS as long as you get healed; HOWEVER, do keep track of this attack because on every 3rd time he use this attack, you will be knocked airborne if you fail to iframe it.

  • In Normal mode: This attack also tends to follow up with Spin 2 Win attack quite often, so if you do happen to get knocked airborne, it can be very deadly combo.
  • In Hard mode: He will immediately follow up with a body slam which will push you back. If you happen to land on the puddle made by destroyed pylon, you are good as dead. The timing to avoid this is to iframe a bit after he jumps. Also, if someone did not die from getting knocked airborne, the boss will randomly target anyone who was airborne to spit at that person to make sure his target is dead.


“Beware…” Dispel phase (Hard Mode only)

With this quote, a fiery AoE will surround him at 10m radius which will inflict 10k per tick. Healers must watch the boss’s buff bar as he will gain a 6 second debuff that looks like Berserker’s Leaping strike icon. When he has this buff, the healer must use Plague of Exhaustion or Regression to remove this buff. Since he will receive this buff twice, it is a good idea to assign the order in which healer will dispel it first. Failure to dispel his buff will result in possibility of wipe as it will buff him tremendously. After the 6 seconds are up he will do a huge AoE attack.

According to the reports from the forums, the damage varies by which buff was dispelled. Although this heavily varies by gear, the least(?) observed damages under normal conditions are shown below.

First Buff Second Buff Damage received
Dispelled Twice Yes Yes 50k+ damage
Dispelled Once Yes No 100k+ Damage
Dispelled Once No Yes 180k+ Damage
Dispelled None No No 280k+ Damage

Screenshots and images from Gameforge’s Velik’s Hold Guide

Original guide written by Idi0ticGenius (Loriri)

Editing and Formatting Help from Sam and Floss

Special Thanks to EU community for confirmations and feedbacks


  1. For the first boss spin attack how do I see it coming? It kept destroying me as a valkyrie.

    Also I keep getting 1 shotted by the 2nd slam attack from the last boss. Is that something I just need to iframe?

  2. Hi, I had a question about the second boss VHNM the archievment Smokejumper it’s say’s: Defeat Prokyon without getting hit with Flame Blast in Velik’s Hold. What kind of Attack is that? I try every time to dodge every skill from him.

  3. i have a question for the last boss, in hm, when the mesage shows beware, should the healer use the dispel skill immediately or wait the boss show he has the debuff?

    • Decide beforehand which healer is going first. Then when the Beware text comes up, wait and look for the icon that looks like Leaping Strike. I would recommend locking on Plague early if you are a priest, and actually casting when you see the icon.

  4. On the Begone! And never come back! mechanic what do you mean “it hurts a lot enough to kill you instantly”???

    Well? It either does a lot of damage (hurts a lot) or it one shots you (kills you instantly), so which is it? Being a bit more specific on a wipe mechanic would be great you know…. I haven’t ran the dungeon yet and I’m a tank player so I would totally attempt to i-frame or straight tank the damage if possible before running around like a headless chicken (which is really a pain in the ass for lancers). I checked this guide to know the details of the mechanic but you were so indecisive with that statement it only made me more uncertain about it.

    I think statements like that is why some people are not a fan of this guide along with providing no tips or strategies on how to position or clear efficiently. And you do kinda state the obvious, but provide no advice on strategies, tips, tricks from your own experience (granted some content is really simple and there isn’t much insight to share, this may be the case).

    Note this is constructive criticism, if people are criticizing your work (constructive or not) It still means there is room for improvement in your guides so you may want to keep that in mind in the future.

    • Sorry. I appreciate a real criticism like this, so thanks! I’ll be honest I haven’t ran the dungeon much yet either; I wrote this when the dungeon was not even released, and tried to edit when I have time.

      I can understand how people may not like my guides, and I’m not much of a good player myself to come up with strategies from reading or watching so there are some vague statements due to my own doubts. I’ve seen Yosha’s guide and I honestly don’t want to plagiarize his style– it’s too obvious if I do it. So I decided to try a different approach of trying to explain the mechanics and how they work instead of strategic lists. I wanted people to read and plan out strategies, not to just follow whatever I wrote– I wanted people to put their heads together and think things through as a team. But I don’t see much of that judging from the feedbacks I’ve gotten.

      For “Begone! And never come back!” It’s one shot. I wrote this guide without actually running it, but through just watching videos and translating whatever I could find and put them together, so there were several claims to saying that people still lived despite getting hit. I should have revised it and looked over more carefully, so there’s my fault there.

      I’ll keep you words in mind; but I can’t really guarantee much on the strategies part. I’ve done it few times already in the past but people didn’t like my ideas of strategies at all, so I stopped doing so.

      Overall, in my opinion, this dungeon is mostly sandbag with mechanics to force players to stop attacking the boss to prevent hard burns. Most attacks are really obvious– I know it’s probably useless info, but people have criticized that I’ve not included such info in the past so I’ve added them. Now it’s the opposite.

      First boss may be difficult to position as new tank, so wall tanking is much more preferable due to the stunning clap attack, which you are forced to iframe and re-engage, and one of the rolling attack might jump over you if you do not block/position properly. However, a skilled tank can tank anywhere, only needing to watch out for stuns, mob phase, and one-shot rolling attack.

      Second boss positioning varied a lot in KTERA forum. I mean, one of them was just positioning in line (tank – boss – party – rock) and tank while circling around the map, and there was also circling in small area instead of entire area, and the other was just whatever the boss feel like moving due to random targetting. Some people just said “let the tank do their job the way they want it” because it was just so inefficient to “expect” how things would go. You can kind of control positioning with the first method, but tanks tend to lose DPS so it was not preferred by, lets say, brawler. I couldn’t really tell what the best method really was. I honestly trusted people’s train of thought to immediately think: tank away from the rocks, but to be fair, I’ve overwhelmed people with walls of text. I’m not very good at being concise– I’m only dumping out all info I can gather it seems.

      Third boss is complete mess. Most of the strategies I’ve seen pretty much pointed toward “just have good burns to skip mechanics”. And in this patch, it really is– especially Velik’s Hold.

      Again, thank you for your comment. It would help out more if you point out which parts need tips and strategies.

  5. Is there anything more to the second boss’s “Argh! Away with you!” mechanic? Is there any way to keep it from happening, like not having too many rocks, or does the party just need to stand far enough away from the rocks? I’ve found that the explosion happens too quickly to move out if you’re near a rock.

  6. As a tank for 2months, thanks for this awesome guide! I have never been to vh but man reading this guide gives me a heads up on what to evade or to do as a tank. Please continue doing so! I’m basically not the reading type but for some reasons reading your guide makes me simulate the attacks for tanking easily. Thumbs up!

  7. Might just be me, but one thing I noticed is that on HM, you get a uncleansable bleed debuff after the “Beware…” mechanic, even if done perfectly. It seems to last for ~20s and ticks for ~10% max HP every few seconds.

    Also, crystals can be destroyed by his “Kamehameha” attack; it takes 2 hits in NM and one in HM (dealing flat 70k to everyone on top).

  8. Regarding ‘Shattering Expectations’ achievement, it seems to imply that you just have to break all crystals before Veldeg’s hp falls below 50%- you need not necessarily defeat him afterwards to be awarded this achievement. Can anyone confirm this?

  9. Thanks for the guide and effort, gives people going for the first time an idea of what to expect.

  10. I don’t really see how guides like these are any help at all. You’re stating the obvious and everyone who queues via IM (even with the most crappiest group ever) will recognize the mechanics described.
    The only thing useful here is that table at the end. It provides hard facts and not some lame “i-frame every shit”. How about some effort like what amount of time is necessary to stand behind rock piles to avoid Prokyon’s aoe?
    Well, I guess your “audience” are total beginners. Right? Nice job with those boss comparisons. Are you a history teacher?

    • Sorry it didn’t help you at all. This guide was meant for new players, especially those who worry about their performance in dungeon. So my audience target was mainly for them so that they can prepare for what they can expect to see. Please understand that not everyone can learn attacks, mechanics, and gameplay immediately. If this was written without explaining what they are, it wouldn’t even be called a guide at all– my goal is to help people understand what things are, not ordering them what to do without explanations.

      For the amount of time necessary to hide behind rocks during Prokyon’s AoE, it is about 6 seconds– I think the full animation for the entire mechanic is near 10 seconds. However, this was not explicitly written at first because I wanted to avoid making explanations unnecessarily long– I should have guessed that some people will want to know about general time needed. I didn’t see much difference in timing for NM and HM on it though, perhaps someone else can help confirm this.

      I thought that boss comparison would help players, regardless of their skill, with some experience in past dungeons or BAMs to expect what kind of patterns they may see again, but I guess this was completely unnecessary– it sure is very obvious when you see them after all.

      I’m sorry and thank you for your feedback.

      • First time posting, long time user.

        Don’t listen to this guy, obviously he’s so pro he doesn’t even need a ‘guide’.

        I for one appreciate what you’ve done. Keep it up and thank you.

      • Same as dudemcnasty.
        First time posting, long time user.
        Really do not listen to that guy.
        i also appreciate your work and this site in general. Learned a lot in here and I hope you continue helping us.
        Thanks a lot. 🙂
        PS: just ofr that, No adblock for you from now on. tty ty 😀

      • Hm… Maybe I’m too spoiled with the quality of Yosha’s work. But then again I would argue that his guides are way more suitable for beginners anyway. If you don’t see the difference, well… I guess you’re good at translations according to those comments below.
        I hope you realize this guide is quite the opposite to newbie friendly nor is it valuable to the other end of the spectrum. It’s something in between and that’s why it’s lacking.

    • Seriously? I don’t see you making an effort to create a guide, translate notes or help so if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it at all.
      There are many, many people who benefit from ‘basic’ guides and many that NEED it – ‘stating the obvious’, yeah, maybe for you, but not everyone.
      He did specify at the beginning its straight forward.
      Thanks for the effort Idiotic 🙂

    • Some freaking people.

      Why you don’t you learn Korean, get on ktera, and provide info about each patch for us months before it comes out here then?

      Why don’t you spend your time sifting through ktera twitch streams and youtube videos to piece together clips for us to look at then?

      You could even be like ktera players and go in blind, and just learn the dungeon yourself.

      Stop being a whiny entitled brat, like the majority of Tera players. Even better tell us your main so we can go find you.

      @Loriri, thanks for the guide, you rock.

    • After my first run tanking, I took at look at this guide. It clarified the questions I had. Namely, “agh how irritating” which kills multiple rocks at once and prediction of the first boss stun. Thank you.

    • Well, I don’ know what you meant by not helpfull. I always try to learn all mechanics or at least understand what’s expecting me when I frist enter a new dungeon that i never entered before. I admit that I’m a bit slow to get all mechanics all by mysef xD In that sense, I think this guide is really helpful. When he says that a particular boss is similar with another one that I have already fighted it helps a lot too cuz, again, it helps me know whats coming. Of course, you’ll actually learn everything when you go there and see for yourself, but it doesnt hurt to be prepared a little :3
      I am too a long time user and thats my first post xD So I would like to thank for the nice work and state that it is helpffull at leadt for me.
      Also, it’s ok to criticize, but you shouldnt conclude it with such a rude coment. Was rude for me, at least.
      Oh, and pardon my english, it hepens to not be my mother language so it might contain some mistakes 🙂

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