Chase Dakuryon and explore his laboratory in this 7-man dungeon, coming with the Ninja patch! This guide covers Normal and Hard mode.

In this dungeon, all Bosses will enrage naturally when it loses 1% HP.

Level Requirement: 65
Item Level: 417 (Normal), 423 (Hard)
Format: 7-man

Demokron Factory Normal Mode Drops:

  • Tier 1 Jewelry
  • Ambush (VM8) Materials
  • Rare Brooch
Demokron Factory Hard Mode Drops:

  • Tier 2 Ring
  • Ambush (VM8) Materials
  • Ambush (VM8) Belt
  • Superior Cleansing Brooch



Starting Pathway

Clear mobs and a mini-boss, Arachne, to make your way to the first boss. Occasionally an arm might shoot out from a wall from the imprisoned experiments and cause low damage.
The mini-boss Arachne may be tanky, but require no special mechanics other than to just CC and burn.

First Boss: Vera & Prima


Vera is an Archdevan Lancer and Prima is an Archdevan Sorcerer. Players only need to take care of one of the two, usually the Lancer. The other will disappear if one of them dies.

Both the Lancer Vera and Sorcerer Prima attacks like normal Archdevan mobs in Trellum Consurgo.

TIP: Prima can be CC’d (Stun, Sleep, Fear, etc). Let a DPS pull the Sorcerer away in the beginning and put CC on her with classes with lots of CC like Warrior, Berserker, Healers, etc. Then burn Vera as much as possible.

Noxious Fumes
Vera places Puddles that are (~10m?) wide and do not disappear. Tanks will want careful placement and positioning.
In Normal mode, the puddles inflict low damage.

Hard Mode: In Hard Mode, puddles apply “Catastrophe” debuff that reduces your endurance. The “Catastrophe” debuff cannot be cleansed, lasts 1 min until it re-stacks, and stacks up to X times. Puddle size increases as the fight continues.

TIP: You can stun the Lancer to prevent it from placing puddle.
The Lancer Vera will call out to Prima during the fight. The message “Vera requests aid from Prima!” appears and Prima will come to Vera’s aid and blow you away with large AoE push. Players can stun Vera immediately when he calls out to prevent this mechanic. This can happen the other way around as well, with the Prima calling out to Vera.
Acid Attack
Prima will create a large red circle around itself (~15m?) that will blow you away, messing up your rotation or skill cast/charging.

Hard Mode: AoE also applies “Nauseated” Debuff that must be cleansed within 5 seconds to avoid being Stunned with “Nausea” Debuff which cannot be cleansed.

Prima Attacks
Prima can cast Painful Trap, Arcane Pulse, Fireball, Fireblast, and Flame Pillar.


Mobs – easy
Wall spits poison. Doesn’t hurt much.
Underground tunnel – poison leaks from ceiling, avoid.

Second Boss: Odon

Normal crab BAM attacks. Claw smash, claw slash, consecutive claw barrage, Jump, etc.

It starts to put a carpet (similar to FIHM’s carpet pattern) starting at 90% and it will have a wave motion 3 times until AoE explodes. It will repeat 3 times. Hard Mode Carpets become more rampant as the fight continues.

This pattern repeats every 20%. (90%, 70%, 50%, 30%, 10%)
The last carpet (at 10%) will appear 4 times.
When hit by the carpet AoE, players will receive a DoT debuff, ticking off 10k HP every 2 second for 30 seconds. This debuff stacks up to 3 times.
If all players successfully evade all carpets, Odon will spin in place, saying “What? Did everyone… make it out?” and becomes vulnerable.

During the carpet phase, the boss receives a “Diamond Armor” buff, which increases his defense exponentially and prevents him from taking damage. This buff lasts for 30 seconds, though the shield often runs out before the timer ends.
Eventually mobs will summon during the battle (warned by “To me, my minions!”. Their attacks and the small puddle it leaves behind will inflict slow debuff. It would be a problem when it comes to evading carpet, mainly for tanks.
Toxic Release
Odon curls itself and release poison from its behind.

Hard Mode: Also stuns when hit.

It also spits poison in the front.
Odon jumps into the air and lands in an AoE that deals damage. Getting hit applies Bleeding, which decreases movement speed and deals damage over time. In Hard Mode, getting hit by this will apply Excessive Bleeding instead, which decreases movement speed and deals severe damage over time.
Odon raises his front claws into the airs and then slams them down in a frontal AoE.

Nothing, ceiling collapses but seem to do nothing.

Last Boss: Verno

Much like Banyakas, Verno is a stationary tree boss. There must be someone attacking in the front at all times, or else Verno gains buffs. so if the tank dies, someone else must attack from the front or else he gets “Hardened Bark” which increases Defense by 20% per stack and “Electrified Sap” which increase Defense and Power by 20% per stack for a few minutes. He also gains “Unpredictable Rage” for 10 seconds that will reflect a portion of received damage to the attacker.
A key tip is to pay attention to the messages that pops up. There are three of them and Verno will gain the buffs on the third.

4-Way Pizza Bomb
During the fight you will see arrow markers appear around Verno where green gas starts to form in 4 directions, blasting a wave of poison.
Hard Mode: There are no Arrow Markers for indication. You must watch out for the green gas as an indicator instead.
Lasers, similar to Meldita’s laser but double. Evade to the side using iframes.
Lasers starts at 90% and recur every 20% (warned with “I will kill you all!“). At around 10% will spin twice. Be aware that killing Verno won’t stop the lasers from spinning in Hard Mode. In Normal Mode, AoE slices are an indication of incoming puddles. Usually two slices will appear with the laser mechanic. These puddles will disappear when lasers mechanic reappear. The laser isn’t actually a one-shot in Normal Mode, but it ticks several times per second.
Hard Mode: These Lasers will spin 2~3 times either Clockwise OR Counter-clockwise randomly. It is a guaranteed oneshot in Hard Mode and moves faster.
Circle/Donut AoE
There will be orange AoE indicator before minor damage occurs in an AoE. Simply stay away/evade it. Two wave motion on AoE seems to be indication of iframe (on the timing of third wave).

Push Back
With the message “Get Out!“, Verno starts to gather up green gas around it, shine a red light and let out strong winds. There are two faces on his front and backside that will flash red before the attack. Failure to evade this will push you back. I-frame after you see faces flash.
Starting 30% and below, it will slam its hands on the ground, creating a red shockwave. Evade using iframe toward Verno. Like the Lasers, this only deals damage in ticks in Normal Mode (oneshots in Hard Mode); if you stay at the farthest wall behind Verno, you won’t die. This is a pain for classes with Backstep as it requires you to turn the camera around before hand. When the message “You will all burn!” pops up, get ready.

Hard Mode: It seems to start around below 50%, and unlike Normal Mode, the shockwave can blast outward or inward. You can also look at the wind around Verno to see what direction the shockwave will go. The outward message is the same as in Normal Mode. The inward message is simply “Burn!

You will all burn!” = Shockwave Outward
Burn!” = Shockwave Inward (Hard Mode)

Around 10%~30%, Blood Sprouts will appear once with the message “ “From the ashes, new life!“.
Mobs will inflict “Chaos” in an AoE (the circle in which they apply Chaos is larger than the visible area) which will reverse your movement controls. Killing the mobs will drop an “Inversion Mote which gives increased movement speed, drastically reduced damage, and grants immunity to debuffs for 30 seconds, though it won’t remove any existing debuffs.
Hard Mode Only: Multi-puddles
With the message “Did you really think this would be easy?“, he will spread 6 to 8 AoE pizza slices around him, which will apply “Doomed Hero” when hit. This debuff will place an AoE under you which will explode and damage anyone within it for 50,000 damage after 5 seconds. This debuff can be cleansed.



  • person_pinCredits
    Thanks to Loriri (Idi0ticGenius) for writing the guide
    Floss (slowpokie) for the images and checking for accuracy


  1. I noticed this after running both dfnm and dfhm – during the fight with Odon, when he summons the mobs, they will target the tank (in normal). In hardmode they will scatter to aggro anyone in the raid.
    Another tell for Odon’s carpet is that he will slam his claws on the ground to generate the carpet lines, and slam his claws on the ground again before the poison shoots out.
    For Verno: if you’re tanking Verno (or taking the front), he has the basic attacks as Banyakas in Ghillieglade – hand slam infront of him, swipe shockwave to the side (which can hit you if you’re directly infront of him).
    Verno will use circle/donut aoe or pizza bomb after he pounds his sides with both of his hands (the same way Banyakas does frontal fire)
    Tip for dodging Verno’s shockwave as tank (You will all burn!). The shockwave comes out right after he pounds the ground with both of his hands, so stand close to him and iframe as soon as he pounds the ground. If you’re at the back, the shockwave comes out a bit later after he pounds the ground (so adjust accordingly)

  2. Hey guys thanks it’s a great guide, you’ve helped me a lot, I got one question though, Odon’s carpet DoT can be cleansed? If not how do you survive if more it hits you more than once?

    • The carpet DoT cannot be cleansed. It puts a lot of burden on the healers to have to continue to heal you through the duration of the DoT. After 3 stacks, it is often easier for you to die and the priest ress you. The key is to try your best not to get hit by the carpet at all.

  3. What is the cool-down time for this dungeon?

  4. Sometimes I can’t see lasers. He says the phrase and then I’m dead. No laser spinning.

    • That is a CPU rendering problem.

    • if you’re dpsing at the back and this happens, watch your teammates iframe the laser, and dodge after they do. (so move a bit away from your party members and see when they dodge the laser – then dodge accordingly) You should be able to dodge the invisible lasers this way just by watching when your party iframes them. Tanks are out of luck though 🙁 maybe if you zoom out far enough to see when your party dodges, you could guess where the laser is on your side (since the laser is a straight line)

  5. Also, for Verno, there must be someone attacking in the front, so if the tank dies, someone else must attack from the front or else he gets a buff.

  6. In Verno part, I think “Lasers” and “Donuts” explanations got mixed up and sometimes you call the boss Banyakas instead of Verno.

  7. Hard “multi-puddles” can be blocked. As a brawler you can stand over the puddle, and with growing fury, get lots of free perfect blocks.

    “Be gone” message sometimes appears with other messages making it hard to differenciate between patterns.

  8. They reused Banyakas …. Like they seriously fucking did that … Amazing, in a way.
    The mechanics have distant feeling of manaya’s aquarium stage too.

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