Fight Bandersnatch once again with the return of Wonderholme. This 2013 dungeon makes its return as a new old dungeon that veterans will fondly remember.

Level Requirement: 65
Item Level: 409
Format: 10-man

Wonderholme Drops:

  • Dreadnaught Spar (VM6 Mat)
  • Desolarus Heartbeat (VM6 Mat)
  • Starfall Belt
  • Cleansing Brooch
  • Dyad Niveot Structure
  • Vain T2 ring
  • Imperator (VM7) weapon designs (Very rare)
  • Slaughter BoE equipment (Rare)
  • Vernal Bark (Secret minibosses)
  • Self-Boiling Obkma (Secret minibosses)
  • Vengeance Versa (Secret minibosses)
Vanguard Rewards:
    • 50 VG Credit


    • 85 Noctenium Infusion


    • 25 T9 Feedstock


    • 280 gold


1. Entrance

You’ll encounter a miniboss near the entrance, Mock Lobster.

Mock Lobster summons caiman minions that rush in from both exits of the terrace. These shouldn’t be hard to deal with as you hit the miniboss. Watch out if they aggro on weak party members.

A few other attacks to watch out for:

When Mock Lobster says “Obey me!” he will stun nearby party members.

When he says “Die!” he’ll do 3 AoEs of increasing size that apply a bleed debuff with each hit.

When he says “C’here! I’ll take you down!” he’ll focus a series of attacks in front of him

He usually gets a shield during some of these attacks that increases his endurance and makes him immune to harmful effects such as endurance debuffs. This shield can be removed by using Plague of Exhaustion or Regression, though it can also be easily ignored as it only lasts around 10 seconds.

After Mock Lobster is dead, you can continue further upstairs to encounter Groop, another miniboss. He isn’t anything special and shouldn’t give your raid any trouble, especially if there are classes capable of making him airborne, where he can be juggled safely.

When he’s dead, proceed and kill the mobs in the hallway to open the gate to the Great Hall.

2. Great Hall

The Great Hall is divided in two by a closed fence. The miniboss Lutwidge will retreat to the other side where he can’t be harmed for now. On your side there will be a bunch of mobs and four stone pillars. These stone pillars will keep spawning mobs and your raid must deal with them. The archers from the second floor might aggro on the people below and can focus fire on a single target, healers must be vigilant.

After killing the mobs spawned by the stone pillars a few times, the gate to the second floor will open. Half of your raid should head up while the other half stays down dealing with the mobs that will keep spawning. The raid leader can organize the raid in party 1 and party 2 and choose which party will go up. It’s recommended to have one healer in each party.

The party that goes up will have to kill mobs as they advance until they reach the other side of the Great Hall. A stone monument is found there, destroying it will open the fence that divides the room and make Lutwidge lose his immunity to damage, and no more mobs will spawn from the pillars. Any mob that is still alive will receive a 200% Power buff, so you might want to wait until they are dead.

After the stone monument is destroyed, everyone should be careful with Lutwidge’s hard hitting attacks.

Watch out when Lutwidge says “You’re outnumbered!”, he will fear any party member standing near him. This can be cleansed.

If he says “My blood is pumping–I’ll show you real pain!” he will swing his axe for hard hitting attacks to everyone close to him.

When he’s dead, a shortcut teleportal will appear. Your raid can take it to teleport directly to the Two-Ring Circus, or ignore it for a little fun in the Sewer Pits. Not using shortcut teleportals grants a chance of encountering minibosses with special loot (see “Secret minibosses” at the bottom of this guide).

You have the option of going through the sewer pits. If you wish to skip it, you can go back and use the shortcut teleportal to move on to the next area, but you will forfeit the chance to encounter the secret minibosses.

However, to cross and make it to the other side, you must first kill the three mini-bosses below to activate the lever and move the platforms.

The first miniboss is on the left side after you go down the stairs. It summons an AoE when engaged that lingers until it dies (if it disappears, it will recast it). He can also stun party members by summoning lightning.

The second miniboss is on the right side of the map. She can summon copies of herself.

The third miniboss is on on the right side as well, but in the corner. He can stun party members and spawn a totem that shoots lasers at a short range.

Afterwards, you can kill the mobs in the center and activate the lever.

Now, test your platform jumping abilities and make it across!

4. Two-Ring Circus

You arrive here from the shortcut teleportal in the Great Hall, or after crossing the Sewer Pits. You’ll have to kill some trash mobs as you approach the main area.

There are two cages in this room with a BAM inside each one, Morgak and Kagrom. They must die within 20 seconds of each other or they will respawn, so you have to divide your raid in two parties keeping in mind strengths and weaknesses. If a boss is dying much faster than the other, the party should hold their DPS until the other party catches up. It’s a good idea to wait on the last HP bar.

Pull the levers near each cage to open them and engage the bosses. Ranged classes and healers can stay outside but this is not recommended. The levers can be used again if anyone left outside needs to enter the cages.


Morgak has fast hard hitting attacks and can stun. He can also aggro on a random player with a ranged attack indicated by a red circle locked on the player, which causes damage and a movement speed debuff. Lastly, he can summon a minion or two from time to time that hopefully shouldn’t be a threat. We recommend placing your main tank here to maintain most of his dangerous attacks away from your DPS and healer.


Kagrom is slower than Morgak, making a tank less necessary, but he still hits hard. Players should watch out for his tail attack and for his curl. Kagrom can also shoot lasers and summon poison pools by locking on party members. The poison pools linger for a little bit, and he can place them on Morgak’s cage as well.

When both bosses are dead within 20 seconds of each other, a shortcut teleportal will appear that will take you to the Beaminous Plateau. Or you can go to the Follybridge for a chance of encountering Bandergrub if nobody has used any of the shortcut teleportals (See “Secret minibosses” at the bottom of this guide).

Upon arriving, sometimes you’ll get a message saying Master Keye has appeared in the area. He will be downstairs. This is completely random and some runs won’t have him appear. Killing Master Keye will activate a “mystical shortcut” platform accessible only with Teleport Jaunt (Mystics and Sorcerers) along the left wall of the room. By using it you can reach a master lever that will activate the rest of platforms without having to use the levers below.

If Master Keye doesn’t appear or no classes with Teleport Jaunt are present to make use of the mystical shortcut, some people in your party will have to go downstairs and activate several levers. There are some suicide bomber mobs and snakes. The snakes can leash players towards them and stun them for a few seconds with a bleed debuff.

Don’t forget to check for Bandergrub if everybody has been ignoring the shortcut teleportals. Like Master Keye, he spawns downstairs, and he will be at the back of the room between the platforms with the master lever and the exit. Bandergrub is a small version of the last boss, Bandersnatch, with similar attacks but none of the major mechanics.

When you finish your business here and the moving platforms are activated, go back upstairs and just follow them. It shouldn’t be hard to figure out! Hopefully.

6. Beaminous Plateau

Before reaching One-Eyed Jack you have to take care of some more trash mobs along the way, as well as a miniboss, Monument of Pain. This should give you no trouble at all, its only attack is a spinning laser which you can iframe through or just avoid by moving.

If your raid has been ignoring the shortcut teleportals, Belmun might spawn. Just as you reach the stairs leading to Monument of Pain, instead of going downstairs look to the hallway to the right. Belmun spawns there. He’s a skeletal general with an entourage of mobs.

7. Playroom

Boss: One-Eyed Jack

Besides his normal attacks typical of any cyclops BAM (such as the final boss of Channelworks), there are some mechanics to keep in mind:

(1) Playroom Balls

When Jack runs to the center of the room (though sometimes he can get stuck) and says “Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’!”, balls will come out of all the holes in the wall. Each one of these balls provide a party-wide stackable Power buff. Failing to break a ball before it reaches the spikes on the other side of the room will summon several minions, including suicide bombers, that will flock to the raid. The first round of playroom balls happens shortly after the fight starts and only one wave of balls will spawn. Afterwards, every time this mechanic is repeated will have three waves of balls.

Raids with high DPS may choose to ignore this mechanic and deal with the adds as they come, but it’s generally recommended to deal with this mechanic. Assigning persons to certain lanes, which you can number from 1 to 8 for example, will ensure that most if not all balls are destroyed. Destroying the balls is easiest at their spawn point.

(2) Jack’s Stun Ball

Jack will pick up a ball and stop briefly. He will then either smash it on the ground at his feet or throw it away at a distant party member. Getting caught in the ball’s area of effect will stun party members (cleansable). This attack can be iframed or blocked.


Jack will shout “AAAARGH!” and look like he is in pain. After a few seconds he’ll release an attack that generally only hits one player (usually the tank) despite what the AoE suggests. If the player gets hit, they will be stunned and bleeding, which cannot be cleansed. Healers need to heal through the duration of the debuff. Jack will usually do this attack twice in a row, focused on the same player, so watch out.

(4) Fire breath

Jack will secondary aggro a raid member and release a long-range fire breath attack. It leaves an AoE on the floor but it dissipates very quickly.

(5) Attack speed buff

If the fight takes a while, Jack will begin getting attack speed buffs that stack. If it becomes overwhelming this is a sign that your raid’s DPS is low, and in that case dealing with the playroom balls mechanic efficiently will help in avoiding this situation.

8. Aliss’s Lab

After dealing with trash mobs, you’ll reach Aliss’s Lab. This room contains a lever that takes you to the next boss fight and a cell with an Imprisoned Smuggler that will drop two Manxome Draughts (with 100% Joy of Partying buff).

potion2_tex These Manxome Draughts cannot be traded and are bind on pickup. Without them, only one raid member can enter Felbane’s cage and fight him, because anyone inside the cage will have a debuff that will stun nearby party members. The Manxome Draughts offer immunity to that, so two party members can fight if they use them (or more if anyone happens to have leftovers from previous runs). You’ll want your strongest raid members to roll on the draughts, a tank and a DPS is recommended.

When your raid is ready, pull the lever!

9. Solonesome Cage

Boss: Felbane

Felbane is a Teralith with the standard attacks of that BAM type and nothing special, but the circumstances make for a rather particular boss fight. You could say the real boss is the room itself. Pull the lever to start!

(1) Siege weapons and mobs

When your raid pulls the lever, you have a few seconds to take positions. The raid members that will not fight Felbane directly need to enter the siege weapons (tanks) and kill the mobs with them. Felbane is immune to siege weapon fire, for now. The mobs will rush towards the cage with Felbane in it, making the boss more difficult. There are 8 siege weapons surrounding the cage. These should be taken to the entrance and exit of the room, upstairs, and used to shoot constantly at the base of the bridges leading to Felbane’s cage. Most mobs should die in this way, with few if any leaks.

Tip: Mystics in siege weapons can park right at the gate of Felbane’s cage and shoot from there. Their aura will work with the party members fighting Felbane.

(2) Fighting Felbane: Manxome Draughts

Party members with a Manxome Draught should drink it before entering Felbane’s cage and fight the boss carefully, especially if there is no healer. If for any reason nobody has a Manxome Draught, only one person can go inside and fight solo.

(3) Felbane’s HP regeneration

At 20% HP left the boss will lose its immunity to siege weapon fire and start regenerating his HP constantly. A message on screen will alert of this. There are a few different ways of dealing with this, but the most obvious and main one is for the players in the siege weapons to ignore mobs and focus all their fire on the boss, while the players inside the cage continue dealing damage. If the fire power is not enough, the whole raid can abandon their tanks and go inside the cage to fight Felbane directly, trying to burn through the HP regen (the stun debuff will not be active at this point). If that’s still not enough, the raid can wait for the HP regen buff to run out and then finish the boss off.

Sometimes he will receive a Fiery Rage buff during this phase (Power increased by 1000%, attack speed increased by 10%), which makes fighting Felbane directly much harder.

(4) Kill Count

If the fight drags on, reaching certain mob kill milestones will award raid-wide buffs that will aid those who are fighting Felbane.

Note on wiping:

If the raid wipes on this boss it is possible to run into a glitch where the boss doesn’t reset properly and mobs keep spawning. To fix this, have your whole raid except one person go outside the dungeon. The person who remained inside needs to go in the cage with the boss and be killed by it. This should reset the whole boss fight and make mobs stop spawning. After this, if the caiman with the Manxome Draughts doesn’t spawn again, the raid will need to send the strongest or most reliable party member to fight the boss solo while everyone else deals with the mobs. Since in that case there will be 9 party members outside but only 8 siege weapons, a Mystic can toss motes inside the cage from outside to aid the soloer if necessary.

Once victory is yours, you will reach a room with a stone pillar in the center, surrounded by lasers and trash mobs. You can destroy it there, but it will be more dangerous. Instead, classes with skills such as leashes and bullrush can bring the pillar to the safe zone near the gate.

10. Mockinghall

Boss: Bandersnatch

The Bandsnatch is the final boss of the Wonderholme raid. It is a pretty large BAM with somewhat of an odd hitbox.


(1) Uncleansable poison

A number of Bandersnatch’s poison-themed attacks cause a poison debuff that cannot be cleansed. If hit by it, healers will need to keep healing until the debuff runs out.

(2) Bandersnatch’s Staff

Bandersnatch can use his staff for two quick swings or to smash it on the ground. Generally aimed at the tank. It can be blocked or iframed.

(3) Tail sweep

Bandersnatch can sometimes spin 360º for a quick tail sweep. This can inflict a cleansable bleeding debuff.

(4) Vomit breath

Bandersnatch will lower its head and vomit, hitting for several ticks of damage. This attack is usually directed at the tank and can be blocked.

(5) “Rear attack”

Bandersnatch will pinch its nose and then release an attack from its rear, we will omit the details of the nature of this attack however**. This is similar to the vomit breath attack but focused on the party members behind.
**Fine, yes, if you must know it is indeed poop.

(6) Clockwise poison pools

Bandersnatch will raise its tail while placing its face against the floor, and drop poison pools around in a clockwise manner. The boss usually slides towards the tank (might push them) while doing this attack, but it can also secondary aggro someone else and push towards them. There will be circle indicators so you can see the attack coming. These pools don’t linger. They can be iframed and blocked.

(7) Focused poison pool

Bandersnatch will adopt the same stance as with the clockwise poison pools and lock on a random party member with a big circle. When the circle’s border turns blue and yellow, you must get out of it fast. A pool will form for a few seconds, and getting hit by it will root you in place while the pool damages you. The immobility debuff can be cleansed.

(8) Petrification spit

Bandersnatch will regurgitate, then release a ball of spit that turns whoever gets hit into stone. This can’t be blocked, but can be iframed or walked out of before it hits. Generally aimed at the tank, and often done twice in a row. The stone debuff can be cleansed.

(9) Dizzy poison jump

Bandersnatch will generate a green poison mist, then jump and release a poison AoE upon landing. This attack will stun and poison party members and apply a dizzy/drunken effect on screen. The stun can be cleansed but the screen effect will stay for a bit. The attack can be iframed and blocked.

(10) Sleep Curl

Beginning at 90% HP, Bandersnatch will curl for a couple seconds and then release a dark mist that sleeps party members. This can be iframed and blocked, or simply avoided by distancing yourself. Healers need to cleanse asleep party members as soon as possible and run for safety for the following mechanic.

This attack repeats aproximately every two minutes followed by Green Lights, and is forced at 50% and 30% followed by Cursed Color Totems.

Tip: Priests can use Guardian Sanctuary for immunity to sleep in case they have trouble iframing or staying away. They can use it to purposefully get hit and then cleanse immediately as they’ll be likely to cleanse everyone who got hit.

(11) Green Lights

After Sleep Curl, the room will go dark and green light circles will appear somewhere in the outer area of the room. A speed buff is provided to the raid. Run inside the biggest green circle and wait next to the immediately smaller one. Move towards the next circle from biggest to smallest with each green flash of light. Mistiming this or going to the wrong circle will one shot you.

Tips: It’s possible to iframe the one shot, or use certain skills such as sorcerer’s Warp Barrier. Bandersnatch will not be immune to damage during this phase, so it’s possible to get some extra DPS in before running to the circles.

(12) Cursed Color Totems

At 50% and 30%, Bandersnatch will do Sleep Curl. Then it will summon 4 totems in different colors in the room and retreat to the ceiling where it can’t be damaged anymore. Everyone will receive a sequence of 4 debuffs, the same ones for the whole raid, with different colors and numbers, corresponding to the totems and the order in which they must be activated. Run as a group, and wait for the totem to cleanse your debuff (a speech bubble from the totem will indicate it), then run to the next one and so on. Once finished, wait away from the center of the room until Bandersnatch lands from the ceiling. If caught inside the AoE caused by the landing, you will die. If you have any debuffs left on you by the time Bandersnatch lands, yep, you guessed it, RIP.

Doing the sequence in the wrong order will curse and kill whoever is inside the totem, even those doing the sequence correctly. It’s possible to avoid death if you get out of the totem quickly.

(13) Knockdown Phase

From time to time (aproximately every 20% HP) Bandersnatch will say “You can’t run from me!” and an orange aura will appear. The boss will do nothing for a few seconds while this happens. Party members need to focus on trying to knock down or stagger the boss. If failed, it will pull the whole raid and release a very big poison pool that will linger for a while, which causes high damage and gives less room for DPS or for dealing with mechanics until it disappears.

By not using the shortcut teleportals, you gain a chance (random spawn) of encountering two minibosses, Bandergrub and Belmun. They can drop Vernal Bark, Self-Boiling Obkma and Vengeance Versa. Attempting a full run and forbidding the usage of shortcut teleportals needs to be communicated very clearly before starting, as raids tend to use the shortcuts.

Bandergrub is located at Follybridge (after Morgak and Kagrom), downstairs where all the snakes and levers are, at the back of the room. It’s a minicopy of Bandersnatch with similar attacks but none of the major mechanics.

Belmun is located right before you reach the miniboss Monument of Pain. Belmun is a skeletal general surrounded by some mobs. Before you go downstairs, there is a hallway with a dead end to the right. He spawns there.

If the shortcuts are used at any point these minibosses will despawn.

A great Wonderholme (Normal Guide) from 2013. Still relevant and fun to watch. Recommended watch.

Written by Banim, with additions by Floss and Obsie.
Images supplied by Naisula, Floss and Banim.
Info on minibosses courtesy of The.Mad.Cap and Jen.

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